The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Just a Pause, Not the End

Lives led in fear . . .

From the covid, in the clear

Eyes swell with a blinding tear . . .

Remembering those, no longer near.

Times could have been worse. . .

And pains, no one could nurse,

But there were accomplishments..

Making it somewhat fair..

Relationships grew..

Got to hang with the family crew..

Traditions were made,

Love and affections were true..

More furry friends were adopted,

And ones at homes were even more bonded..

A rover was sent to wander,

Looking for mysteries on Mars . . .

Over Yonder..

Every dark night . . .

Is followed by a glorious morning.

Every never-ending tunnel . . .

Has a slight glimpse of light at the end.

We shall never forget to hope,

Optimism will always rule the day.

Keeping all those negative thoughts away . . .

This is just a pause . . .

Not the end.

And we must accept,

With all content,

That something magnificent,

Will soon be present . . .