The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Wake up

When the sun blesses my morning,

The radiant light blinds my observation of the world outside my window.

My buzzing alarm in the distance,

waits for permission, for me to shut it off,

but I don't.

Outside, I see defeat and effacing,

a world that was supposed to be ours for the taking.

I'm facing my fears and an invisible enemy for my peers.

Lay your arms down for a shot at redemption.

So wake up,

to see the sickly storming smog surrounding our state.

Wake up,

and follow the rules, CDC regulations and stay six feet in space.

Wake up,

to be educated,

where we see less on a respirator.

We may be socially distanced, but plexiglass is not a separator.

There are differences, in each and all of us.

We come together at the most vulnerable time to protect our community,

a perfect picture painted to portray our pride and prosperity.

We need to see, eventually, that this is our chance for immunity.

Potentially, they call breathlessly, not from the virus, but they are working essentially to protect us.

So wake up,

to see skies crystal blue,

shining bright as the brine, and my indigo eyes, which focus on the challenges ahead.

On March 11th, 2020, a state of emergency was declared,

internal sirens blared,

not knowing where I was supposed to go.

I open my eyes now 5,297 days into my life,

and realize that the cure to this crepuscule is right in front of me.

Wake up,

to a vaccinated world,

where the only thing swirled into society is hope.

Where again we will rise,

stronger than the last time,

where I never said goodbye to the ones that I loved.

As one, we proved points and our purpose.
We shared help and shared courage.

Through this, if there is something I learned, it’s time.

Immunity is finally ours.

No more talking through a screen, a dream, impossible it seems.

And for the teens in this contemporary,

our mental health is not temporary.

But every day we get a chance to reach out to the ones who can’t.

Wake up.

Thinking back to it, one of my favorite classes had always been Science.

I studied certain substances and something I remembered is the types of RNA.


Funny enough, although learning it was tough,

these genetic materials within Moderna or Pfizer instruct our bodies' immunity against this virus.

Usually, I am scared,

but with what we have all been through, the beast has given into our scientific breakthroughs,

because we fight.

So, wake up,

and realize that every proposition will prepare our generation for what is to come.

We will wake up to the sun,

and protect the community as one, together.

Wake up, and release the light bundled inside you.

When darkness arrives, you will be brave enough to beat it.

Because, when we wake up to the future before us,

we will be it.