The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:


What was once a life of cheerfulness and peace,

Is now a life of grief and gloom.

A place where the sun would shine,

A place where the flowers would bloom,

Now surrounded in a darkness denoting the most dreadful doom.

Day and night, shining bright,

But now, all we can see is the moon.

A deep, dark, menacing black hole,

Devouring us, from the inside out.

Picking apart our minds, our bodies, our souls.

A torture, nothing like we’ve ever seen before,

How could a simple stay-at-home order feel like fighting a war?

A strange force, shredding us down to our core,

Tearing our wings when we wished to soar,

Pushing us to the floor when we couldn’t take any more!

Showing us hope,

Then slamming the door.


Until something happened.

A star,

A bright, luminous star.

Radiating its light,

Radiating its hope.

Through the obscurity, through the black hole,

Through the shadowy, somber night.

Piercing through time and space,

Reaching us with haste.

A vaccine.

Now, we cling to these needles, these tubes,

We cling with every last thread.

And we will keep on clinging no matter how long it takes.

We will never abandon the path we tread.

What was once a place where the moon would glow,

Where the wind would blow,

Where the gloom would grow.

Will soon be a place where the sun will shine,

Where the flowers will bloom,

Where our dreams will come true.