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smaller, bigger, wider, greater, tinier, broader, grander, heavier, narrower, heftier, sizable, vaster, slighter, sizeable, slimmer, shorter, deeper, gigantic, brawnier, fatter, steeper, fuller, sized, denser, newer, thicker, beefier, shrunken, thinner, higher, sparser, splashier, noisier, more, huge, gargantuan, closer, minuscule, fewer, pricier, lower, bulkier, outsize, bolder, than, weightier, littler, significant, enlarged, supersized, shallower, skinnier, outsized, quieter, wealthier, meatier, stronger, taller, massive, humongous, sharper, lighter, sturdier, emptier, nearer, shabbier, better, substantial, nicer, modest, tighter, miniscule, simpler, manageable, messier, uglier, rarer, quicker, roomier, trickier, stiffer, faster, fiercer, chunkier, midsized, riskier, dowdier, squarer, harder, easier, fuzzier, fancier, cheaper, subtler, thirstier, tidier, hazier, showier, weaker, prettier, darker, thornier, cerebrum, demographic, amphibians, bass, brains, caribou, clitoris, cod, company, computational, contingent, cousin, enrollments, excess, fish, following, fowl, halibut, herring, hippo, large, small, largest, largo, smallest, targe, entire, latge, separate, smalt, mediumsized

Appears in the definition of:
., agglutinating activity, agglutination, agincourt, air group, alcove, allium tuberosum, appendage, arbor, arm, assimilation, baby-boom generation, baby boom, bay, big shagbark, big shellbark, big shellbark hickory, blind gentian, blown-up, bohemian waxwing, bombycilla garrulus, bough, bound form, bound morpheme, branch, bumboat, cadre, carbuncle, carpenter's square, cartridge, carya laciniosa, castanea ozarkensis, cell, center, centre, change, channel, cherrystone, cherrystone clam, chinchillon, chinese chive, chinese paddlefish, chinquapin, cicero, closed gentian, clove, club, collimator, company union, compartment, compendium, considerably, constituent, contextual definition, contingent, corresponding, cruiser, delta, dessert spoon, detach, dieback, dilated, disjunct, division, dolphin, dominate, driftfish, english foxhound, enlarge, enlarged, excerpt, excess, expand, extended, extract, eye, fijis, fiji islands, fitting, flight feather, frigate, function, gallinago media, garlic chive, garlic clove, gas giant, gentiana clausa, genus mnium, goose, grammatical constituent, gray kingbird, great, greater butterfly orchid, great snipe, groundmass, grow, growth, gulf, habenaria chlorantha, habenaria fimbriata, hare, heart, heterocercal, heterocercal fin, ice field, improper fraction, increase, increasing, increment, inlet, inset, isthmus, jovian planet, jumbie bead, jumby bead, king nut, king nut hickory, lagoon, lagostomus maximus, laguna, lagune, large magellanic cloud, let out, lobe, local, macrocytic anaemia, macrocytic anemia, macrospore, maisonette, maisonnette, mandrel, mandril, marginalisation, marginalization, marten, marten cat, megaspore, meronym, metrazol, middle, minority, mnium, moray, moray eel, morone interrupta, mountain partridge, mountain quail, mouth, napu, nimiety, offprint, old, oreortyx picta palmeri, oriental garlic, ormosia coarctata, outnumber, outsize, outsized, overpayment, oversize, oversized, ozark chinkapin, ozark chinquapin, panhandle, part name, pentamethylenetetrazol, pentylenetetrazol, petchary, phobos, piece, pilot, pilot bit, pilot burner, pilot light, pinion, platanthera chlorantha, pliocene, pliocene epoch, portion, praesidium, predominate, presidium, prevail, procedure, psephurus gladis, puff up, purple-fringed orchid, purple-fringed orchis, quill, quill feather, rat, recalculation, recess, recognition, reign, religious order, religious sect, repot, reprint, retrorocket, rhea, rhea americana, river, routine, rule, save-all, sect, section, selection, separate, separationist, separatism, separatist, sheldrake, siberian husky, sideshow, slice, slightly, social unit, softball, softball game, soldier-fish, soldierfish, sound, south island, spindle, splay, squadron, staghound, steering committee, strainer, strait, strand, stretcher, strophanthin, subdivision, subpopulation, subprogram, subroutine, substantially, subsystem, surplus, surplusage, syllable, syntagm, syntagma, tablespoon, tayassu pecari, tiddlywinks, towboat, tower, tragulus javanicus, tributary, tug, tugboat, tyrannus domenicensis domenicensis, unit, viola, viscacha, whale, white-lipped peccary, wicket, wicket door, wicket gate, widen, woodcock snipe, yellow bass

big, bigger, large

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