Words and phrases that rhyme with capital gains tax:   (483 results)

1 syllable:
acts, ax, axe, backes, backs, bax, black's, blacks, blacks', blacs, bracks, cac's, caq's, clacks, claques, cracks, daccs, dacks, dacs, dax, dax', dracs, dtracs, facce, fax, flachs, flacks, flaks, flax, fracs, hacks, haq's, jack's, jacks, jacques', jaques, knacks, lac's, lachs, lacks, lakhs, lax, mac's, mack's, macks, macs, max, maxx, ntacs, pac's, packs, pacs, pacts, pak's, pakse, pax, plack's, plaques, plax, quacks, racks, rax, saccs, sachs, sachs', sacks, sacques, sacs, saks, sax, saxe, shacks, slacks, slaxx, smacks, snacks, spacs, stac's, stacks, stacs, tachs, tacks, track's, tracks, trax, traxx, vax, wacks, wax, whacks, wracks, yacks, yax, zack's, zacks, zzzax

2 syllables:
addax, aipac's, ajax, amtrak's, anzacs, attacks, audax, awacs, backpacks, backtracks, banjax, bataks, baumax, baymax, bees-wax, beeswax, blackjacks, blendax, bluestacks, bootblacks, bootjacks, borax, brasstracks, break-axe, breakax, breakaxe, britax, broad-axe, broadax, broadaxe, bushwhacks, buybacks, callbacks, carfax, carjacks, ceefax, chaffwax, cheapjacks, chillax, chirac's, climax, cognacs, colfax, comebacks, compaq's, contacts, contax, coolmax, corax, cutbacks, dewax, dimacs, drawbacks, earwax, eastpac's, emacs, ex-lax, fairfax, fairtax, fallax, fallbacks, fastbacks, fastracks, filmax, finbacks, flapjacks, flashbacks, flomax, fullbacks, galax, gimcracks, givebacks, goobacks, gopac's, gravlax, greenback's, greenbacks, half-tracks, halfbacks, hapax, hardbacks, hardtacks, harpax, hatchbacks, haystacks, hdtracks, hijacks, hogbacks, holdbacks, humpbacks, hunchbacks, imacs, imax, imax', impacts, instax, intacs, ipecacs, joymax, kgbvax, kickbacks, kipchaks, klymaxx, knapsacks, knick-knacks, knickknacks, kodak's, koufax, kremvax, krymchaks, leasebacks, lilacs, limax, lomax, lorax, madlax, malax, mandrax, mastax, mathjax, mcvax, meataxe, mendax, midpac's, mossbacks, muntjacs, mytracks, newsmax, opax, packsacks, packwax, panchax, parmacs, paxwax, paybacks, pentax, picaxe, pickax, pickaxe, pimax, playbacks, poll-tax, pollax, pollaxe, pre-tax, pretax, pullbacks, q-max, qmax, racetracks, ransacks, re/max, redbacks, relax, repacks, ridgebacks, rollbacks, rotax, rothwax, rucksacks, schweinshaxe, seatbacks, setbacks, shellacs, shoeblacks, showmax, sidetracks, skewbacks, skipjack's, skipjacks, skyjacks, slingbacks, smilax, smokestacks, snorlax, snowpacks, soulwax, soundtracks, spacemacs, spalax, spantax, storax, supplejacks, surtax, switchbacks, syntax, tailbacks, tampax, tarmacs, tay-sachs, tecdax, terrax, thermax, throwbacks, thumbtacks, tiebacks, toad-flax, toadflax, trossachs, ty-sachs, unlax, unpacks, vivax, wattstax, wefax, westpac's, wetbacks, wi-max, wimax, wisecracks, wood-wax, xemacs, zwiebacks

3 syllables:
affymax, aframax, after-tax, aftertax, almanacks, almanacs, amberjacks, animax, anoraks, antitax, applejacks, armagnacs, atarax, audimax, bangavax, battle-ax, battle-axe, bithorax, blasterjaxx, bosniacs, brainiacs, cadillac's, cadillacs, canvasbacks, carapax, cardiacs, celiacs, cluniacs, corbevax, cornerbacks, crackerjacks, cul-de-sacs, dagger-axe, diamondbacks, disclimax, ecotax, edimax, equifax, erymax, filofax, florafax, fosamax, garrulax, gonyaulax, gravadlax, gunnysacks, halifax, handymax, haversacks, iatacs, interfax, leatherbacks, lumberjacks, macintax, maniacs, mbalax, microvax, minimax, miramax, mullenax, natterjacks, neoax, novavax, numberjacks, officemax, omnifax, omnimax, openstax, osedax, overtax, overwax, paperbacks, parallax, petromax, piggybacks, pontiac's, pontiacs, pricklebacks, quarterbacks, razorback's, razorbacks, sassenachs, scolopax, scramasax, sealing-wax, seawaymax, shadowfax, silverbacks, stack-o-tracks, steeplejacks, sticklebacks, subclimax, suezmax, supermac's, supermax, supertax, sycorax, telefax, terramax, thoroughwax, totonacs, trichoplax, turbotax, uemacs, vasomax, weatherwax, wolenzac's, xtacacs, zithromax, zodiacs

4 syllables:
737-max, amnesiacs, anticlimax, byrdmaniax, chylothorax, coeliacs, counter-attacks, counterattacks, demoniacs, elegiacs, endolimax, entothorax, genethliacs, haemothorax, hemithorax, hemoothorax, hemothorax, hylophylax, insomniacs, mesothorax, metasyntax, metathorax, microemacs, micrognuemacs, morphosyntax, myeloplax, navitoclax, nycticorax, paranoiacs, parodontax, plectrophenax, pneumothorax, pyothorax, pyrrhocorax, radiofax, simoniacs, squalicorax, stenothorax, stepmaniax, venetoclax

5 syllables:
802.11ax, animaniacs, cephalothorax, dipsomaniacs, egomaniacs, haematothorax, hemophiliacs, kleptomaniacs, monomaniacs, nymphomaniacs, phalacrocorax, plagioclimax, pneumatothorax, pyopneumothorax, pyromaniacs, vvo2max

6 syllables:
expectiminimax, haemopneumothorax, hemopneumothorax, hydropneumothorax, megalomaniacs, pneumohemothorax, pneumopyothorax, pyohemothorax

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (28 results)

1 syllable:
apps, cads, caps, chaps, claps, craps, facts, flaps, gaps, laps, lapse, maps, naps, raps, saps, schnapps, scraps, snaps, taps, traps, wraps

2 syllables:
collapse, contracts, elapse, perhaps, prolapse, relapse, time-lapse

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