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RhymeZone Newsletter, Issue 2:  October 15, 2000


  • 1. Hidden Halloween clipart
  • 2. Read and rate your favorites
  • 3. Would Mother Goose have graduated?
  • 4. Define, define, well-educated infant!


    If you use RhymeZone to write a spooky Halloween card this year, we can help make it prettier. We've hidden ten different Halloween pictures on the site. They appear when you type in one of ten different things related to Halloween. Can you find all ten? Give it a try. The pictures link to some of the best Halloween art sites on the Web, where you can find more free pictures to make your cards and web sites just a little bit creepier. (Note: This feature ran from October 15 through November 1, 2000, but will return next year!)


    In addition to all of Shakespeare's works, you can now search, read, and grade lots of other good stuff on RhymeZone: Mother Goose rhymes, witty quotations, passages from the Old and New Testaments, and even poems and quotes from your fellow users. Just go to RhymeZone and click on the category you wish to explore in the big green box. There are new entries every month! And whenever you search for any word on RhymeZone, it will automatically tell you whenever the word appears in any of these writings so that you can see how it's used in context!


    Did I mention grades? If you're like me, you got a D on a book report in school that made you question the validity of letter grades. Now's your turn to turn the table and give some of those grades back to the authors. RhymeZone lets you say exactly how much you like any document or any category of documents on our site. Thousands of you have already done so!

    Look at the bottom of the green box for any work you read on RhymeZone and you'll see a pulldown menu that lets you assign a letter grade to that work. Beneath the menu is a summary of the current grade, the average of the grade assigned by you and your fellow users to that work. So far, for example, "The Taming of the Shrew" is getting a solid A, while "Hamlet" is only getting a B.

    You can also grade any of the other documents that appear on RhymeZone, including the quotes, nursery rhymes, and user contributions, so have at it! Isaac Asimov and Frank Zappa are the most popular quotesmiths right now, by the way. (Did you ever think you'd hear those two names in the same sentence?)


    You can now use RhymeZone to find definitions, as you would with a normal dictionary. Just select "Search for definition" in the pulldown menu of the main form and type in your word. If it's one of the 100,000+ words RhymeZone knows about, we'll tell you everything we know. Good luck!

    - Your friends at RhymeZone (support@rhymezone.com)

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    (*) Don Adriano de Armado in Love's Labour's Lost; Act I, Scene II