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Words and phrases whose definition contains larvae:   (272 results)

., acanthoscelides obtectus, alderfly, alder fly, almond moth, alsophila pometaria, ambrosia, amphibian, anagasta, anagasta kuehniella, angoumois grain moth, angoumois moth, anomala orientalis, anopheles, antheraea, antheraea polyphemus, antler moth, antlion, antlion fly, ant lion, appendicularia, apple maggot, archiannelid, arctiid, arctiid moth, argyrotaenia citrana, armyworm, army cutworm, army worm, asiatic beetle, automeris io, barnacle, bean weevil, beebread, bee fly, bee moth, birch leaf miner, blackfly, black fly, bombycid, bombycid moth, borer, botfly, bruchus pisorum, buffalo gnat, cabbage butterfly, cacao moth, caddice-fly, caddice fly, caddis-fly, caddis fly, cadra cautella, cadra figulilella, callimorpha jacobeae, carpet beetle, carpet bug, carpet moth, carpocapsa pomonella, casemaking clothes moth, catacala, cecropia, cecropia moth, cerapteryx graminis, cerriped, cerripede, cetonia aurata, chalcid, chalcidfly, chalcid fly, chalcid wasp, chorizagrotis, chorizagrotis auxiliaris, chrysomelid, chrysopid, cinnabar, cinnabar moth, clothes moth, cockchafer, cocoon, codling moth, codlin moth, corn borer, corn borer moth, corydalus cornutus, cutworm, cynthia moth, danaus plexippus, darkling beetle, darkling groung beetle, dermatobia, digger wasp, dobson, dobsonfly, dobson fly, dracunculiasis, eacles imperialis, echinococcus, eggar, egger, ephestia, ephestia elutella, epilachna, european corn borer, fenusa pusilla, fig moth, filaria, fish-fly, fish fly, flesh fly, flyblown, forest tent caterpillar, fruit fly, fungus gnat, galleria mellonella, gallfly, gelechia gossypiella, gelechiid, gelechiid moth, genus anagasta, genus anopheles, genus antheraea, genus catacala, genus chorizagrotis, genus dermatobia, genus ephestia, genus epilachna, genus manduca, genus noctua, genus pseudaletia, genus pyrausta, genus spodoptera, geometrid, geometrid moth, gracilariid, gracilariid moth, grain moth, green lacewing, guinea worm, guinea worm disease, heliothis moth, heliothis zia, hessian fly, honey buzzard, honey guide, hyalophora cecropia, hydatid, hyphantria cunea, ichneumon fly, imperial moth, inchworm, io moth, june beetle, june bug, lacewing, lacewing fly, lappet, lappet moth, larvacide, leaf-miner, leaf-roller, leaf beetle, leaf miner, leaf roller, looper, loxostege similalis, lymantriid, macrodactylus subspinosus, maggoty, malacosoma americana, malacosoma disstria, manduca, manduca quinquemaculata, manduca sexta, mantispid, mayetiola destructor, may beetle, may bug, measuring worm, mediterranean flour moth, melolontha melolontha, milkweed butterfly, monarch, monarch butterfly, mud dauber, myiasis, myositis trichinosa, noctua, noctuid, noctuid moth, oak apple, oestrus ovis, orange tortrix, oriental beetle, owlet moth, paleacrita vernata, pea weevil, pernis apivorus, pine sawyer, pink bollworm, plecopteran, polyphemus moth, pomace fly, pseudaletia, pseudaletia unipuncta, pyralid, pyralid moth, pyrausta, pyrausta nubilalis, railroad worm, raisin moth, rhagoletis pomonella, rose beetle, rose bug, rose chafer, royal jelly, samia cynthia, samia walkeri, sarcophaga carnaria, saturniid, saturniid moth, sawyer, sawyer beetle, scavenging, sheep botfly, sheep gadfly, sialis lutaria, silk, silkworm moth, sitotroga cerealella, slave ant, spittlebug, spittle insect, spodoptera, spodoptera exigua, spodoptera frugiperda, spongefly, spongillafly, stink fly, stonefly, stone fly, strymon melinus, tachina fly, tapestry moth, tenebrionid, tent-caterpillar moth, tent caterpillar, tiger moth, tinea pellionella, tineid, tineid moth, tobacco moth, tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell butterfly, tortricid, tortricid moth, tortrix, trichina, trichinella spiralis, trichiniasis, trichinosis, trichophaga tapetzella, trombiculiid, tussock moth, vinegar fly, warble, warble fly, wax moth, webworm, woodborer, worker, worm, zooplankton

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