Words and phrases that rhyme with armure:   (408 results)

1 syllable:
bloor, boor, buhr, cour, cure, dtour, duerr, fluhr, foor, fuhr, gloor, jure, luhr, lure, moor, moore, muhr, muir, neur-, nur, pleur, pleur-, pure, ruhr, schnoor, schuur, shure, smoor, spoor, stoor, stour, stuhr, sture, stuur, suhr, suhre, suire, sure, tour, toure, ture, uhr, you're, your, youre

2 syllables:
abjure, adjure, adure, allure, alure, amchoor, ampleur, amure, apure, assur, assure, atour, aufruhr, autour, babur, bacoor, badour, baldur, basse-cour, batture, bavure, bijur, blackmoor, bonjour, broadmoor, brochure, brulure, cesure, clojure, coiffure, contour, conure, coonoor, coulure, countour, coupure, couture, creedmoor, damour, dartmoor, demure, depure, detour, detruire, de jure, discure, dortour, doublure, dressuur, dry-cure, dufour, dunsmoor, dunsmuir, edgemoor, eieruhr, emmure, endure, enmure, ensure, epure, esure, exmoor, f-secure, faith cure, faitour, faytour, fire-cure, fitoor, fixure, flatour, flexure, flossmoor, flue-cure, footsure, for sure, foulure, gestour, gilmour, gochnour, grand tour, gravure, guipure, gymnure, hachure, halfhour, hatchure, hawksmoor, hosur, if you're, impoor, impur, impure, insure, inure, jabbour, kangyur, kannur, kantoor, kasoor, kayyur, khempur, kovvur, kronur, lacour, lakemoor, lancour, langmuir, langour, latour, lesure, lettrure, licour, lumpur, lungoor, majoor, make pure, make sure, mansoor, manure, markhoor, masoor, matur, mature, mercur, montour, monture, morsure, mosur, natuur, nervure, objure, obscur, obscure, on tour, outdure, painture, panmure, parkour, pitcure, plexure, pot-sure, precure, procure, purpure, putour, quoifffure, quoiffure, rampur, rancour, recure, rednour, rest-cure, retour, rhine-ruhr, rigour, rossmoor, sangrur, santoor, santour, secure, sedgemoor, seguir, segur, shabnur, silure, soilure, stamour, stromuhr, succour, suhur, suntour, tainture, tambur, tellur, terrour, that you're, tirur, tonsure, tournure, tovshuur, tweedsmuir, unmoor, unnur, unpure, unsure, vaimure, vamure, vauntmure, vautour, vigour, wafture, waivure, wavure, what you're, wintour, zaccur, zonure

3 syllables:
achatour, alentour, amanpour, amatuer, amjur, annexure, assecure, atribuir, avauntour, avontuur, beladur, belamour, berhampur, bestuur, bikrampur, biopure, blackamoor, bosselure, brachyure, cannelure, chapelure, chevelure, clair-obscure, clare-obscure, clayton moore, climature, coinsure, concreture, confixure, contramure, countermure, craquelure, crydamoure, dasyure, debouchure, deflexure, demeanure, discardure, disinsure, disinure, disparlure, duty tour, ecotour, elaphure, embouchure, encolure, epicure, expansure, exploiture, fail-secure, fermeture, floramour, foliature, green manure, haraldur, haute couture, holothure, immature, inflexure, intermure, isildur, koh-i-noor, kohinoor, kolbermoor, lakhimpur, limitour, madripoor, marston moor, maya moore, melanure, melocure, middle-ear, miniature, monamour, orasure, oversure, palmature, paramour, perambur, pimplapure, pitch contour, premature, pretty cure, reassure, reinsure, reproduire, riotour, self-insure, serrature, shemar moore, sheriffmuir, shoranur, simon-pure, sinecure, spennymoor, splanchnopleure, sursanure, surveyour, thanjavur, to be sure, trajetour, treachetour, tregetour, trolls world tour, tubulure, udhampur, ultrapure, unsecure

4 syllables:
anil kapoor, arjun kapoor, bananamour, candidature, carissa moore, colorature, conservateur, corporature, darya-i-noor, david gilmour, entrepreneur, ettumanoor, fantin-latour, indya moore, janhvi kapoor, kirriemuir, kuala lumpur, makedamnsure, mengenlehreuhr, nieuwsuur, observateur, outparamour, paradoxure, photogravure, pure-impure, pyrogravure, rajiv kapoor, ranbir kapoor, randhir kapoor, recomforture, rishi kapoor, rotogravure, shammi kapoor, shashi kapoor, shipston-on-stour, shraddha kapoor, somatopleure, sonam kapoor, supersedure

5 syllables:
6.5mm creedmoor, daftendirektour, daria-i-noor, enantiopure, frances de la tour, heliogravure, hella mega tour, holme-on-spalding-moor, karisma kapoor, subminiature, uthiramerur

6 syllables:
2021 atp tour, 2021 wta tour, battle of marston moor, bodinayakkanur, candace cameron bure, d-subminiature, ultraminiature

9 syllables:
2021 atp challenger tour

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (47 results)

2 syllables:
armer, armor, armour, burner, charmer, corner, darner, dormer, earner, farmer, foreigner, former, garner, horner, learner, mourner, murmur, murmurer, ormer, scorner, sterner, termer, turner, warmer, warner

3 syllables:
affirmer, conformer, disarmer, gas burner, heart murmur, informer, oil burner, performer, plate armor, reformer, returner, snake charmer, transformer, wage earner

4 syllables:
amen corner, baby farmer, body armor, charcoal burner, hole-and-corner, kitty-corner, tenant farmer

5 syllables:

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