The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:


Post-apocalyptic town

A hill cruelly imagined only going down

Our harmonic world, away it has run

The dystopic film, turned into true Armageddon

That cinematic masterpiece original,

would’ve had the theatres packed with all seats full

Where the story starts in provoking parts that would pull

on the emoted heartstrings to all of what could’ve been vulnerable

Leaving after the credits, drenched in emotions

Instead, stuck with the wallowing weight of residual tons

The impending doom flashed in sorrowful montage

A year-long history crowded by self-sabotage

Is a happy ending to this story possible?

Will the ever-ascending loss in chronicle one day be rendered full?

A hero’s journey includes elixirs; in ours it has been found

A resolution to fix; the cure has conclusively come around