Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

ahlf, gaal, gahli, gali, ghali, golay, golf's, golfed, golfer, golfie, golfs, goll, golla, golle, goller, golly, gulf, ralf, 'course, baals, baars, bahls, ball's, balls, balz, balze, bar's, barce, barf, barr's, barres, barrs, bars, barsch, barse, barsh, barth, barthe, barz, bawls, boars, boers, bores, bors, borsch, borse, borsh, borshch, borth, bourse, calce, call's, calls, calze, car's, carr's, carrs, cars, cars', carse, carve, caules, cauls, coarse, cohrs, cores, corps, corps', corrs, corse, corve, cours, course, dahl's, dahls, darse, darth, doll's, dolls, dols, door's, doors, dorce, dores, dorf, dorff, dorsch, dorse, galls, gals, garce, garff, gars, garth, garve, gauls, gaurs, gorce, gore's, gores, gorse, guars, kaars, kahr's, kahrs, kalthoff, karsh, kohrs, korce, kores, korf, korff, korth, paars, pal's, palls, pals, par's, parrs, pars, parse, parth, parve, paul's, paules, pauls, pawls, poehl's, poors, pores, porsche, porse, porth, pours, talce, tarse, tores, torse, tours

See golf used in context: 1 rhyme, several books and articles.

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