Words and phrases that rhyme with semisynthetic:   (373 results)

2 syllables:
-etic, cetic, cretic, fetac, fetich, hetac, hettick, ketek, kretek, lettic, metic, metoc, netac, petak, retic, retick, rettich, rhetic, schetic, thetic

3 syllables:
acetic, aesthetic, algetic, anetic, aphetic, ascetic, athletic, atretic, auletic, auxetic, balletic, bathetic, boletic, camphretic, colletic, cometic, cosmetic, dieretic, dipsetic, docetic, emetic, enthetic, esthetic, eugetic, fimetic, fisetic, frenetic, gametic, gangetic, genetic, hebetic, hermetic, herpetic, homeotic, hormetic, japhetic, kinetic, limnetic, lochetic, luetic, magnetic, memetic, mimetic, oretic, osphretic, ossetic, pagetic, paretic, pathetic, pavletic, phenetic, phloretic, phonetic, phoretic, phrenetic, phyletic, planetic, poetic, prophetic, prosthetic, prothetic, pyretic, splenetic, syncretic, syndetic, synthetic, tabetic, threnetic, tonetic, toyetic, uretic, venetic, zetetic

4 syllables:
abietic, akinetic, alphabetic, amuletic, anaesthetic, analgetic, anchoretic, anesthetic, anoretic, antemetic, antiemetic, antithetic, anuretic, apatetic, apathetic, aphaeretic, apheretic, aplanetic, aporetic, apyretic, arithmetic, arithmetik, arithmetique, asyndetic, bionetic, catechetic, catheretic, choleretic, congenetic, copacetic, copasetic, copesetic, copesettic, cosmothetic, cybernetic, diabetic, diaeretic, diarrhetic, diathetic, dietetic, digametic, digenetic, diphyletic, diuretic, dyskinetic, empathetic, emporetic, energetic, enuretic, epenetic, epenthetic, epithetic, erotetic, exegetic, geodetic, homiletic, homothetic, hyperemetic, hypothetic, hysteretic, inaesthetic, inergetic, ischuretic, kaliuretic, kinaesthetic, kinesthetic, kybernetik, masoretic, massoretic, metathetic, nomothetic, nongenetic, nonmagnetic, nonsynthetic, oogenetic, ouretic, oxyacetic, pangenetic, parathetic, parenetic, parenthetic, paresthetic, plethoretic, prokinetic, pyroacetic, saluretic, somesthetic, strategetic, sympathetic, synaesthetic, synergetic, synesthetic, syngenetic, synteretic, syzygetic, tenoretic, theoretic, unaesthetic, unenrgetic, unergetic, unesthetic, unprophetic, uropoietic, xenogenetic

5 syllables:
aeromagnetic, agonothetic, amphigenetic, anagenetic, analphabetic, androgenetic, anti-emetic, antimagnetic, antipathetic, antipyretic, antisplenetic, apogametic, apologetic, asynartetic, autogenetic, autokinetic, bathylimnetic, biogenetic, biomagnetic, biomimetic, blastogenetic, bradykinetic, catagenetic, cataphoretic, cenogenetic, chemokinetic, chemosynthetic, cladogenetic, cytogenetic, cytokinetic, diakinetic, diamagnetic, diapedetic, diaphoretic, ectogenetic, endogenetic, epexegetic, epigenetic, epithumetic, exogenetic, ferrimagnetic, ferromagnetic, gamogenetic, geomagnetic, geosynthetic, glycogenetic, gynogenetic, gyromagnetic, helionetic, hemiparetic, hemopoietic, histogenetic, homogametic, homogenetic, hydrokinetic, hydromagnetic, hyperaesthetic, hyperesthetic, hyperkinetic, hyperpyretic, hypnogenetic, hypogenetic, hypokinetic, intermagnetic, isogametic, isokinetic, isomagnetic, karyokinetic, kenogenetic, logarithmetic, metagenetic, mitogenetic, monogenetic, monophyletic, morphogenetic, natriuretic, neogenetic, neurogenetic, neuromimetic, nondiabetic, nosopoetic, ontogenetic, optokinetic, orogenetic, orthogenetic, paedogenetic, palingenetic, paragenetic, paramagnetic, paraparetic, paraphyletic, parasynthetic, pathogenetic, pedogenetic, perigenetic, peripatetic, petrogenetic, pharmakinetic, photokinetic, photomagnetic, phylogenetic, polygenetic, polyphyletic, polysynthetic, preanesthetic, prediabetic, psychogenetic, psychokinetic, psychomimetic, pyretogenetic, pyrogenetic, pyromagnetic, sarcopoietic, schizogenetic, schizomycetic, set-theoretic, tartar emetic, telekinetic, telepathetic, theopathetic, thermogenetic, thermomagnetic, unenergetic, unsympathetic

6 syllables:
abiogenetic, adiaphoretic, agamogenetic, alexipyretic, anisogametic, anthropogenetic, antidiabetic, antidiuretic, archaeomagnetic, cholinomimetic, electro-magnetic, electrokinetic, electromagnetic, electrophoretic, embryogenetic, galvanomagnetic, haemapoietic, hematopoietic, heterogametic, heterogenetic, hydrocholeretic, idiopathetic, immunogenetic, iontophoretic, local anesthetic, nonphotosynthetic, organogenetic, osteogenetic, paleomagnetic, parasympathetic, parthenogenetic, peptidomimetic, pharmacogenetic, pharmacokinetic, psychosomimetic, psychotomimetic, radiomimetic, sociogenetic, somatogenetic, spermatogenetic, spinal anesthetic, sympathomimetic, teratogenetic, unapologetic

7 syllables:
antiferromagnetic, general anesthetic, gluconeogenetic, onomatopoetic, topical anesthetic

8 syllables:
inhalation anesthetic, intravenous anesthetic

11 syllables:
inhalation general anesthetic

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (10 results)

2 syllables:
bechic, epic, medic, medick, tepic, vedic

3 syllables:

4 syllables:
paramedic, paraplegic, samoyedic

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