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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

satz, slats, spats, spatz, staats, stac's, stacks, staff's, staffs, stance, stat, state's, states, states', status, steitz, stetz, stites, stitz, stoots, stotts, stotz, sturtz, stutes, stutts, stutz, statz, scabs, scads, scaggs, scags, scaps, scats, scobs, scops, scots, scott's, scotts, skaggs, skats, spaatz, spacs, spads, spats, spatz, spods, spots, spotts, staats, stabs, stac's, stacks, stacs, staggs, stags, stapf, staps, statz, stobs, stock's, stocks, stocks', stops, stots, stotts, stotz, stoxx

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