Words and phrases that rhyme with diffuse:   (525 results)

1 syllable:
'cuse, bleus, blue's, blues, blues', bluse, bmews, boos, boose, booz, booze, brews, broos, brousse, bruce, bruise, bruse, buse, buus, cheuse, chews, choose, chuse, clews, clues, cluse, coos, cooze, coups, crew's, crewes, crews, crous, cruce, cruise, cruse, cruz, cruze, cues, deuce, deuss, dews, do's, dooce, doose, douce, drewes, drews, druce, druse, druze, duce, dues, ewes, flews, flooz, flues, flus, foos, foose, fuoss, fuse, glues, goos, goose, gousse, greuze, groos, grues, gueuze, guse, hewes, hews, hoos, hoose, hues, hughes, hughes', hughs, huse, jews, jews', joos, juice, juise, kloos, koos, kreuz, kruse, kuse, kuze, leu's, leuze, lewes, loos, loose, lose, lou's, luce, luise, luiz, luse, meuse, mewes, moos, moose, mousse, muise, muse, neuse, neuss, news, news', noose, nous, oohs, ooohs, ooze, pews, pouce, pousse, preuss, pru's, pruce, pruess, pugh's, pughs, q's, q.'s, q.s, ques, queues, re-use, reuss, roos, roose, ruess, ruse, schmoose, schmooze, screws, scruze, scuse, seuss, shews, shmoose, shmooze, shoe's, shoes, shoos, shrews, skewes, skews, skuse, slews, sluce, slues, sluice, smoos, snews, snoose, snooze, soos, souce, souqs, sous, spews, spruce, sprues, spues, stew's, stews, stoos, strews, struse, sues, tewes, tews, theus, thews, throughs, touze, trews, trousse, truce, trues, two's, twos, tyus, u's, u.'s, u.s, use, views, vt fuze, who's, whose, woo's, woos, woose, wu's, yew's, yoghs, yoos, yous, youse, youze, yu's, zeus, zoo's, zoos, zue's

2 syllables:
-cephalous, abduce, abstruse, abuse, accrues, accuse, acuse, affuse, aleus, almuce, amuse, andrew's, andrews, andrews', asmus, atreus, atrous, avestruz, baveuse, bemuse, black spruce, blue goose, bocuse, boudeuse, brant goose, breakthroughs, break loose, brent goose, burnoose, caboose, camboose, canoes, cargoose, cashews, causeuse, cebu's, cereus, ceruse, chartreuse, chateaus, chevreuse, coevous, conduce, confuse, construes, couveuse, damoose, danseuse, deduce, defuse, defuze, derousse, disuse, dress blues, drive-thrus, educe, ekeus, empuse, ensues, enthuse, eschews, excuse, fameuse, farceuse, fayrouz, fish mousse, footloose, fruit juice, grape juice, guru's, gurus, hairdos, hair mousse, haruz, hindus, horseshoes, hutu's, hutus, igloos, ileus, il duce, imbrues, incluse, incuse, induce, inews, infuse, intuse, in use, iq's, jammu's, jcews, karoos, kazoos, labouisse, lajous, landview's, let loose, lime juice, lobscuse, mabuse, mahfouz, malleus, matroos, menuse, mildews, mischoose, miscues, misuse, moschus, nonuse, obtuse, occluse, outloose, papoose, pappoose, peaudouce, perfuse, pertuse, peru's, peruse, plug fuse, porteuse, prefuse, prepuce, previews, prevues, primenews, produce, profuse, pursues, quddus, rechoose, recluse, recuse, reduce, red spruce, refuse, renews, repouss, rescues, retrousse, retruse, retuse, reuse, review's, reviews, revues, secousse, seduce, shampoos, slip noose, snow goose, soyuz, statues, subduce, suffuse, sundews, taboos, tatoos, tattoos, tissues, to-dos, todos, tophus, toulouse, traduce, trampoose, transduce, transfuse, unloose, unscrews, unsluice, vaduz, vamoose, vanhoose, ventouse, white spruce, worldnews, yahoos, zamouse

3 syllables:
apple juice, aranjuez, avenue's, avenues, balayeuse, barbecue's, barbecues, barbeques, beauteousness, beetlejuice, blanchisseuse, brewer's spruce, buckaroos, bukavu's, calcaneus, cancelmoose, cancer juice, carrot juice, cartridge fuse, chicken mousse, child abuse, chinese goose, chocolate mousse, cockatoos, codrescu's, coproduce, cosatu's, diandrous, disabuse, donohue's, doppelkreuz, douglas spruce, drug abuse, eastern spruce, feverfews, flag of truce, gastric juice, genus zeus, grapefruit juice, greylag goose, interbrew's, interviews, introduce, kangaroos, lemon juice, liliaceous, macandrews, mapreduce, mcandrews, misconstrues, mobutu's, montagu's, mother goose, newport-news, norway spruce, nyenhuis, octandrous, on the loose, orange juice, outproduce, out of use, overuse, overviews, penumbrous, posthumousness, presagious, reaccuse, reinduce, reproduce, residues, revenues, running noose, safety fuse, sanguineous, santa-cruz, sigafoos, silver spruce, solan goose, syracuse, ultroneous, unconfuse, underuse, uranous, vandersluis, veracruz, weeping spruce, yellow spruce

4 syllables:
aeroperu's, barnacle goose, canada goose, carnal abuse, common brant goose, consanguineous, context of use, cranberry juice, digestive juice, drug of abuse, engelmann spruce, erroneousness, medianews, mogadishu's, netanyahu's, overproduce, papaya juice, peripatus, pineapple juice, provide with shoes, radio news, reintroduce, robert the bruce, substance abuse, superinfuse, tobacco juice, tomato juice, variolous

5 syllables:
alcohol abuse, canadian goose, caprifoliaceous, colorado spruce, detonating fuse, electrical fuse, frozen orange juice, oriental spruce, pancreatic juice, siberian spruce, siege of syracuse, suprafoliaceous, television news

6 syllables:
alcoholic abuse, colorado blue spruce, serosanguineous

7 syllables:
alcoholism abuse

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (40 results)

1 syllable:
bootes, boots, fruits, hoots, roots, suits

2 syllables:
accuse, amuse, assume, bemuse, cahoots, cocoon, conclude, confuse, defuse, dispute, grassroots, grass roots, imbue, imbued, immune, infuse, into, lit fuse, miss you, misuse, peruse, produced, pursue, recuse, refuse, renewed, suffuse, tattoos, tissues, world news

3 syllables:
diffused news, disapprove, execute, kangaroo

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