Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

arrays, baise, baize, bay's, bayes, bays, bayse, baze, cayes, chaise, dais, daise, dase, day's, days, days', daze, fay's, faze, fe's, gase, gays, gaze, hade, hage, hague, hahne, haid, haig, haig's, haight, haik, hail, haile, hailes, hails, haimes, hain, haines, hains, hait, haith, hake, hale, hale's, hales, hames, hane, hanes, has, hate, hawes, haws, hayer, hayles, haymes, hayn, hayne, haynes, hazy, he's, hees, heese, her's, hers, herz, heyd, heyde, heyer, heyl, heyn, heyne, heyse, heyser, highs, his, hise, ho's, hoes, hoos, hose, houghs, houze, how's, howe's, howes, howse, howze, j's, j.'s, jae's, jay's, jays, k's, k.'s, kase, kay's, kayes, kays, lais, lase, lay's, lays, leis, leys, mae's, maes, mais, maize, mase, may's, mayes, mays, mays', mayse, maze, nase, nays, pais, paiz, pays, pei's, phase, raise, rase, ray's, rays, raze, re's, res, sais, saiz, shays, shea's, tays, wais, way's, ways, weighs, who's, whose, yeas, hase, hayes, hays, hayse, heys, haith, hase, hayes, hays, hayse, he-she, hearse, her's, hers, hersch, herse, hersh, herve, herz, hesch, hess, hesse, heth, heys, heyse, hirsch, hirse, hirsh, hirth, hursh, hyrse

See haze used in context: 100+ rhymes, several books and articles.

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