Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

cada, caddell, cadle, carle, caudill, caudle, cobble, coddled, coffel, cogdell, cogdill, connell, connole, coppel, copple, cottle, covell, covill, cuddle, kadel, kamel, kardell, karle, keadle, keidel, kochel, koppel, koppell, kopple, model, podoll, rodell, toddle, waddle, coddle

-coccal, babble, babel, babol, babul, battel, battle, batul, bauble, bawble, bobble, bodil, boggle, bottel, bottle, cabble, cackel, cackle, cacul, caddell, cadel, calcul, cappel, capul, catal, catel, cattle, cauble, caudill, caudle, cobble, cockal, cockle, coddle, coggle, coppel, coppell, copple, cottle, dabble, dackel, daddle, daggle, dapple, dawdle, doddle, dogle, doppel, dottle, gabble, gackle, gagel, gaggle, gobble, gockel, goggle, kabel, kabol, kabul, kachel, kadel, kapal, kapel, kapell, kapil, kappel, kauble, kochel, koppel, koppell, kopple, paddle, padil, pagel, pagil, papel, pappel, patil, pattle, paucal, poddle, podoll, poppel, poppell, popple, pottle, tabeal, tabel, tackle, tadil, tagal, taggle, tattle, toddle, toggel, toggle, topple, tottle

See caudal used in context: several books and articles.

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