Words and phrases that rhyme with located:   (2072 results)

1 syllable:
-cade, -grade, -made, ade, aid, aide, bade, bayed, blade, brade, braid, brayed, cade, chaid, clade, clayed, dade, eyde, fade, fayed, flayed, fraid, frayed, gade, glade, grade, grayed, greyed, hade, haid, hayed, heyd, heyde, jade, kade, kaide, kfaed, lade, laid, laide, made, maid, maide, mayde, neighed, paid, paide, payed, played, prayed, preyed, quade, quaid, quayd, raid, raide, rayed, saide, sayed, scade, schade, schrade, shade, slade, slayed, slayed?, sleighed, smade, spade, spaid, spayd, spayde, spayed, splade, splayd, splayed, sprayed, stade, staid, stayed, strayed, suade, suede, swade, swayed, teyde, they'd, theyd, trade, wade, waid, waide, wayde, wayed, weighed, zaid, zayde

2 syllables:
abade, abrade, abraid, afraid, agade, aggrade, aillade, air-raid, airblade, air raid, akkad, alcade, alcaid, alcaide, alcayde, allayed, andrade, ansaid, apaid, arcade, arrayed, assayed, aubade, austrade, baignade, baited, band-aid, band-maid, band aid, barbade, barmaid, bated, belaid, belayed, benchmade, betrayed, bewrayed, beyblade, blockade, bondmaid, boutade, brandade, brascade, bridemaid, bridesmaid, brigade, brimade, brocade, buffeted, calade, camp-made, caraid, cascade, causewayed, cedade, cha-chaed, chamade, charade, cicad, cidade, cliched, clonaid, cockade, comtrade, congaed, conveyed, cookmaid, coolaid, cornbraid, couvade, crated, cricklade, criseyde, crocheted, croisade, croqueted, cross-fade, crosseyed, crossfade, croupade, crusade, curtseyed, danaid, danaide, dated, daurade, daymaid, deaf-aid, decade, decayed, deejayed, deep-laid, defrayed, degrade, dekade, delayed, diarmaid, disgrade, dislade, dismayed, displayed, dissuade, ditch spade, downgrade, downplayed, embayed, embraid, enkaid, essayed, estrade, evade, exjade, eyeshade, fairtrade, fake-raid, falcade, fan blade, fated, feted, fightcade, filleted, first-aid, first aid, first grade, flowblade, forbade, fougade, freetrade, free trade, freighted, frescade, fumade, g-rated, gaited, gambade, gated, gayblade, get laid, goldade, gold braid, granade, grated, greillade, grenade, grillade, handmade, handmaid, hated, hellraid, high-grade, home-made, homemade, hoorayed, horn-mad, horse trade, housemaid, imbraid, inlaid, invade, inveighed, irade, jack quaid, judge-made, junaid, kaskade, kate spade, kerkrade, kincade, kincaid, kinkaid, knife blade, kool-aid, lampshade, lamp shade, lated, leaf blade, lechlade, lestrade, levade, low-grade, low-paid, lyraid, man-made, manmade, marcade, mated, mccade, mcdade, mcdaid, mcglade, mcquade, mcquaid, mcquaide, mermaid, milkmaid, mislaid, misplayed, misstayed, moonglade, mouclade, mouth-made, muscade, navaid, new-laid, new-made, niaid, nightshade, noraid, nursemaid, obeyed, okayed, old maid, outbade, outlaid, outplayed, outstayed, outweighed, parade, parlayed, parqueted, pated, paygrade, persuade, pervade, plain-laid, plaited, plated, pochade, poivrade, pomade, pommade, portrayed, portslade, post-paid, postpaid, prated, premade, prepaid, prograde, pureed, purveyed, questrade, r-rated, ramraid, rated, re-laid, refreyd, regrade, relade, relaid, relayed, remade, repaid, replayed, resprayed, rhagade, rmoulade, role-played, roqueted, roulade, saccade, sallade, sambaed, sashayed, sated, saudade, sauteed, schoolmaid, schublade, scottrade, self-made, selfmade, shroud-laid, skated, slated, slave trade, snowblade, sodade, sol-faed, starcade, starmade, starrcade, stated, stoccade, stockade, straighted, subaid, subgrade, succade, sun-maid, surveyed, switchblade, tastemade, teaed, teasmade, thebaid, tirade, toadshade, togaed, top-grade, tornade, torsade, toupeed, twayblade, twice-laid, twyblade, ubaid, ucaid, ulaid, unbraid, unlade, unlaid, unmade, unpaid, unplaid, unplayed, unprayed, unraid, unsprayed, unstaid, unstayed, unswayed, unwayed, unweighed, upbraid, upgrade, vated, velcade, visaed, waited, warblade, waylaid, weighted, well-made, well-paid, windblade, witchblade, x-rayed

3 syllables:
-related, abated, ablated, accolade, actionaid, adelaide, aethelflaed, afflated, air-freighted, al-ubaid, alated, alidade, ambuscade, ansated, antegrade, antitrade, aquacade, arquated, aurated, autocade, autostrade, avanade, awaited, backdated, bald-pated, baldpated, ball nightshade, balotade, balustrade, barbated, barraclade, barricade, barrikade, bastinade, bastonnade, belated, berated, bigarade, biggleswade, black nightshade, borated, bousculade, bromated, cable-laid, cablelaid, camisade, cannonade, carbonade, carbonnade, carriage trade, carronade, casemated, castrated, caudated, cavalcade, centigrade, cerated, chambermaid, chaminade, checkmated, chelated, chiffonade, chiffonnade, chokolade, chrome-plated, cirrigrade, citigrade, citrated, clavated, clodpated, collated, colonnade, confated, conflated, cottonade, countertrade, couragejd, cowparade, created, crenated, crinated, crispated, cristated, crustated, cultrated, curated, curvated, cuspated, custom-made, dairymaid, death parade, debated, deflated, delated, dentated, derated, dictated, digigrade, dilated, disarrayed, disobeyed, disrated, dodi fayed, donated, dorsigrade, double-shade, dragonnade, dragoonade, ebrillade, elated, equated, escapade, escouade, eskapade, estacade, estocade, estrapade, evercade, everglade, fakeraid, falcated, fellated, fifth crusade, filtrated, first crusade, fixated, flanconade, flustrated, foreign aid, fourth crusade, frontated, frustrated, fucated, fuckparade, furcated, fusilade, fusillade, gallopade, galopade, garden spade, gasconade, gatorade, gemmated, gestated, globated, gold-plated, goldplated, grant-in-aid, grants-in-aid, gravigrade, guttated, gyrated, hand-grenade, handgrenade, hand grenade, hastated, hawser-laid, hearing aid, holidayed, human-made, hydrated, ill-fated, implated, inflated, instated, intergrade, interlaid, isonade, jetsonmade, jugated, junior-grade, karbonade, kitchenaid, kitchenmaid, lady's maid, lanated, lancepesade, lemonade, leninade, librated, ligated, limonade, liquated, lobated, long-dated, luminaid, lustrated, luxated, lyrated, machine-made, mandated, marat/sade, marinade, marmalade, mascarade, mascaraed, maskerade, masquerade, mazar-e-quaid, medicaid, metrodade, microatx, microblade, migrated, misdated, mispersuade, misstated, motorcade, motortrade, multigrade, mutated, narrated, negated, nitrated, nodated, nonrated, not-pated, notated, not delayed, novated, nurse's aide, nursing aide, orated, orthograde, orthostade, outdated, overlade, overlaid, overlayed, overpaid, overplayed, overshade, overstaid, overstayed, overtrade, overweighed, palakkad, palisade, palmigrade, palpated, parlormaid, parlourmaid, patinaed, pavesade, peltated, pennated, persillade, peter gade, phonated, phylloclade, physograde, pinnated, pinnigrade, piperade, pistolade, plantigrade, plicated, posigrade, postdated, powerade, predated, probated, promenade, pronated, pronograde, prorated, prostrated, pulmograde, pulsated, punctated, pupated, purpose-made, quadrated, raffinade, razorblade, ready-made, readymade, rebated, reconveyed, rectigrade, reflated, reformade, regrated, related, remicade, remolade, remoulade, renegade, reply-paid, restated, retirade, retrograde, ricocheted, roe v. wade, rognonnade, rollerblade, rostrated, rotated, rotor blade, rubbermaid, rudder blade, rudy guede, saltigrade, schokolade, sea-maid, sedated, sensated, serenade, serrated, sexcapade, short-dated, shoulderblade, shoulder blade, sick parade, sixth crusade, smoke grenade, social blade, spicated, spiny-rayed, spissated, stagnated, stalemated, steel-plated, stellated, striated, sulcated, sulfated, summated, surbated, tailgated, tailor-made, tailormade, taligrade, tamponade, tapenade, tardigrade, tartrated, taylormade, teaching aid, third crusade, three-gaited, tiaraed, tin-plated, titrated, togated, top-rated, torquated, toucharcade, trade-weighted, translated, truncated, ultrasuede, umbrated, unafraid, unallayed, unarrayed, unassayed, unbated, unbetrayed, undated, undecayed, underaid, underlaid, underpaid, underplayed, undismayed, unessayed, ungerade, unguligrade, unmated, unpathwayed, unrated, unrepaid, unsated, unstated, unsurveyed, unweighted, updated, uprated, usaid, vacated, verandaed, virgated, waiting-maid, water-laid, wateraid, weapons-grade, window shade, wiper blade, wolfbrigade, x-rated, youth crusade, zonated

4 syllables:
abdicated, aberrated, abnegated, abrogated, acclimated, accolated, acerbated, acetated, activated, actuated, addle-pated, addlepated, adulated, adumbrated, advocated, aestivated, age-related, aggravated, aggregated, agitated, agminated, aids-related, allocated, altercated, alternated, alveated, ambulated, amputated, angulated, animated, annodated, annotated, annulated, anserated, antedated, anterograde, antiquated, approbated, aquilated, arbitrated, arcuated, armor-plated, armour-plated, arquebusade, arrogated, asperated, aspirated, athanokkade, auscultated, auspicated, automated, aviated, balance of trade, bichromated, bifurcated, bilobated, biodegrade, birostrated, blood-related, bloviated, bombinated, bony-plated, bosselated, brachiated, brecciated, brominated, cachinnated, caffeinated, calceated, calculated, calibrated, camerated, camisated, camphorated, cancellated, cancerated, cannulated, cantillated, canulated, capsulated, captivated, carbolated, carbon-dated, carbonated, carinated, carminated, caseated, castellated, castigated, catenated, cathedrated, celebrated, cellulated, cerebrated, chlorinated, ciliated, ciliograde, circulated, clavellated, climbing nightshade, cochleated, cogitated, cohobated, colligated, collimated, collocated, columnated, commentated, common nightshade, commutated, compensated, complicated, concentrated, concertinaed, concultated, condensated, confiscated, conglobated, congregated, conjugated, consecrated, constellated, consternated, constipated, consummated, contemplated, convocated, cooperated, copulated, corollated, coronated, correlated, corrugated, corticated, coruscated, counterweighted, crenelated, crenellated, crenulated, crepitated, criminated, cucullated, culminated, cultivated, cumulated, cuneated, cupolated, cuspidated, cybernated, deadly nightshade, deaminated, decimated, decollated, decorated, decussated, defalcated, deflagrated, degringolade, delegated, delibrated, delocated, demarcated, demibrigade, demonstrated, denervated, denigrated, dentilated, denudated, dephlegmated, depilated, deprecated, depredated, depurated, derogated, desecrated, desegrated, designated, desolated, despumated, desquamated, detonated, detruncated, deuterated, devastated, deviated, digammated, digitated, digitigrade, disrelated, dissertated, dissipated, divagated, dominated, doolittle raid, duplicated, echinated, edentated, educated, elevated, elumbated, emanated, embrocated, emigrated, emulated, enervated, epilated, erogated, escalated, escheated, estimated, estivated, estuated, excavated, execrated, exhumated, expiated, explicated, expurgated, extirpated, extricated, fabricated, factory-made, fanfaronade, fasciated, fascinated, feather-pated, fecundated, federal-aid, federated, fenestrated, fibrillated, figurated, filiated, fimbriated, financial aid, fire brigade, flagellated, flammulated, flocculated, floreated, floriated, fluctuated, fluorated, fluoridated, fluorinated, foliated, forcipated, formulated, fornicated, foveated, fractionated, fulgurated, fulminated, fumigated, fustigated, gabionade, gabionnade, gangliated, ganglionated, geminated, generated, germinated, glaciated, glomerated, glutinated, graduated, granulated, gratulated, gravidated, gravitated, gymnasiade, harlequinade, hebetated, herniated, hesitated, hibernated, historiated, hyphenated, ideated, idle-pated, illustrated, imbricated, imitated, immigrated, immolated, impanated, impetrated, implicated, imprecated, impregnated, incarnated, incavated, inclavated, incrassated, increated, incubated, inculcated, incurvated, indicated, indurated, infiltrated, infumated, infuscated, innervated, innodated, innovated, insolated, inspissated, instaurated, instigated, insufflated, insulated, integrated, intensated, intimated, intonated, intubated, inundated, inviscated, invocated, iodated, irisated, irrigated, irritated, irrorated, isolated, iterated, jaculated, jasperated, johnny mcdaid, journey-bated, jubilated, jugulated, labiated, lacerated, lamellated, laminated, lamonte wade, lapidated, lariated, laterigrade, legislated, levigated, levitated, liberated, ligulated, lineated, liquidated, litigated, loculated, long-awaited, loricated, lubricated, lucubrated, lunulated, macerated, machinated, maculated, malleated, mamillated, mammillated, manducated, marginated, marinated, maritated, marmorated, masterbated, masticated, mastizaade, masturbated, maturated, mazarinade, mediated, medical aid, medicated, meditated, medullated, meliorated, menstruated, mentholated, mercurated, metricated, micturated, militated, miniated, miscreated, misrelated, mistranslated, mitigated, moderated, motivated, mucronated, muriated, muricated, mutilated, mutual aid, nauseated, naval blockade, navigated, nebulated, nickel-plated, nictitated, nidulated, nodulated, nominated, nonstriated, nucleated, numerated, obfuscated, objurgated, obligated, obsecrated, obturated, obviated, ocellated, ocreated, oculated, onerated, operated, opiated, oppilated, orchestrated, oscillated, osculated, overfreighted, overpersuade, overrated, overstated, overweighted, oxalated, oxidated, paginated, palliated, passivated, patinated, patriated, pavonated, pectinated, peculated, penetrated, penny arcade, percolated, perforated, permeated, permutated, perorated, perpetrated, personated, peyrelevade, phenolated, pixelated, pixellated, pixilated, pixillated, pollinated, populated, postulated, predicated, procreated, promulgated, propagated, protonated, pullulated, pulmonated, pulvinated, pumicated, punctuated, purple nightshade, pustulated, quantitated, radiated, radicated, rattle-pated, rattlepated, re-created, recreated, regulated, reinstated, relegated, remonstrated, renovated, replicated, resinated, resonated, retranslated, ricochetted, rifle grenade, robinsonade, rubricated, ruminated, rusticated, rutilated, saccharated, sacculated, sagittated, salivated, satiated, saturated, scintillated, scutellated, second crusade, segregated, self-created, seminated, separated, sequestrated, serricated, serrulated, seventh crusade, shallow-pated, shatter-pated, sibilated, siderated, sigillated, silicated, silver-plated, simulated, situated, sonicated, speciated, speculated, sphacelated, spoliated, sporulated, stibiated, stimulated, stinking nightshade, stipulated, stiriated, storiated, strangulated, stridulated, subcultrated, subdilated, subjugated, sublimated, subluxated, subovated, subrogated, subulated, suffocated, suffragated, sulfonated, sulfurated, sulphurated, supinated, supplicated, suppurated, surrogated, suscitated, suturated, syncopated, syndicated, tabulated, tartarated, technical-grade, tegulated, tenuated, terminated, tesselated, tessellated, thermostated, the sun's tirade, thoriated, titillated, titivated, tittivated, tolerated, transcolated, tridentated, trifurcated, trilobated, tripinnated, triplicated, tritiated, triturated, tubulated, tunicated, turbinated, twitterpated, ulcerated, ultimated, ululated, umbellated, umbonated, unabated, unaerated, unbarricade, uncastrated, uncreated, underrated, understated, underweighted, undulated, unfalcated, ungulated, unlocated, unprelated, unrebated, unrelated, unstriated, untranslated, urinated, urticated, vaginated, valuated, vegetated, vellicated, venerated, ventilated, verbenated, vertebrated, vesicated, viscerated, vitiated, woody nightshade, zero-rated

5 syllables:
abbreviated, abominated, absinthiated, absquatulated, accelerated, accentuated, accommodated, acculturated, accumulated, aciculated, acidulated, aculeated, acuminated, adfiliated, adjudicated, administrated, adnubilated, adulterated, affectionated, affiliated, agglomerated, agglutinated, alembicated, alienated, alleviated, alliterated, aluminated, amalgamated, ameliorated, ammoniated, annihilated, anticipated, apiculated, apocopated, appreciated, appropriated, approximated, areolated, arpeggiated, arsenicated, articulated, asphyxiated, assasinated, assassinated, asseverated, assimilated, associated, asteriated, atlantic slave trade, attenuated, authenticated, benzoinated, biangulated, bilamellated, binucleated, bipectinated, biradiated, bittersweet nightshade, bituminated, calumniated, capacitated, capitulated, carunculated, centuplicated, certificated, chromium-plated, circumvallated, co-operated, coagulated, cogenerated, coin-operated, collaborated, commemorated, commensurated, commiserated, communicated, compassionated, concamerated, concatenated, concelebrated, conchyliated, conciliated, confabulated, confederated, conglomerated, conglutinated, congratulated, consociated, consolidated, contaminated, contourniated, contraindicated, corroborated, cross-pollinated, de-escalated, deactivated, debilitated, decaffeinated, decapitated, decelerated, decerebrated, decompensated, deconsecrated, decorticated, decrepitated, defenestrated, defibrillated, defoliated, degenerated, degree centigrade, delaminated, deliberated, delimitated, delineated, demodulated, demotivated, denominated, denticulated, denucleated, depauperated, depreciated, desalinated, desaturated, desegregated, desiderated, desulphurated, detoxicated, devaluated, dilacerated, dilapidated, dimidiated, disaggregated, disanimated, discalceated, disconsolated, discriminated, disintegrated, disseminated, dissimilated, dissimulated, dissociated, domesticated, drinking the kool-aid, earnings-related, edulcorated, effectuated, effeminated, ejaculated, elasticated, electroplated, eliminated, elucidated, elutriated, emaciated, emancipated, emarginated, emasculated, embryonated, emolliated, encapsulated, enchanter's nightshade, enucleated, enumerated, enunciated, episcopated, equilibrated, equivocated, eradiated, eradicated, essentiated, evacuated, evaginated, evaluated, evaporated, eventuated, eviscerated, exacerbated, exaggerated, exasperated, excogitated, excoriated, excruciated, exenterated, exhilarated, exonerated, expatiated, expatriated, expectorated, expostulated, expropriated, exsanguinated, exsasperated, extenuated, exterminated, extrapolated, extravasated, extravesated, exuberated, exungulated, exuviated, facilitated, fasciculated, fastigiated, felicitated, ferruginated, folliculated, foraminated, gas-operated, gelatinated, geniculated, gesticulated, habilitated, habituated, halogenated, hand-operated, homologated, horripilated, humiliated, hydrogenated, hydrogenated', hyperinflated, hypothecated, illuminated, illuviated, immiserated, imperforated, impersonated, impropriated, improvisated, inactivated, inanimated, inaugurated, incarcerated, incastellated, incinerated, incommodated, incorporated, incriminated, incultivated, indigitated, indoctrinated, indusiated, inebriated, infabricated, infatuated, infibulated, infuriated, ingeminated, ingratiated, ingurgitated, initiated, innoculated, inoculated, inseminated, instantiated, intagliated, intaminated, intenerated, interminated, interpellated, interpolated, interrelated, interrogated, intimidated, intolerated, intoxicated, intumulated, inturbidated, invaginated, invalidated, invertebrated, investigated, invigilated, invigorated, inviolated, inviscerated, involucrated, iodinated, iridiated, irradiated, itinerated, laciniated, lanceolated, legitimated, lixiviated, luxuriated, machicolated, manipulated, materiated, misallocated, miscalculated, miseducated, misestimated, myelinated, naked and afraid, necessitated, negotiated, non-regulated, noncarbonated, nonintegrated, nonmedullated, nonregulated, nonsegregated, nucleolated, obliterated, obnubilated, officiated, operculated, opiniated, opinionated, orange marmalade, orbiculated, orientated, originated, ossiculated, overinflated, oxidulated, oxygenated, pandiculated, paniculated, participated, pedunculated, peninsulated, perambulated, peregrinated, perpetuated, phlogisticated, poisonous nightshade, pontificated, potentiated, pre-fabricated, precipitated, predesignated, predestinated, predominated, prefabricated, prejudicated, premeditated, preponderated, procrastinated, prognosticated, proliferated, propitiated, proportionated, protuberated, quadrifurcated, quadruplicated, quinquedentated, re-animated, re-educated, reactivated, reallocated, reanimated, rebeca andrade, recalculated, reciprocated, reconsecrated, recriminated, recuperated, redecorated, rededicated, reduplicated, reeducated, reformulated, refrigerated, regenerated, regurgitated, reincarnated, reintegrated, reiterated, rejuvenated, remediated, remunerated, renominated, repatriated, repudiated, resupinated, resuscitated, retaliated, reticulated, revalidated, revaluated, revendicated, reverberated, safety-related, sargon of akkad, scrobiculated, self-educated, self-generated, self-motivated, self-pollinated, self-regulated, semipalmated, somnambulated, sophisticated, subarcuated, subinfeudated, subordinated, substantiated, suffumigated, syllabicated, tarantulated, tentaculated, tergiversated, transanimated, transliterated, triangulated, trifasciated, trifoliated, trimaculated, trinucleated, triradiated, tuberculated, turriculated, umbilicated, unactuated, unagitated, unalienated, unallocated, unanimated, unaspirated, unbifurcated, uncalculated, uncamphorated, uncarbonated, uncelebrated, uncirculated, uncompensated, uncomplicated, unconcentrated, unconjugated, unconsecrated, unconstipated, unconsummated, uncontemplated, uncorrelated, uncultivated, undecorated, undedicated, undelegated, undemonstrated, underinflated, undesignated, unduplicated, uneducated, unexcavated, unexpurgated, unformulated, unguiculated, unhyphenated, unillustrated, unimpregnated, uninsulated, unintegrated, universiade, universidade, unliberated, unliquidated, unlubricated, unmediated, unmedicated, unmeditated, unmedullated, unmitigated, unmoderated, unmodulated, unmotivated, unmutilated, unobligated, unpaginated, unperforated, unregulated, unsatiated, unsaturated, unsegregated, unseparated, unstimulated, unvalidated, unventilated, unviolated, unvitiated, utility-grade, vermiculated, vesiculated, vituperated, voice-activated, well-educated, well-regulated, well-situated, wind-pollinated

6 syllables:
antimoniated, canaliculated, charge of the light brigade, circumambulated, circumnavigated, circumstantiated, consubstantiated, decontaminated, decucuminated, dehydrogenated, deoxygenated, dephlogisticated, deteriorated, differentiated, disaffiliated, disambiguated, disarticulated, disincorporated, disorientated, domiciliated, equiponderated, excommunicated, free-associated, hyperventilated, illegitimated, immune-mediated, inarticulated, incapacitated, incommunicated, indeliberated, individuated, interdigitated, interlaminated, intermediated, interpenetrated, lieutenant junior grade, male-dominated, military blockade, misappreciated, misappropriated, monociliated, monounsaturated, non-affiliated, octoradiated, open-pollinated, overcompensated, overcomplicated, overdecorated, overeducated, overestimated, overmedicated, overregulated, oversaturated, overstimulated, polychlorinated, preconsolidated, quinquefoliated, recapitulated, recoil-operated, reevaluated, rehabilitated, reincorporated, reinvigorated, renegotiated, self-annihilated, self-initiated, self-opinionated, semiautomated, semiindurated, superannuated, supererogated, superinsulated, supersaturated, transubstantiated, unabbreviated, unaccelerated, unaccommodated, unadulterated, unaffiliated, unalleviated, unanticipated, unappreciated, unappropriated, unarticulated, unassimilated, unassociated, unauthenticated, uncommunicated, unconsolidated, uncontaminated, undelineated, undereducated, underestimated, undersaturated, undissociated, undomesticated, unelaborated, unemancipated, unenumerated, unexaggerated, unicarinated, unilluminated, unincorporated, uninebriated, uninitiated, unintimidated, unintoxicated, uninucleated, uninvestigated, uniradiated, unmyelinated, unoperculated, unoriginated, unoxygenated, unpremeditated, unreciprocated, unrefrigerated, unregenerated, unsophisticated, unsubstantiated

7 syllables:
alpine enchanter's nightshade, audiovisual aid, battery-operated, computer-animated, computer-generated, dedifferentiated, disintermediated, intercommunicated, microencapsulated, polyunsaturated, semioxygenated, semiphlogisticated, superacidulated, undifferentiated

8 syllables:
miss kobayashi's dragon maid

9 syllables:
combination in restraint of trade

11 syllables:
general agreement on tariffs and trade

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