The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

The Year of Covid-19 (ft. The Vaccination)

Playing outside, Running in the park

Actions that stopped long, long ago

Wearing masks, six-feet apart, Limited Crowds

Covid has become a foe

Body count continues to rise

Each week, family members and friends have to say a most tearful goodbye

To some they loved, someone who was always by their side

R.i.p. to you all, you will all be missed and remembered

Still some people who don’t care, still some people who don’t get

How real Covid is, still don’t see it as a threat

not wearing masks since “it’s to suffocating”

Throwing parties, body’s standing close

It’s incredibly frustrating

“Covid is a hoax”, “Covid is a joke”

Yet, isn’t it ironic that someone who doesn’t believe in Covid is helping it spread

Passing it on from body to body to body to body

Wrapped up in blissfulness and unawareness

Face will never be full of regret since “ Covid isn’t real”

Yes, it is ironic

We’ve been trapped in quarantine for 1 year

Month and after month passing us by

No where to run, no where to go

Holding on to no hope

But when they announced the Covid-19 vaccine

I felt what I haven’t felt in a long time; hope

Hope that children will soon be able to run and play outside

Hope that we will soon be able to not have to grab a mask when we run out the door

Hope that schools, malls, shops, etc. will soon open once more

Hope that less people will have to go into the ground, instead living their life like they should

Hope, that one day Covid will be beaten by the vaccine, having to wither away and leave us alone

But most of all, it gives me hope that we will be able to put this horrible chapter behind us, only having to relive this when reading a history book years from now, knowing that Covid is nothing but a bad memory, lost in a sea of amazing ones