The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Vaccine Verse

The expressed objective

Is protection for the collective

Immunity in our communities

And a cultivated unity

Ours is reliance on the study of science

Which urges compliance through evidence and guidance

So, honor those that we’ve lost

And the doctors and nurses that bore the cost

Who promised to protect and honored their oath

Even as illness saw exponential growth

Please rise to the occasion and get your vaccination

Respect the scientists and biologists, the epidemiologists

The PHDs in biochemistry

Clinicians, statisticians, diagnosticians and physicians

Who’ve battled opposition in their ambition to eradicate this condition

Help them realize their mission and stop the transmission

Celebrate those in immunology, the study of virology

Their research today converges, merges to stop the surges

A path of education and dedication led us to this destination

mRNA will lead the way for all of us to be okay

Would you please sign up for your shot today?

Think of your neighbors, your elders, your friends

It’s a network of benefit to them you extend

Our grocers and drivers and mailpersons, too

All of those who’ve kept working and will continue to do

We’re all connected; so please don’t elect to go unprotected

Others will be subjected to the effects of even one who’s reckless

If there’s trepidation, speak to your doctor for an explanation

Because we need to stop the contagion and do our part for containment

One day we’ll stand together in celebration

Of the time we bravely thought of other’s lives

So, nobody else would have to die

And with this, a final declaration—nay! supplication—

To safeguard yourself, your friends and relations

Please honor your obligation and get your vaccination