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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

4 letters:
savr, seve

5 letters:
feder, fedor, feher, cezar, facer, faser, faver, favor, favre, fazer, sacer, safer, safor, saser, saver, savir, savor, sefer, sesar, sever, vevay, vezir, xaser, xaver

6 letters:
fairer, father, fecher, fedder, feffer, feller, fenger, fenner, ferrer, fetter, futher, nether, sether, tether, caeser, cephei, cesser, cessor, faivre, favour, feffer, feofor, fervor, fesser, firfer, furfur, phaser, phasor, saisir, server, servir, sesser, sether, sethur, shafer, shaver, surfer, survey, thaser, verser, versor, vesser, zephyr, zethar, zurcir

7 letters:
further, heather, leather, pfeffer, raether, weather, whether, faither, feoffer, feoffor, further, gervais, pfeffer, schafer, seisure, servais, shaefer, shaffer, sheffer, shethar

8 letters:
feathers, feathery, face her, sais aae, save her, says her, say they, schaefer, schaffer, scheffer, scherzer, shaeffer, sheather, they say

9 letters:
feathered, schaeffer, serve her

See feather used in context: 100+ rhymes, 23 Shakespeare works, 1 Mother Goose rhyme, several books and articles.

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