The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:


In a flash, we lost a year.
The world was locked indoors.
But now we’ve seen the key appear -
So when do you get yours?

You what? Don’t want the vaccine?
Why, what are you afraid of?
You don’t know what it is - you mean,
You don’t know what it’s made of?

I thought that answer was a joke,
That’s kinda fallen flat...
Besides, you’d drink a diet coke,
You don’t know what’s in that!

Okay, you say a microchip
Could somehow be implanted?
Your iPhone tracks each word, each trip;
We all take that for granted.

But ah, you say, the side effects
Can make you ill-at-ease.
It’s true, they may. But, I suspect,
Less ill than the disease.

In fact, my parents had their shot.
So truly, I don’t doubt it:
The biggest side-effect they got?
They talk non-stop about it!

I’m done with this, I just can’t wait
To finally leave my room.
Oh my. THAT’S WHY the vaccine-hate?
You... bought a stake in Zoom. 🙈