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Words and phrases that rhyme with nation:   (1227 results)

2 syllables:
ation, cation, dacian, dation, geisha in, gratian, haitian, haitien, haytian, k. shin, kaisha in, latian, lation, mation, ration, station, thracian

3 syllables:
acacia in, aid station, air station, alsatian, bus station, carnation, castration, causation, cessation, cetacean, citation, claymation, coach station, conflation, creation, cremation, croatian, croatia in, crustacean, dalmatian, damnation, deflation, dictation, dilation, donation, duration, elation, filtration, fixation, flirtation, flotation, formation, foundation, frustration, fundacion, gas station, gestation, gradation, gyration, horatian, hydration, inflation, lactation, libration, ligation, location, migration, mutation, narration, negation, nitration, notation, optation, oration, ovation, plantation, playstation, predation, privation, probation, proration, prostration, quotation, reflation, relation, rotation, salvation, sarmatian, sedation, sensation, shore station, space station, stagflation, stagnation, starvation, substation, summation, taxation, temptation, train station, translation, truncation, vacation, vaxstation, vibration, vocation, workstation

4 syllables:
abdication, aberration, abrogation, acclamation, acclimation, accusation, activation, adaptation, admiration, adoration, adulation, advocation, affectation, affirmation, affrication, aggravation, agitation, allegation, allocation, alteration, altercation, alternation, amputation, animation, annexation, annotation, appalachian, appellation, application, approbation, arbitration, aspiration, assocation, augmentation, automation, aviacion, aviation, avocation, backwardation, bifurcation, blood relation, calculation, calibration, cancellation, celebration, circulation, cogitation, collocation, coloration, combination, comfort station, commendation, commutation, compensation, compilation, complication, computation, concentration, condemnation, condensation, confirmation, confiscation, conflagration, confrontation, congregation, conjugation, connotation, consecration, conservation, consolation, constellation, consternation, constipation, consultation, consummation, contemplation, conversation, convocation, cooperation, coronation, corp, corp., corporation, correlation, culmination, cultivation, d'aviation, decimation, declaration, decoration, dedication, defamation, deformation, degradation, dehydration, delegation, demarcation, demonstration, deportation, depravation, depredation, deprivation, derivation, desecration, desiccation, designation, desolation, desperation, destination, detonation, devastation, deviation, dilatation, disinflation, dislocation, dispensation, disputation, dissertation, dissipation, distillation, divination, domination, dressing station, duplication, education, elevation, elongation, emanation, embarkation, emigration, emulation, equitation, escalation, estimation, evocation, excavation, excitation, exclamation, exhalation, exhortation, exhumation, expectation, expiration, explanation, explication, exploitation, exploration, extrication, fabrication, fascination, federation, fermentation, fibrillation, figuration, filling station, fire station, fluctuation, fluoridation, foliation, formulation, fragmentation, fumigation, gastrulation, generation, gene mutation, germination, glaciation, graduation, granulation, gravitation, habitation, heat prostration, hesitation, hibernation, hyphenation, ideation, illustration, imitation, immigration, immolation, implantation, implication, importation, impregnation, imputation, incantation, incarnation, inclination, incrustation, incubation, indentation, indexation, indication, indignation, infestation, infiltration, inflammation, information, inhalation, innovation, inspiration, installation, instigation, insulation, integration, intimation, intonation, inundation, invitation, invocation, irrigation, irritation, isolation, jubilation, laceration, legislation, levitation, liberation, limitation, liquidation, litigation, loan translation, lookout station, lubrication, machination, malformation, masterbation, masturbation, maturation, mediation, medication, meditation, menstruation, ministration, miscreation, miseration, mitigation, moderation, modulation, molestation, motivation, mutilation, navigation, nomination, nucleation, obfuscation, obligation, observation, occupation, operation, orchestration, ordination, oscillation, ostentation, ovulation, oxidation, pagination, paid vacation, pair creation, pair formation, palpitation, penetration, perforation, permutation, perspiration, perturbation, petrol station, pigmentation, point mutation, police station, pollination, polling station, population, power station, preparation, presentation, preservation, proclamation, procreation, profanation, propagation, protestation, provocation, publication, pumping station, punctuation, radiation, raft foundation, railroad station, railway station, realization, recantation, recitation, reclamation, recreation, reformation, refutation, registration, regulation, rehydration, relaxation, relocation, remote station, renovation, reparation, replication, reputation, reservation, resignation, respiration, restoration, retardation, revelation, revocation, rumination, sampling station, sanitation, saturation, segmentation, segregation, separation, sequestration, service station, simulation, situation, skin sensation, social station, speculation, stimulation, stipulation, strangulation, subluxation, subway station, suffocation, superstation, surrogation, syncopation, syndication, tabulation, taste sensation, termination, titillation, toleration, touch sensation, transformation, transplantation, transportation, trepidation, tribulation, tv station, ulceration, unimation, univation, usurpation, vaccination, vacillation, validation, valuation, variation, vegetation, veneration, ventilation, vindication, violation, visitation, weather station

5 syllables:
abbreviation, abomination, acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, accumulation, adjudication, administration, adulteration, affiliation, agglomeration, alienation, alleviation, alliteration, amalgamation, amelioration, amortization, amplification, annihilation, anticipation, appreciation, appropriation, approximation, argumentation, articulation, assassination, assimilation, association, authentication, authorization, balkanization, beat generation, brutalization, business relation, canonization, capitulation, cauterization, centralization, certification, change of location, christianization, civilization, cladification, clarification, classification, closed corporation, close corporation, coagulation, codification, cogeneration, cohabitation, collaboration, colonization, colorization, commemoration, communication, communization, concatenation, conciliation, confabulation, confederation, configuration, conglomeration, congratulation, consideration, consolidation, contamination, continuation, coordination, corroboration, decaffeination, decapitation, deceleration, deforestation, degeneration, deification, deliberation, delineation, demodulation, demonization, denomination, denunciation, depopulation in, depreciation, deregulation, desalination, desegregation, determination, detoxication, devaluation, direct quotation, discoloration, discrimination, disembarkation, disinclination, disinformation, disintegration, dissemination, dissociation, documentation, domestication, dramatization, echolocation, edification, ejaculation, elaboration, elimination, emancipation, enumeration, equalization, equivocation, eradication, evacuation, evaluation, evaporation, exacerbation, exaggeration, examination, exasperation, excoriation, exfoliation, exhilaration, exoneration, expatriation, expropriation, extermination, extrapolation, facilitation, falsification, fertilization, finlandization, fortification, gasification, gasoline station, generalization, genetization, gentrification, globalization, glorification, grade separation, gratification, hallucination, harmonization, heat of formation, humiliation, hybridization, hydrogenation, hyperinflation, illumination, imagination, immunization, impersonation, implementation, improvisation, inactivation, inauguration, incarceration, incineration, incorporation, incrimination, indoctrination, infatuation, inhabitation, initiation, innoculation, inoculation, insemination, insinuation, instantiation, instrumentation, interpretation, interrogation, intimidation, intoxication, invalidation, investigation, in operation, in that location, ionization, irradiation, islamization, japanimation, job application, justification, legalization, legal relation, liberalization, loan application, localization, machine translation, magnetization, magnification, manifestation, manipulation, maximization, mean deviation, mechanization, misallocation, misapplication, miscalculation, misinformation, mobilization, modernization, modification, multiplication, mummification, nationalization, naturalization, negotiation, nervous prostration, neutralization, normalization, notification, nullification, obliteration, oil conservation, optimization, organisation, organization, orientation, origination, ornamentation, ossification, pacification, painful sensation, panelization, participation, partner relation, pasteurization, perpetuation, phase modulation, phi correlation, polarization, polish notation, pontification, precipitation, predestination, prefabrication, prefix notation, premeditation, preoccupation, pressure sensation, pressurization, prevarication, private foundation, privatisation, privatization, procrastination, prognostication, proliferation, pronunciation, pulse modulation, purification, qualification, quantification, radio station, ramification, rate of inflation, ratification, rationalization, reaffirmation, reallocation, recalculation, recommendation, reconfirmation, recrimination, rectification, recuperation, redecoration, rededication, reeducation, reforestation, refrigeration, regeneration, regimentation, reincarnation, reintegration, reiteration, rejuvenation, remediation, remuneration, renomination, renunciation, repatriation, representation, repudiation, reregulation, resuscitation, retaliation, revaluation, reverberation, russification, sanctification, saudiization, sedimentation, set decoration, sex segregation, shell corporation, simplification, skew correlation, socialization, social relation, soil conservation, solicitation, sophistication, spatial relation, specialization, specification, stabilization, stalinization, standardization, standing ovation, star divination, sterilization, subordination, subsidization, substantiation, suffix notation, synchronization, tabloidization, tactile sensation, triangulation, trust corporation, tubal ligation, unification, unionization, urbanization, utilization, vaporization, veiled accusation, verbal creation, verification, victimization, vilification, visualization, vulgarization, westernization, wind generation, with inspiration, with moderation, with ostentation, with speculation

6 syllables:
acidification, active application, adult education, alphabetization, alpha radiation, artistic creation, auto limitation, axis of rotation, background radiation, beta radiation, binary notation, blood coagulation, board of education, broad interpretation, bush administration, cannibalization, capitalization, categorization, change orientation, characterization, chemical notation, collectivization, commercialization, complement fixation, computerization, conceptualization, control operation, counter reformation, covert operation, credit application, criminalization, cryptic coloration, daily variation, decentralization, decertification, decimal notation, decontamination, dehumanization, demobilization, democratization, demoralization, desalinization, destabilization, deterioration, detoxification, de jure segregation, differentiation, direct correlation, discontinuation, disorganization, disorientation, disqualification, diversification, dust contamination, electrification, eternal damnation, excommunication, experimentation, feast of dedication, field of operation, free association, gamma radiation, giving medication, group participation, heat of condensation, higher education, homogenization, hospitalization, identification, incapacitation, incoordination, indemnification, infantile fixation, inside information, insubordination, intensification, intercorporation, in collaboration, law of gravitation, law of segregation, lecture demonstration, legal separation, line organization, linguistic relation, loan participation, logical relation, logic operation, machine operation, magnitude relation, marginalization, medical relation, mental reservation, mental retardation, mineralization, misappropriation, miscommunication, misinterpretation, misrepresentation, missionary station, monopolization, moral obligation, mortgage application, musical notation, naval installation, neutron radiation, nitrogen fixation, nondiscrimination, nonproliferation, observation station, oral presentation, overpopulation, overregulation, overt operation, overvaluation, partial correlation, part to whole relation, patent application, personalization, personal relation, personification, politicization, polymerization, popularization, prestidigitation, printing operation, private corporation, public presentation, racial segregation, radicalization, reaffiliation, reauthorization, recertification, reclassification, reconciliation, reconfiguration, reconsideration, reevaluation, reexamination, rehabilitation, reincorporation, reinterpretation, reinvigoration, renegotiation, reorganization, reunification, revitalization, saponification, securitization, self-congratulation, self-determination, self-perpetuation, semantic relation, sexual relation, singularization, solar radiation, special education, standard deviation, suburbanization, swiss confederation, television station, temporal relation, threshold operation, transillumination, undervaluation, vacuum aspiration, visual sensation, warning coloration, water conservation, water of hydration, whole to part relation, without moderation, with consideration, with determination, workmen's compensation, world organization

7 syllables:
academic relation, acid precipitation, americanization, amplitude modulation, angle of inclination, antidiscrimination, antitrust legislation, auditory sensation, baptist denomination, binary operation, business organization, by experimentation, carter administration, celestial navigation, clandestine operation, clinton administration, closely held corporation, cognitive operation, computer operation, concrete representation, concurrent operation, conditional relation, criminal conversation, dark field illumination, dark ground illumination, data communication, decriminalization, demand for explanation, demilitarization, denationalization, denuclearization, destructive distillation, de facto segregation, diurnal variation, doctor of education, electron radiation, feast of the dedication, final examination, financial obligation, fourfold point correlation, fractional distillation, frequency modulation, grammatical relation, guilt by association, heat of dissociation, heat of vaporization, indian reservation, indirect correlation, industrialization, inertial navigation, infrared radiation, insider information, judicial separation, kendall rank correlation, legal representation, logical implication, logical operation, lukasiewicz notation, magnetic inclination, magnetic levitation, magnetic variation, master of education, mental representation, midterm examination, military formation, miniaturization, mischaracterization, misidentification, multiplex operation, natural elevation, negative correlation, negative stimulation, olfactory sensation, optical aberration, oral communication, oral examination, oversimplification, parallel operation, philanthropic foundation, physical education, physical restoration, point of accumulation, police investigation, political relation, positive correlation, practical application, professional relation, protective coloration, psychic communication, racial extermination, radio observation, radio radiation, rate of acceleration, rate of depreciation, reagan administration, recapitalization, renationalization, reverse polish notation, right of first publication, selective information, sequential operation, serial operation, serial publication, social organization, software documentation, source of illumination, spherical aberration, spurious correlation, surface assimilation, surgical operation, suspended animation, sympathetic vibration, systemic circulation, telecommunication, telephone conversation, under consideration, unspoken accusation, value orientation, vertical combination, vertical integration, victory celebration, visible radiation, without consideration, world health organization, written communication

8 syllables:
aegean civilization, amphibious demonstration, amphibious operation, animal communication, arithmetic operation, artificial respiration, asynchronous operation, auxiliary operation, behavior modification, cardiac resuscitation, character assassination, confidential information, consecutive operation, department of education, department of transportation, digital communication, economic strangulation, elementary education, enabling legislation, fiduciary relation, financial organization, freedom from discrimination, geological formation, holy day of obligation, horizontal combination, horizontal integration, institutionalization, intelligence operation, interior decoration, internal representation, internationalization, letters of administration, linguistic communication, literal interpretation, majority operation, mathematical notation, mathematical relation, medical examination, military installation, minoan civilization, musical organization, newton's law of gravitation, nonlinear correlation, postmortem examination, privately held corporation, protestant denomination, psychical communication, pulmonary circulation, religious orientation, secondary education, spontaneous generation, symbolic representation, unemployment compensation, ventricular fibrillation, visual communication, vocational education

9 syllables:
anabaptist denomination, anomalous communication, articles of incorporation, artificial insemination, auditory communication, coefficient of correlation, deinstitutionalization, demand for identification, economic mobilization, electronic communication, el nino southern oscillation, health maintenance organization, hydrogen ion concentration, kendall partial rank correlation, mathematical operation, mycenaean civilization, myocardial inflammation, pecuniary obligation, physical rehabilitation, pictorial representation, political orientation, professional association, proportional representation, reasoning by elimination, savings and loan association, secretary of education, secretary of transportation, simultaneous operation, through empirical observation, ultraviolet radiation

10 syllables:
certificate of incorporation, correctional rehabilitation, electromagnetic radiation, federal housing administration, international organization, preliminary examination, therapeutic rehabilitation, ultraviolet illumination, vocational rehabilitation

11 syllables:
binary arithmetic operation, federal bureau of investigation, federal home loan mortgage corporation, food and agriculture organization, international finance corporation, north atlantic treaty organization, paramilitary organization, social security administration

12 syllables:
cardiopulmonary resuscitation, international labor organization, international labour organization, simulated military operation

13 syllables:
federal deposit insurance corporation, federal national mortgage association, international maritime organization, world meteorological organization

14 syllables:
international development association, national aeronautics and space administration

16 syllables:
international civil aviation organization

23 syllables:
united nations educational scientific and cultural organization

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (84 results)

2 syllables:
agent, asian, bacon, basement, basic, basin, brazen, caisson, cajun, cave in, chasing, chasten, craven, faces, facial, facing, geisha, gracious, graven, hasten, haven, hazan, jason, kazan, mason, maven, nathan, nations, patience, patient, patients, phase in, places, racial, racing, raven, satan, shaven, spacious, stationed, stave in, suasion, taken, wasted

3 syllables:
abrasion, capsaicin, caucasian, contagion, depression, emblazon, equation, evasion, freemason, impatient, invasion, locations, malaysian, new haven, night raven, occasion, persuasion, relations, sea raven, temptations, unshaven, vacations, vibrations

4 syllables:
complications, drainage basin, expectations, generations, limitations, regulations, river basin, situations, tax evasion, tidal basin, wave equation

5 syllables:

6 syllables:
linear equation, personal equation, regression equation

7 syllables:
differential equation

9 syllables:
partial differential equation

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