The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:


Day 1:

Wake up, brush my teeth, and take time to breathe

Allowing myself time off because it’s “only going to last for two weeks”

Day 12:

Wake up, greet the day, and switch the alarm to snooze

I devote my hours to catch up on late work, and then turn on the evening news

Day 44:

Wake up, but today I lay mesmerized, an enslaved resident, trapped in a world on my phone

I don’t break free, until sleep takes away me and the rest of my time zone

Day 92:

Wake up, still dreaming about times before

Meanwhile my conscious is split, my psyche declares a war

The idea of the old still lingers in my mind like an aftertaste

While recently, my days have felt repetitive, a copy and paste

Day 124:

Wake up, releasing a deranged scream to be trapped inside my pillow

A part of me succumbed to the pressure, and I cling to loss like a stubborn widow

I attempt to break away, try to meditate

But the voices are especially loud today, I’m still confined, and I can’t seem to concentrate

Day 300:

Let’s try something new, take a hike around the block

Gazing at the lovely scenery while indulging in hopeful self talk

Replying back, interacting with these voices

It seems to be the only thing that quiets the loud noises

Day ???:

I am completely. And utterly. Alone.

A leaden mind, oppressed with deficiencies in the serotonin hormone

As I muse my eyes begin to swell with tears

Imagining the future with all it’s possible probabilities and fears

You want to travel somewhere close?

Not without getting a cotton swap shoved up your nose!

You want to go to a restaurant, dine in for a meal?

The only human interaction you’ll get is with your server, hope that’s ideal!

Something to make my anxious thoughts lay serene

Something new! Something different! Something like... a vaccine?