Two days left to enter our vaccine poetry contest!

Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

brewed, brood, crude, plude, poohed, prayed, preuss, prew, preyed, pride, pried, prod, proof, proud, prove, proved, pru, pru's, prue, pruer, pruess, pruett, prugh, prune, pruned, pryde, rhude, rood, roode, rude, ruud, shrewd, trude, bloop, blude, blued, bluet, bluett, bluette, bluitt, blute, brewed, brood, brueck, bruit, brut, brute, clewed, cloop, cloot, clube, clued, clued-in, clute, crewed, croop, croup, croupe, crude, cruet, crute, droob, droop, druide, drupe, gloop, glueck, glued, glute, groot, groote, group, groupe, grube, grupe, kloot, klute, pleut, plude, pluot, plute, pruett, troop, troubh, troup, troupe, trude, trued, truett, true hd, truite, truitt

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