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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

-trix, bleaks, bleats, bleeds, bleeps, blips, blits, blitz, breats, breed's, breeds, breeks, bricks, brics, briggs, brigs, brits, britts, britz, brix, cleats, cleeks, clepes, clicks, clips, cliques, clits, creaks, credes, creeds, creek's, creeks, creeps, cretes, cribbs, cribs, cricks, cripps, crips, crits, critz, dribs, driggs, dripps, drips, glebes, gledes, gleeks, gleets, glitz, graetz, grebes, greeds, greeks, greets, grid's, grids, griggs, grigs, grips, grits, gritz, klicks, klips, klitz, kreitz, kribs, krips, kritz, pclips, pleads, pleats, plebes, plits, pricks, prigs, pritts, pritz, treats, tricks, triggs, trip's, tripp's, trips, trits, tritz

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