Words and phrases that have a meaning related to quadruped:   (183 results)

biped, bipedal, two-footed

animal leg, croup, croupe, flank, forefoot, foreleg, haunch, hindfoot, hindquarters, hind leg, loin, loins, rump

Often used in the same context:
biped, australopithecine, forelimbs, doglike, apatosaurus, ankylosaurus, pteranodon, bipedalism, locomotion, sifaka, ornithopod, sapiens, crocodilian, trilobite, utahraptor, smilodon, piglike, arthropod, cloven hoof, homo erectus, dung beetle, inchworm, insectivore, creature, bilaterally symmetrical, allosaurus, habilis, mandrill, lechwe, tailless, gnus, homo sapiens, coati, aurochs, compsognathus, canid, pachycephalosaurus, theropod dinosaur, dromedary, homo habilis, placoderms, theropod, housecat, dewlap, africanus, brontosaurus, ankylosaur, caecilians, beasts, insectlike, fauns, sloths, meadow vole, woodchuck, wart hog, daddy longlegs, tyrannosaurus, hippogriff, lagomorphs, robustus, ungulates, saddleback, narwhals, brachiosaurus, camarasaurus, rheas, hominoid, mongooses, mantis, mammuthus, cartilaginous fish, humpbacked, giganteus, hyrax, housefly, arctic fox, bushbuck, guanaco, gracile, warthog, dalmatians, deinonychus, canis lupus, aquatic mammal, edmontosaurus, diplodocus, wolflike, forepaws, barnacle goose, gaits, bunny rabbit, indicus, coelophysis, minimus, giantess, hind limb, centipede, mandibles, ichthyosaur, spotted hyena, cuvier, ape, quadrupeds, mammal, reptile, rodent, mammalia, animal, lizard, mammals, insect, mollusk, bird, feline, kangaroos, lizards, mollusc, reptiles, antelope, marsupials, animals, quadrupedal, bipedal, legged, subhuman, carnivorous, plantigrade, apelike, ungainly, extinct, humanoid, insectivorous, arboreal, gregarious, manlike, oviparous, saurian, monstrous, sentient, toed, brutish

Appears in the definition of:
articulatio cubiti, camelopard, croup, croupe, cubital joint, cubitus, elbow, elbow joint, equus caballus, forefoot, foreleg, giraffa camelopardalis, giraffe, haunch, hindfoot, hindquarters, hind leg, homologize, horse, knee, paw, rump, stifle

More general:

four-footed, quadrupedal

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— Nouns for quadruped: position, animals, robot, animal, mammals, kind, creation, state, opinion, locomotion, ancestors, more...

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