Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

berls, cearley, cell's, cells, cells', cels, curls, earles, earls, girl's, girls, girls', pearls, perls, sails, sal's, sale's, sales, sales', salls, salz, sauls, sayles, seal's, seales, seals, searl, searle, seils, sells, selz, seoul's, serb's, serbs, serbs', serves, sills, soil's, soils, soles, soules, souls, sowles, surly, swirls, whorls, searle's, searls, sirles, cell's, celles, cells, cells', cels, celss, chaires, cirlce, fails, fair's, faires, fairs, fales, fares, fells, fels, furls, h-shares, jares, phares, sails, salce, sale's, sales, sales', sayles, sayres, searle's, searls, self, self-, selles, sells, selph, selve, selz, shales, share's, shares, shares', shelf, shell's, shells, shels, shelve, sherr's, sirles, sirs, thales, theirs, there's, there've, theres, thurles, vails, vales, valles, vares, veils, veles, verres, zale's, zales

See searles used in context: several books and articles.

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