The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

My arm’s aching,

But that’s nothing compared to the breaking

My heart’s doing right now

Your cause of death, an unrelated score

To what the world’s been slated for

That I’m still settling anyhow

My shoulder hurt for days,

A combination of a needle and scientific ways

And I got my fix, the one you just barely missed

You let go while we were still living in the sticks,

You let go despite me saying “I’ll get us out of this”

I feared your surgery bill,

Now there’s not a surgery to pay for

All the free time I would’ve had to kill

Point blank, working late to make bank

But I’m off today and you’re not here anymore

I’m wearing another mask

And flourishing from a couple of shots

And I lie when they ask

If I’m sad

Thinking about the vaccine that you never got