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Words and phrases whose definition contains time:   (1967 results)

., 2d, 2nd, 4th, 60 minutes, absence, academic session, academic term, academic year, accept, acceptance, access time, accompaniment, accrued, accumulated, accuracy, acoustic delay line, active, adjournment, adolescence, adulthood, advancea, advanced, ad interim, aeon, aeonian, after, after-hours, afterward, afterwards, age, ageing, agelong, aging, ahead, ahead of time, air alert, alar, alarm, alarm clock, alaska standard time, alias, all-time, alla breve, allegorize, allow, all along, all at once, all together, already, also known as, always, anachronism, analog watch, angelus, angelus bell, anomalistic year, anon, antecede, antecedence, antecedency, antecedent, antecedently, antedate, anterior, anteriority, anterograde, anterograde amnesia, anthesis, anticipate, anticipatory breach, apart, apodiform bird, apparently, appointed, approach, approaching, appropriate, approximate, apropos, archaeozoic, archaeozoic aeon, archean, archean aeon, archean eon, archeozoic, archeozoic eon, arrival time, ascii control character, asdic, astronomical year, asynchronous, asynchronous operation, as yet, atlantic standard time, atlantic time, atomic clock, attain, attention span, at a time, at ease, at handp, at length, at once, at one time, at the same time, away, awayp, awhile, awkward, bachelorhood, back, backfire, backward, balance of trade, banker's acceptance, batch, be, bedtime, bed check, before, beforehand, beforehandp, beginning, belated, bell, benefit, bering standard time, bering time, betimes, bewildering, beyond, biblical aramaic, bibliography, bigamy, biochip, biological time, biparous, birth, bit, bit-by-bit, bit by bit, black-legged tick, blessed, blind date, blink of an eye, bloom, bloom of youth, blossoming, blue moon, boarder, body count, bolero, bond issue, booking, bookworm, break, breather, brevibloc, briefly, bring out, broad, broken, brood, bundling, bureaucratic procedure, burned-out, burnt-out, burster, bursting charge, by-and-by, by and by, by the piece, calendric, calendrical, calve, cardiac output, carpet knight, carry, carry forward, carry over, case in point, case load, cash flow, casual, catamenia, catch, catch a glimpse, ceaseless, central standard time, central time, change of life, character-at-a-time printer, character printer, charge, charge account credit, charge unit, chatroom, chat room, check, checkout, checkout time, childhood, chiliast, chivalric, christian era, christmas gift, christmas present, chronograph, chronological age, chronological sequence, chronological succession, chronologise, chronologize, chronology, chronoscope, cincinnatus, civil, civilisation, civilization, civil defense, civil time, clean up, clear-cut, clepsydra, climacteric, climate, clime, clock, clocking, clock time, clock watcher, close, closely, close at handp, closing, closing time, clotting time, club, clutch, co-occurrence, coevals, coexistent, coexisting, coincidence, coincident, coincidental, coincidentally, coincidently, coinciding, cold, cold comfort, come after, come near, come up, comforted, coming, command overhead, command processing overhead, command processing overhead time, commencement, commensurate, comment, common era, common measure, common time, compensatory time, conclusion, concomitant, concurrence, concurrent, concurrent operation, condition, configuration, confused, conjunction, consecration, consideration, conspicuously, constant, constructive breach, contemplate, contemporaneity, contemporaneous, contemporaneously, contemporaneousness, contemporaries, contemporary, contemporise, contemporize, contiguous, continuance, continue, continuity, continuous, contradictory, control character, cooccurring, cool, cool one's heels, coordinated universal time, cosmic, cosmic time, cosmologic, cosmological, cosmologist, cost, costume, couch potato, count, countdown, counter, countercheck, course, couvade, covariance, cover, coyote, creation, crepuscle, crepuscule, critical point, cross, cross-classification, cross-division, crossroads, crotchet, crunch, cst, culture, cunctation, curfew, currency, current, currently, currentness, current unit, custody, cut back, cyclic disorder, cyclothymia, cyclothymic disorder, dalliance, dallier, dally, daminozide, damon and pythias, dance, dancing, dark, darkened, date, dateless, date back, date from, dawdle, dawdler, dawdling, dawn, day, daylight, daylight-savings time, daylight-saving time, daylight saving, daylight savings, days, daytime, de-escalate, dead, deadline, dead drop, dead sea scrolls, deal, death, debut, deep, deep-freeze, deepfreeze, deep freezer, defer, deferment, deferral, delay, delayed-action, delayed action, deliberate defence, deliberate defense, delinquent, demand, demise, demisemiquaver, demon, demurrage, denis diderot, departure time, deposit, depression, designated driver, detention, developed, devotion, diachronic, diaspora, diderot, digitally, dilatory, dilly-dallier, dillydallier, dim, directly, discontinuous, discover, disingenuous, disoriented, dissimilate, distance, distant, do, domesticate, domicile, dosage, dose, dose rate, doublethink, double dribble, double stopping, doubling, down, downhill, downtime, down payment, doze, do well, drag, drag on, drag out, draw out, drift, drift apart, drift away, drip feed, drone, dropper, drowse, dull, duly, duple, duple time, durable, durance, duration, dusk, duty period, duty tour, dying, e'er, earlier, earliness, early, early warning system, earmark, earnings, earth-received time, eastern standard time, eastern time, echolocation, echo sounder, echo sounding, economic, economical, economize, ectopia, ecumenical, edition, efface, efficiency, efficient, efflorescence, egg timer, eighth note, eighties, einstein's theory of relativity, elapsed, elapsed time, eld, electromagnetic delay line, else, el nino, employee turnover, end, ending, endless, endlessly, endowment, endowment insurance, endure, engagement, enjoyment, enlistment, enrollment, eon, eonian, ephemeral, ephemerality, ephemeralness, ephemeris time, epidemic, episteme, epoch, equinoctial storm, equinoctial year, era, erst, erstwhile, erstwhilea, ert, esmolol, essene, est, estimate, eternal, eternally, eternity, evenfall, evening, event, eventually, even as, ever, everlasting, everlastingly, evermore, evolve, exceedance, excitingly, exhibition season, exonuclease, expect, expend, expired, explosive charge, expurgated, extend, extended time scale, extra time, eye dropper, factor xii, faddish, faddy, fag end, fail, fall, fandango, far, far-off, faraway, farther, farthermost, farthest, fast, fast time scale, fatalism, favorable, favourable, ferment, fertile period, fertile phase, fertilization age, festival, fetal age, field day, fifties, filled, finale, finally, finis, finish, finite, first, first offender, first trimester, fishing licence, fishing license, fishing permit, flash, flash back, fleeting, fleetingness, float, florescence, flow, flowering, flow rate, flying, follow, following, forefather, forego, forenoon, forerunner, foresee, forestall, forever, forevermore, forever and a day, forfeit, formera, formerly, forth, forthwith, forties, forward, for a while, for good, for the first time, for the time being, foundation, founding, four-card monte, four-dimensional, four-four time, fourth, fox-trot, foxtrot, fragmentation, frank, freezer, free time, frequence, frequency, frivolously, fugacious, fugitive, full-of-the-moon, full-time, full moon, full phase of the moon, further, furthermost, furthest, future, futurea, futurity, game license, gauge, gavotte, geezerhood, generation, generosity, generousness, geological era, geological period, geological time, geologic time, gestational age, get, get-go, get around to, get a look, get off the ground, get on, get through, glacial epoch, glacial period, gloaming, global positioning system, gloriously, gmt, gnomon, go, golden age, golden years, golf widow, good, good-time, good form, good time, go back, go forward, gps, grab sample, gravida i, gravida ii, gravida iii, great, great year, greenwich, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, gross estate, gross revenue, gross sales, growth rate, guess, gunpowder, guttersnipe, gym rat, gyromitra gigas, ha, habanera, hageman factor, halcyon, half-life, half-moon, half-pay, half-time, half life, half note, half rest, han, hand, hang out, han dynasty, happy hour, hard, hard time, hard times, hasty defence, hasty defense, hawaii standard time, hawaii time, heartbeat, heavy, hemidemisemiquaver, hence, henceforth, henceforward, here, hereafter, heretofore, here and now, hermann minkowski, herpangia, high, high time, historical, historical period, historic period, history, hit, hitch, hitherto, hit parade, hobbyist, hogarth, hold, holdup, hold over, holiday, holiday season, home, honest woman, horoscope, horse-and-buggy, hospitalization, hour, hours, hour angle, housecleaning, housing estate, hr, hunting licence, hunting license, hunting permit, hypothrombinemia, ice age, immediate, immediately, imminent, immutable, impending, impermanent, impression, inactive, inappropriate, incarnation, incessant, income, incompatibility, inconsistency, incubation, indefinitely, indeterminacy principle, index, index number, indicant, indication, indicator, indirect, induction, inexorably, infernal machine, infinite, infinity, inflorescence, information warfare, initiation, innovation, inopportunely, inopportuneness, insanity plea, installment rate, instant, instantly, instauration, institution, interest, interestingly, interim, intermediate, interminably, intermission, international system, international system of units, interpreter, interpretive program, interregnum, interruption, interval, intervene, intervening, intravenous drip, introduce, introduction, invisible balance, in advance, in any case, in chorus, in due course, in due season, in due time, in good time, in handp, in no time, in perpetuity, in real time, in small stages, in stages, in the end, in the long run, in the meantime, in the nick of time, in time, in unison, isobar, isochrone, isolated, isotherm, itinerant, iw, ixodes scapularis, jack nicklaus, jack william nicklaus, jiffy, jig, judaea, judea, judge, juncture, just as, just then, keep, kickoff, kick one's heels, kilometers per hour, kilometres per hour, kingdom come, kite, klondike, km/h, knightly, kph, lag, laggard, lagger, landler, langsyne, lapse, last, lasting, late, latea, latency, lateness, latent period, later, latera, later on, launch, launching, law of proximity, lead, lead time, leap second, lease, leave, leave of absence, legal residence, legislate, leisure, leisure time, lend, length, let go, life, life expectancy, light time, like a shot, limit, limitation, limited audit, line-at-a-time printer, line judge, line printer, line storm, linger, lingeringa, lippizan, little by little, live, livelong, load, loading, loan, local time, logarithmically, logical, long, long-acting, long-ago, long-lasting, long-lived, long-play, long-playing, long-range, long-run, long-term, long-wearing, longer, longest, longitudinal, longitudinally, longstanding, long haul, long run, long time, look back, loose, lost, lounger, lucius quinctius cincinnatus, lucre, lunar day, lunch, m2, mailing, make, malapropos, man hour, markoff chain, markov chain, martial law, mastering, maturity, maximum and minimum thermometer, mazurka, mdma, meal, meantime, meanwhile, mean solar day, mean solar time, mean sun, mean time, medieval, melioration, menelaus, menopause, mess around, meter, metre, microcomputer, mid-eighties, mid-fifties, mid-forties, mid-nineties, mid-seventies, mid-sixties, mid-thirties, mid-twenties, middle, middle age, middle paleolithic, migration, miles per hour, military pace, millenarian, millenarist, min, minim, minister, ministration, minkowski, minute, misdating, misspend, mistime, mistiming, mittelschmerz, mixed nuisance, model, modifiable, modulate, moluccas, moment, momentaneous, momentary, monandrous, monandry, monkey, monkey around, monogamist, monogamousness, monogamy, monogynic, monogynist, monogynous, monogyny, monte, month, month of sundays, mope, more than, morn, morning, morning time, most recently, motion study, mountain standard time, mountain time, mozart, mph, mst, much, muck about, muck around, multiparous, multiple myeloma, mutually exclusive, mutual exclusiveness, myotonia atrophica, myotonic dystrophy, myotonic muscular dystrophy, nap, natural family planning, ne'er, near, nearest, neck of the woods, net, net income, net profit, neutron flux, never, never-ending, nevermore, never again, new moon, new phase of the moon, new york minute, next, next door, nicklaus, nidicolous, nigh, night, nightfall, nighttime, nineties, noiseless, noncombatant, noncontinuous, noncurrent, nonmodern, nonrapid eye movement, nonrapid eye movement sleep, note, note of hand, note payable, note receivable, not delayed, not late, not long, not yet, now, nowadays, no end, nrem, nrem sleep, numerically, o'er, observe, occasion, occasional, occasionala, occupancy rate, occupation, occupied, occupy, off, offset, oftenness, of all time, old, old-time, olden, oldest, old age, olympiad, once, oncea, one-way light time, onea, onetimea, one by one, one of these days, only, onstage, onward, on time, open-end credit, opportune, opportunely, optimise, optimize, orbit period, orientation, original, origination, orthodox sleep, outdoorsman, outdoorswoman, outmarch, output, outset, outstanding, outturn, over, overdue, overexposure, overhaul, overhead, overlap, overnight, overtime, owlt, pacific standard time, pacific time, page-at-a-time printer, page printer, painstakingly, palmy, paradigm, para i, parking meter, parkinson's law, part-time, part-timer, paso doble, pass, passing, past, pastime, past times, patch, pause, payment rate, pay rate, pc, peacetime, penalty box, peradventure, percutaneous, perennial, period, periodic, periodic motion, periodic movement, period of play, period of time, permanently, perpetual, perpetually, persistence, personal computer, person hour, pertinently, phase, phase angle, phase of the moon, phintias, phoenix, piddle, piddle away, piecemeal, pinpoint, pipeful, pitched battle, place, platonic year, play, playday, playing period, playtime, plea of insanity, pleistocene, pleistocene epoch, pneumatically, point, point in time, pokey, poky, polka, pollen count, polyandrous, polyandry, polygamist, polygamous, polygamy, polygynous, polygyny, polytonalism, polytonality, popular music, popular music genre, possibly, postdate, posteriority, postmark, postpone, postponement, posttraumatic amnesia, potato race, potter, pow, powder, precambrian, precambrian aeon, precambrian eon, precambrian period, precede, precedence, precedency, precedent, preceding, precession, precious, precipitation, predate, predecessor, predetermined, preexist, prehistoric culture, prehistory, prelapsarian, premature, premier, premiere, prerecorded, present, present-daya, presentist, presently, present moment, present progressive, present progressive tense, present tense, presidency, presocratic, prevailing, prevalence, prevalent, previousa, previously, prewar, price index, price level, prime, prime of life, primigravida, primipara, printing, priora, priority, prisoner of war, prison term, probation, proceed, processing time, procrastination, production, productivity, profit, profits, programing, programming, progress report, prolong, promissory note, promptness, proof, proposition, prorogue, protract, proximate, proximity, pro tem, pro tempore, pst, psychological moment, puberty, pubescence, puerperal, puerperium, pulse-time modulation, punctual, punctuality, punctually, pursuit, put, putter, put in, put off, put over, pythias, quad, quadruplet, quadruple time, quantity unit, quarter, quarter note, quarter rest, quaternary, quaver, quick-sighted, quickstep, quick march, quin, quint, quintuplet, quondama, rainy day, rapid, rare, rate, rate of flow, rate of growth, rate of pay, rate of payment, rat race, ravage, re-assume, reach, reaction time, real, real time, recency, recent, recentness, reconciled, recorder, recrudesce, redevelop, reduce, red tape, reevaluation, refractory period, refreshment, regency, registration, regular, regulate, regulation time, reign, reintroduce, relation, relation back, relativity, relativity theory, relaxation time, relaxing, relief, remarry, remit, remote, removed, rendezvous, renewable resource, repast, repayment rate, repeatedly, repugnance, require, reschedule, reserve, residence time, respiratory quotient, response time, rest, retrofit, retrograde, retrospect, review, revolving credit, rhumba, ribosome, rife, right, rightly, right along, right away, rigmarole, ripe, ripening, riss glaciation, road, romance, romanticism, rotation, rotational latency, rough, round, round-trip light time, rtlt, rumba, run, run-time, run-time error, run-up, running, runninga, running time, runtime error, runup, run for, saale glaciation, sadducee, safe-conduct, safeguard, safe period, salad days, sales, saltation, sampling rate, sandglass, saraband, saracen, scattered, scet, schedule, scheduled, scheduled fire, scheduled maintenance, scheduling, scherzo, schnorchel, schnorkel, school, schooldays, schooltime, school day, school term, school year, sclk, scrape, scrape up, screen saver, sealed, season, seasonable, seasonableness, seasonably, sec, second, second trimester, secundigravida, seedtime, seek time, see through, semantic error, semibreve, semipermanent, semipro, semiprofessional, semiquaver, sentence, sequence, serial killer, serial murderer, serial port, serial printer, serve, session, set, setup, set aside, set back, seventies, seward, shallow, sheepshearing, shelf life, shelve, shift, shillyshally, ship's bell, shocking, shoe, short, short-lived, shortly, showtime, show time, shutter, si, sidereal, sidereal day, sidereal year, silly season, simplex, simply, simultaneity, simultaneous, simultaneousness, singly, sister ship, sisyphus, sitting, situation, sixteenth note, sixties, sixty-fourth note, si system, skin patch, sleep, slot, slow, slow time scale, slow virus, small-time, smotherer, snooze, snorkel, snorkel breather, snuff, sojourn, solar day, solar year, someday, sometime, sometimea, sonar, sonic delay line, sooner or later, sound ranging, so far, space, space-time, space-time continuum, spacecraft clock time, spacecraft event time, spacing, spaciotemporal, span, spare, spare time, spatiotemporal, spawner, speakerphone, speed, spell, spend, spice islands, spiv, split second, split shift, spot pass, spread, spreading, spree killer, squandering, stage, stand, standard time, standing wave, start, starting time, state-of-the-art, state of affairs, state of the art, stationary wave, status, statute of limitations, stay of execution, steinert's disease, step-by-step, stepwise, step out, stew, sticky, stint, stochastic process, stockholder of record, stock issue, stock warrant, stone-cold, stonily, stopping point, straightaway, straight off, stray, street urchin, stretch, strike, study hall, style, subject, subscription, subsequence, subsequent, subsequently, subsequentness, succession, successiveness, succor, succour, sudden, suffer, suicide pact, suit, summons, sundown, sunset, sup, supercomputer, superfetation, supermom, superstring, suspension, sweep, sync, synchronal, synchroneity, synchronic, synchronicity, synchronisation, synchronise, synchronism, synchronization, synchronize, synchronizing, synchronous, synchrony, syndication, syntax error, systeme international, systeme international d'unites, system clock, table, tail, tail end, take, take off, take time off, take up, tall order, tango, tape, tarantella, tardiness, tardy, tdt, teens, temper, temporal, temporal arrangement, temporal order, temporal property, temporal relation, temporal role, temporarily, temporariness, temporary hookup, temporary state, temporise, temporiser, temporize, temporizer, tense, tension, tenure, term, terminable, terminal, term insurance, term of a contract, term of enlistment, terpsichore, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, tertigravida, test period, then, thena, thenceforth, theory of relativity, thereabout, thereabouts, thereafter, theretofore, thermograph, thermometrograph, thermoplastic, the depression, the great depression, third trimester, thirties, thirty-second note, thirty-something, three-card monte, three-point landing, throughput, thus far, tie, til now, time-and-motion study, time-ball, time-consuming, time-delay measuring instrument, time-delay measuring system, time-fuse, time-honored, time-motion study, time-out, time-scale factor, time-switch, timecard, timed, timekeeper, timekeeping, timeless, timeliness, timely, timepiece, timer, timework, time and motion study, time bomb, time capsule, time constant, time exposure, time frame, time interval, time lag, time limit, time note, time off, time of arrival, time of day, time of departure, time of life, time out, time period, time scale, time signal, time slot, time study, time to come, time unit, time zone, timing, tinker, today, together, toggle, tontine, too soon, topical, topicality, touch system, touch typing, tour, touring, tour of duty, to date, track-to-track seek time, track record, trade balance, trade gap, traditional, traffic, trailer, transcutaneous, transdermal, transdermal patch, transdermic, transient, transiently, transitorily, transitory, transit instrument, transmission time, traveling, travel time, traverse, trend, trend analysis, trial period, trice, trifle, trifling, trimming, triplet, trm, troat, troll, tropical year, tt, turn, turnaround, turnaround time, turnout, turnover, turnover rate, turret clock, twelvemonth, twenties, twenty-four hours, twilight, twin, twinkling, twinning, twirlingly, twist, two-time, typewriter, ulterior, ultimacy, unaltered, unbroken, unceasing, uncertainty principle, unchanging, underdevelop, underdeveloped, underemployed, underexposure, uneconomical, unexampled, unexpired, unimpeded, uninterrupted, union shop, uniparous, unit of time, universal time, unpunctual, unrecorded, unremitting, unseasonableness, unselfishness, unthawed, until now, untimeliness, untimely, untouchable, unveiling, up, up-to-dateness, upper paleolithic, upset, uptime, upward, upwards, up to now, usance, use up, ut, ut1, utc, utmost, uttermost, vacancy rate, vacation, vacationer, vacationist, valse, velocity, verdigris, very fast, virgin, visible balance, visit, visiting professor, vogue, wait, wake-up call, waltz, wanton, wanton away, wartime, wasteful, waste of time, wasting time, watch, water clock, water glass, waveform, wave form, wave shape, wear on, wear ship, weather chart, weather map, wee, weekend, week from monday, well-timed, well-timeda, well timedp, when the time comes, while away, whole note, whole rest, widowhood, willful, william henry seward, william hogarth, window, wink, without stopping, wolfgang amadeus mozart, wolstonian glaciation, wonder woman, workday, working day, workload, work shift, work study, work time, worthwhile, worthwhileness, y2k compliant, yawning, year, years, yesterday, yesteryear, yet, yield, yore, youth, yr, yukon time, zeitgeist, zero hour, zurvan

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