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gunnels, fins, squids, sacs, snout, mouthparts, palps, brainpan, insides, lanternfish, nostrils, undersides, innards, blowholes, membranes, bucktail, dorsal fin, barnacles, finny, nematocysts, caudal fin, mucus, pores, threadfin, glands, tubercles, secretions, vacuoles, tracheae, slimy, spiracles, fishies, sculpins, capillaries, intestines, appendages, wrigglers, barbels, silverside, shads, sebaceous glands, remora, oviducts, gorgonians, hairlike, tentacle, radula, scutes, beak, ruffe, anemones, parasites, tangs, mandibles, herrings, mussels, brine shrimp, pus, gunwales, manduca sexta, tadpole, tunicates, gizzard, suckerfish, gullet, bonnethead, blowfish, carapace, tubules, exudates, spheroids, craniums, threadlike, winkles, moray eel, corpuscle, sandworm, flatworms, baleen, lungs, plastron, barracudas, yolk sac, vesicles, sandpapery, orifices, brood pouch, cloaca, brim, amandine, mudfish, pigfish, milt, pteropod, bronchioles, brininess, erythrocytes, sardines, crustacea, glub, windpipes, pelvic fin, gill, antennae, branchiae, tentacles, florets, petals, spines, buds, fronds, leaf, rings, setae, blinds, circlet, ribs, toes, veins, wings, abdomen, thorax, anus, cranium, mandible, medulla, ovary, patella, sclera, sternum, ulna, antero, anther, apex, cerebellum, clavicle, diencephalon, elytra, foramen

Appears in the definition of:
a. testudineus, abranchial, abranchiate, abranchious, agaric, amanita muscaria, amanita phalloides, anabas testudineus, armillaria caligata, armillaria ponderosa, armillaria zelleri, bivalve, booted armillaria, branchial, branchial arch, branchiate, branchiobdella, branchiostegidae, caducous, ceras, climbing perch, clitocybe, clitocybe clavipes, clitocybe dealbata, clitocybe subconnexa, cortinarius armillatus, cortinarius corrugatus, cortinarius mutabilis, cortinarius semisanguineus, death angel, death cap, death cup, destroying angel, dibranch, dibranchiate, dibranchiate mollusk, dipnoi, family branchiostegidae, family hygrophoraceae, family lepiotaceae, family plethodontidae, fish, flammulina velutipes, fly agaric, fuscoboletinus paluster, genus branchiobdella, genus clitocybe, genus tricholoma, gill-less, gilled, gill arch, gill bar, gill fungus, gill net, hygrophoraceae, hygrophorus borealis, hygrophorus caeruleus, hygrophorus inocybiformis, hygrophorus kauffmanii, hygrophorus russula, hygrophorus sordidus, hygrophorus tennesseensis, hygrophorus turundus, jack-a-lantern, jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern fungus, lamellibranch, lepiotaceae, lepiota naucina, lepiota procera, lepiota rubrotincta, lobworm, lug, lugworm, man-on-a-horse, mud puppy, necturus maculosus, neohygrophorus angelesianus, olm, omphalotus illudens, opisthobranchia, parasol mushroom, pelecypod, pholiota astragalina, pholiota flavida, pholiota squarrosa, pint, plethodontidae, proteus anguinus, purple-staining cortinarius, ray, scaly pholiota, siren, stropharia ambigua, stropharia hornemannii, stropharia rugoso-annulata, subclass dipnoi, subclass opisthobranchia, tricholoma, tricholoma aurantium, tricholoma flavovirens, tricholoma pessundatum, tricholoma vaccinum, waxycap, white matsutake, winter mushroom

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— Adjectives for gills: external, internal, anal, like, red, tracheal, white, large, blue, true, filamentous, more...

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