Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

-bodied, babak, babbit, babbitt, babic, babik, baccate, bacchic, bach it, back-up, backup, back hug, back it, back kick, back up, bacot, baduk, bad it, bagad, baggett, baggit, baggott, bag it, bag up, bapak, baquet, batak, batted, battik, bat tick, bobbett, bobbit, bobbitt, bobet, bobick, bob up, bocock, bocook, bodach, bodied, bodock, botec, bought it, bought up, cabac, cabet, caboche, cabot, cabut, cachot, caddick, caddied, caddock, cadete, cadoc, caduc, capek, capet, capit, capite, capoc, capoch, capot, cappeak, capuc, catic, catted, cat hook, caught it, caught up, chadic, cobbett, coccoid, cock-up, cocket, cockett, cockup, cock up, codded, codec, copic, copied, coppock, cop it, cotic, cotted, daddock, dad did, dagat, daggett, ddavp, dobchick, docket, doc ock, dodded, dodic, dod iec, dogget, doggett, doq it, gadded, gadic, gadite, gatech, gobbet, godet, god did, god it, gopik, got hit, got it, got up, kabak, kabat, kabook, kadet, kadett, kaput, kaputt, katak, khatib, kopit, packet, packett, packit, pack heat, pack it, pack up, paddack, padded, paddock, pagad, pagod, pagode, paket, pakket, paquete, patak, patat, patted, pocket, pocock, podded, pop-up, popet, popick, poppet, poppied, poppit, pop it, pop up, poteet, poteete, potted, pot up, ptotic, tabac, tabbied, tabic, tabuk, tacket, tackett, tackitt, tack up, tadic, tadzhik, tagab, tag up, takach, tapet, tapete, tapit, tappet, tappit, tap it, tap up, tatted, tog up, top-up, topete, topic, topit, top it, top up, toquet, totted, tot up

See dotted used in context: 14 rhymes, several books and articles.

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