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Words and phrases that rhyme with tuition:   (490 results)

5 letters:
ician, ishan, ition

6 letters:
dishan, dition, kishon, kition, lycian, pishin, titian, wishon, aition

7 letters:
britian, clition, dish in, fish in, fission, kishion, mischen, mission, nisshin, wischen, wish in, apician, edition, inition, unition

8 letters:
priscian, trichion, zwischen, addition, agnition, ambicion, ambition, amission, audition, cilician, dedition, desition, domitian, emission, ethician, felician, fruition, galician, ignition, insition, lenition, logician, magician, monition, munition, musician, nolition, omission, optician, petition, politian, position, punition, redition, sedition, sopition, tahitian, volition, vomition

9 letters:
admission, attrition, bannition, clinician, cognition, comission, commision, condicion, condition, demission, dentition, detrition, dimission, dormition, emmission, fortition, glutition, hebrician, hermitian, immission, largition, manichean, mauritian, metrician, mortician, multician, nutrician, nutricion, nutrition, partition, patrician, paulician, perdition, pernicion, phenician, physician, prodition, recission, reddition, remission, rendition, rubrician, sorbition, sortition, sublition, sulpician, suspicion, tactician, tactition, tradition, vendition, abolition, amolition, atomician, avolition, coalition, dietician, dietitian, epinician, epinicion, erudition, evomition, exilition, inanition, intuition, koalition, reunition

10 letters:
abscission, addmission, beautician, commission, contrition, diffission, discission, dismission, kommission, mccuistion, permission, practician, reignition, simplician, soumission, submission, technician, transition, abannition, adhibition, admonition, adposition, aglutition, ammunition, apparition, appetition, apposition, co-edition, cohibition, debulition, decapition, definition, delinition, demolition, deposition, depurition, dimunition, ebullition, emollition, exhibition, expedition, exposicion, exposition, futurition, humanitian, illinition, imbibition, impedition, imposition, inhibition, misedition, ogganition, opposition, ordovician, partuition, politician, politition, rehibition, repetition, reposition, resilition, sepelition, seposition, unambition

11 letters:
saurischian, absorbition, acquisition, bipartition, commonition, communition, competition, composition, coopetition, cosmetician, daffynition, decondition, deglutition, denutrition, deperdition, disparition, disposition, dissilition, dogmatician, electrician, electrition, esthetician, extradition, hexastichon, incumbition, innutrition, inquisition, in addition, irremission, komposition, logistician, magnetician, malposition, manumission, mechanician, micturition, mnemonician, new edition, obdormition, parturition, pdiatrician, phonetician, pontifician, prefinition, preignition, premonition, premunition, preposition, preterition, prohibition, proposition, readmission, recognition, recondition, redhibition, repartition, requisition, rhetorician, semantician, subaudition, submonition, submunition, supposition, suraddition, tralatition, tribunician, tribunitian, unsuspicion, academician, coadunition, exinanition, oviposition, semiotician

12 letters:
prescribtion, transmission, aesthetician, aircondition, ballistician, compartition, decommission, disquisition, expromission, extramission, insubmission, intermission, interstition, intromission, in condition, in remission, malnutrition, mistradition, nonadmission, nonphysician, nonrendition, obstetrician, perquisition, photofission, postposition, precognition, precondition, recommission, resubmission, statistician, superstition, symmetrician, syntactician, text edition, tripartition, anteposition, bariatrician, biometrician, dialectician, geometrician, geriatrician, onomastician, overambition, pediatrician, ratihabition, redefinition, redeposition, reimposition, taracahitian, theoretician, vomiturition

13 letters:
antiattrition, bad condition, discommission, eye condition, in commission, jazz musician, linguistician, nonsubmission, ornithischian, photoemission, preadmonition, subcommission, trade edition, transposition, triparttition, with ambition, arithmetician, cliometrician, cybernetician, decomposition, derecognition, derequisition, disinhibition, equipartition, extraposition, indisposition, informatician, infraposition, interposition, in opposition, irrecognition, juxtaposition, mathematician, metaphysician, misexposition, nondeposition, paediatrician, pole-position, reacquisition, recomposition, redisposition, retroposition, superposition, syrophenician, zero-emission, zootechnician, geopolitician, metacognition, overnutrition

14 letters:
search mission, combat mission, field emission, fondkommission, good condition, retransmission, skin condition, accrementition, art exhibition, circumposition, contraposition, dextroposition, discomposition, hydrostatician, hypernutrition, lotus position, misdisposition, misrecognition, nonrecognition, predisposition, presupposition, retrocognition, sabermetrician, super-position, supernutrition, unintermission, econometrician, neoplatonician, radio emission, undernutrition

15 letters:
foreign mission, heart condition, house physician, ballet position, counterposition, nuclear fission, photoinhibition, psychometrician, quadripartition, biostatistician, limited edition, superimposition

16 letters:
phase transition, stage technician, cleanup position, colored audition, face recognition, out of condition, thermal emission, angular position, military mission, photocomposition, polar opposition, super-imposition, trigonometrician, antiredeposition, biomathematician

17 letters:
control condition, dental technician, neurotransmission, out of commission, price competition, rate of attrition, weather condition, zoning commission, infrared emission, electrodeposition, metamathematician, military position, mutual opposition

18 letters:
price of admission, boundary condition, counterproposition, diplomatic mission, hostile expedition, hunting expedition, machine politician, object recognition, resident physician, retrotransposition, economic condition, favorable position, sanitary condition, secondary emission, unit of ammunition, iatromathematician

19 letters:
fairness commission, planning commission, election commission, essential condition, financial condition, writ of prohibition, explicit definition, military commission, missionary position, musical composition, military expedition

20 letters:
double decomposition, dramatic composition, vector decomposition, antipodal opposition, literary composition, unfavorable position

21 letters:
standard transmission, atmospheric condition, population commission, dictionary definition, geographic expedition, reciprocal inhibition

22 letters:
automatic transmission, statistical commission, experimental condition, photoelectric emission

23 letters:
environmental condition

24 letters:
atomic energy commission

25 letters:
search and rescue mission, mathematical statistician

26 letters:
search and destroy mission

29 letters:
social development commission

38 letters:
economic and social council commission

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (98 results)

5 letters:
given, risen, riven, sivan, vixen, women

6 letters:
dishes, driven, grison, listen, mizzen, piston, prison, system, tisane, vision, wishes, arisen

7 letters:
bitches, chicken, cushion, fiction, fishing, frisian, frisson, glisten, griffon, gryphon, kitchen, missing, session, shriven, stiffen, striven, twisted, whitsun, wishing, writhen, written, elision, elysian, opinion, salicin

8 letters:
christen, friction, twitches, allision, decision, derision, division, envision, excision, forgiven, imprison, incision, official, parisian, recision, religion, revision, tuitions

9 letters:
christian, switching, addiction, ambitious, collision, concision, delicious, positions, precisian, precision, prevision, provision, mitomycin

10 letters:
admissions, affliction, misprision, persistent, proficient, rescission, sufficient, indecision, television

11 letters:
imprecision, politicians, reminiscing, supervision

12 letters:
night vision, circumcision, streptolysin

13 letters:
cell division, contradiction, long division, superstitious

14 letters:
short division, split decision

16 letters:
brussels griffon

18 letters:
reduction division

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