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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

ades, ahles, aid's, aide's, aides, aides', aids, ailee, ailes, ailey, ailor, aims, aisles, al's, ala, aley, all's, alls, als, aly, ames, ames', ayars, ayler, aylor, aynes, bailes, bails, bales, balles, bayles, cales, calles, dale's, dales, eales, earles, earls, eels, ells, els, eyler, fails, fales, gail's, gale's, gales, galles, gayles, hailes, hails, hale's, hales, hayles, iles, illes, ills, isles, jail's, jails, l's, l.'s, l.s, mail's, mails, male's, males, nails, oil's, oils, oles, owls, pails, pales, rail's, rails, rales, rales', sails, sale's, sales, sales', sayles, shales, tails, tales, uhls, vales, valles, veils, wailes, wails, wales, whale's, whales, yale's, zale's, ails, alles, ayles, aeres, ailes, ails, air's, airs, airth, alles, ayer's, ayles, ayres, earl's, earles, earls, elf, elles, ells, els, else, errs, eyres, heirs, l's, l.'s, l.s

See ales used in context: 1 rhyme, 1 Shakespeare work several books and articles.

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