The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Covid-19 Vaccine?

There’s been quite some talk about this vaccine

That’s said to protect against Covid-19.

Some say it’s a hoax, some claim it’s a ruse

Some are convinced that it’s simply fake news.

Some say it’s a plot to try and infect us

While others believe the vaccine will protect us.

Frankly, I’m not sure what I think about it

And if I’d be better off with or without it.

Every person and thing living in my dominion

Seems to have an entirely different opinion.

A woman I met in the grocery aisle

Told me they faked all the clinical trials.

My WhatsApp group thinks the shot turns you insane

My great grandma says it’s a form of cocaine.

My Facebook friend says it’s a government tracker

(She also thinks Putin is trying to hack her.)

One random guy who I follow on Twitter

Says it’s a brain-killing neurotransmitter.

Can anyone give me a theory that’s backed

By science and rooted in medical fact?

Does taking it alter your DNA?

Is Bill Gates’s microchip plan underway?

Will getting injected make me infertile?

Will the Pfizer shot turn me into a box turtle?

Will I sprout big feathers? Will I grow a beak?

Will my eyeballs pop out whenever I speak?

Will our faces turn purple? Will our nostrils shrink?

Should we take it or not? Want to know what I think?

You want my real answer? The truth? I won’t fake it

I don’t know when, where, how, or if  I will take it.

It’s something that’s new, and until now, untried

It may or may not have a negative side.

There’s a mountain of data we need to collect

It’ll take time to know any long term effects.

But at the end of the day, one thing must to be said:

You’re far better off being purple than dead.