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Words and phrases that rhyme with middleware:   (1300 results)

1 syllable:
-ware, aer, air, ayre, baehr, baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, behr, blair, blaire, blare, caire, care, chair, chaire, chare, chehre, cheir, cher, chere, cherr, cierre, clair, claire, clare, daire, dare, darr, derr, derre, dreher, ere, err, eyre, fair, faire, fare, fehr, ferre, feyre, flair, flare, fraire, frere, freyr, freyre, gair, gare, gehr, glair, glaire, glare, gleyre, guerre, hair, haire, hairr, hare, hehr, heir, herr, herre, hwair, j-air, kahre, kehr, klare, knerr, kreher, lair, laire, lare, lehr, lehre, lierre, mair, maire, mare, mehr, mer, nair, ne'er, nerre, p-square, pair, paire, pare, pear, perre, phair, phare, phear, pkware, plair, plaire, praire, prayer, rare, reher, sare, sayre, scare, schehr, scherr, sehr, serr, serre, shair, share, she-bear, sherr, skare, sklayre, smeir, snare, spare, sperre, square, stair, stare, stehr, sterr, sterre, sware, swear, taire, tear, terre, their, there, they're, theyre, traer, traire, vdare, verre, vmware, ware, wear, weare, wehr, werre, where, wrair, zeher, zehr

2 syllables:
a-share, abair, abear, abwehr, acair, acere, adair, adaire, adare, addair, adware, afair, affair, affaire, aflare, aglare, agrar, airfare, airstair, alair, aldair, allaire, altair, ant-bear, antbear, ant bear, apair, appair, armchair, ashare, astaire, atraer, auclair, austeyr, auxerre, au pair, aware, b-share, baccare, backstair, badware, bakeware, bancaire, bankshare, barbare, barware, base-pair, basse-terre, bath-chair, bath chair, beachwear, beach chair, bearshare, beau-frere, beaucaire, beaufrere, bedchair, bedfere, belair, belaire, belare, bellaire, belluaire, betfair, beware, bezaire, biliaire, black bear, black maire, bloatware, blogware, blue air, boisclair, bonair, bonaire, bookfair, bouclair, brassware, bridgeware, brillare, brown bear, brumaire, bruyere, bucare, bugbear, bulbaire, bulgare, bulkware, bushehr, bus fare, cab fare, calcaire, calcare, callware, calm air, camp chair, caneware, capsquare, cardware, careware, carfare, car care, cat bear, cemair, cercare, chi-square, child-care, childcare, child care, cithare, clayware, cloudflare, cochair, code-share, coderre, codeshare, cogware, comair, comare, compair, compare, compiere, comprare, conair, confair, contraire, convair, cookware, coon bear, correre, corriere, corvair, cosmair, costear, courseware, crapware, creamware, crimeware, crosshair, cross hair, crudware, cudbear, cycare, d'spayre, daguerre, dan-air, dancewear, day-care, daycare, daymare, daywear, day care, death chair, decare, deck-chair, deckchair, deck chair, declare, dehair, delair, deleware, delftware, denair, dentaire, derriere, despair, diceware, disheir, dishware, dispair, distraire, down-share, downbear, downstair, due care, eachwhere, eau-claire, eclair, edgware, eelfare, elsewhere, empair, enaire, enare, encare, enchair, ensnare, essere, extraer, extraire, eyecare, eyewear, ezair, false hair, fanfar, fanfare, fatware, fieldfare, filare, filmfare, finnair, firmare, firmware, flatware, flintware, footware, footwear, forbear, forebear, foreswear, forswear, four-square, foursquare, frimaire, frontiere, fullfare, funfair, ganbare, geniere, georges st-pierre, giftware, giocare, gisclair, giurare, give care, glassware, glenayre, glossaire, grammaire, grancare, grande-terre, grantaire, grayware, great bear, great care, greenware, groundshare, groupware, guardare, guard hair, guidare, guiltware, haircare, hair care, half-fare, handwear, hardware, headsquare, headwear, health-care, healthcare, health care, hektare, highchair, hilaire, hilare, home-care, homecare, homeshare, homeware, horaire, horsehair, hot-air, hot air, houseware, hs4air, icare, ice bear, impair, indear, infare, insnare, jacare, jean-pierre, job-share, jonair, karriere, kelpware, kenmare, kierre, knightmare, knitwear, knowhere, lactaire, laguerre, lancair, landfair, laware, lawfare, lawn chair, leclaire, lefrere, lemaire, libraire, liebherr, life-care, lifecare, light air, lincare, liveware, lombaire, longhair, lord's prayer, lothair, loungewear, lounge chair, lunaire, luxair, macaire, machair, macnair, mainswear, malware, manswear, manuer, markair, marsh hare, mayair, mayfair, mcnair, meatware, mid-air, midair, mifare, mindshare, misbear, misfare, misswear, miswear, mohair, moliere, montclair, mouse hare, mundare, nagware, nanterre, nathair, navair, nazaire, neckwear, netware, nightmare, nightwear, notaire, noteware, novair, nowhere, o'hair, o'hare, off-air, ohair, ohare, on-air, opere, opsware, optare, ornare, oughwhere, outdare, outswear, outwear, ovaire, oware, owlbear, parterre, payware, pentair, perce-pierre, pershare, pescare, pickfair, pied--terre, pierre, playwear, plein-air, poincare, pointe-claire, polaire, polare, pom-bear, pompiere, potshare, praxair, prepare, primaire, propair, proshare, pull&bear, push-chair, pushchair, queensware, radware, rainwear, redear, redmare, redware, red scare, refaire, reichswehr, repair, requere, rexxware, root hair, safair, saint-pierre, saltaire, saltear, samare, sancerre, santerre, sappare, satu-mare, scareware, scopare, seaware, sea hare, self-care, set-fair, set square, shapewear, sharecare, shareware, shelfware, shorthair, side chair, sierre, silkair, sinclair, skillshare, skincare, skin care, skiwear, skunk bear, slackware, sleepwear, slideshare, slideware, slight care, slipware, sloth bear, smartbear, smenkhkare, software, solair, solaire, solere, somewhere, sorare, spanair, spongeware, sportswear, springhare, spyair, spyware, stemware, stoneware, straight chair, streetwear, stud mare, stuprare, st clair, st claire, sundair, sustaire, swamp hare, swiftair, swimwear, swissair, t-square, tacair, tagliare, takecare, take care, telfair, tenncare, testiere, threadbare, three-square, thurghfare, time-share, timeshare, times square, tinware, tourtiere, train fare, transpare, treenware, treeware, trialware, tricare, trosclair, try-square, try square, tulare, turbare, ultrair, unbear, unfair, unhair, unsere, unswear, unware, upbear, upstair, uptear, utair, uzair, valclair, veltfare, vendere, voltaire, vulgaire, vulgare, wardair, warfare, wayfair, wayfare, welfare, wellcare, wellfare, westair, wetware, wheelchair, whitehair, whiteware, white maire, wickware, widewhere, wiiware, winair, wing chair, wireshare, wizz air, wootware, word square, workfare, workwear, world's fair, x-chair, yacare, yacht chair, yandere, zuhair

3 syllables:
abbaiare, aberdare, accendere, actionnaire, activewear, actuaire, actuar, ad-aware, adorare, advacare, adversaire, advocare, affidare, affrontare, aftercare, agateware, agitare, air-to-air, alasdair, alastair, alistair, allistair, almaguer, and elsewhere, annoyware, annuaire, annulaire, antiglare, antiquaire, anywhere, applecare, appleshare, arbitraire, arctic hare, ausgangssperre, authorware, aviaire, baciare, bacillaire, ballyclare, balsam pear, barber chair, bartlett pear, bart the bear, basaltware, basketware, beerware, beggarware, belgian hare, bellemare, betaware, betterware, bevel square, bidriware, billionaire, bill of fare, bioware, birgenair, bring to bear, brochureware, brother bear, bruciare, buenos-aires, bundeswehr, cambiare, camel's hair, camel-hair, camelhair, camelshair, camminare, canadair, capillaire, captain's chair, caricare, carton-pierre, casualwear, cellulaire, censorware, centenaire, charlotte flair, chiamare, chinaware, circulaire, class warfare, cloudcompare, cognoscere, commentaire, commissaire, commutair, compilare, comprendere, compressed air, compuware, consulaire, contrefaire, copperware, corningware, corollaire, costamare, crackleware, crippleware, croix de guerre, cuisenaire, culinaire, debonair, debonaire, debonnaire, deciare, dedicare, deinothere, delaware, demandware, demonware, demoware, dental care, destinare, dictionnaire, dinnerware, dinothere, disprepare, disrepair, distinguer, distinguere, diventare, divinare, doctrinaire, dragonair, dribbleware, dromedar, earthenware, easy-care, easy-chair, easychair, easy chair, ecolaire, egyptair, elbow-chair, elbowchair, eldercare, ellinair, estuaire, eveningwear, evening prayer, everwhere, everyware, everywhere, fair-and-square, farberware, februar, feeding chair, feuerwehr, fibulare, fireflaire, flightaware, flying mare, flysafair, folding chair, forced-air, formalwear, formatear, formulaire, formulare, free-to-air, frigidaire, fritterware, fromsoftware, from nowhere, funkabwehr, garden chair, gelligaer, germ warfare, gestionnaire, giudicare, gomphothere, grandpoobear, graniteware, grizzly bear, guaviare, gullivair, halosere, hamish kerr, have been there, head of hair, holloware, hollowware, honeybear, honey bear, honoraire, honorar, house of prayer, hydrosere, hyperware, icelandair, ignorare, implicare, impugnare, incitare, indicare, innerwear, intercare, invacare, inventaire, inventare, invocare, in the air, ipad air, iqair, ironware, januar, jasperware, javier, jeanpierre, jillionaire, judicare, kare-kare, kitchenware, knowledgeware, lacquerware, laisser-faire, laissez-faire, laissez faire, lampadaire, laoghaire, lapidaire, larosiere, laterriere, latin square, laverriere, leatherwear, legionnaire, leisurewear, leisure wear, liquid air, little bear, locataire, loganair, love affair, luminaire, lusterware, lustreware, macbook air, magic square, maidenhair, mal de mer, managed-care, mandataire, market-share, marketshare, market square, martinair, maturare, maxicare, medicare, metalware, microaire, microware, militaire, millionaire, millionnaire, mobiliare, modulaire, morning prayer, morris-chair, morris chair, mothercare, mousquetaire, multiair, munsingwear, nascondere, nationair, native bear, native pear, necessaire, netorare, neurowear, neverware, neverwhere, nevicare, nominare, nom de guerre, nouvelair, novacare, novoair, numeraire, nursing care, occupare, omnicare, open-air, open air, operar, ordinaire, ordinare, otherwhere, outerwear, ovenware, over-the-air, overbear, overcare, overdare, overpair, overwear, panda bear, passe-pierre, pc-ware, pedo-bear, pedobear, peltryware, picapare, pied-a-terre, pieds-a-terre, pizzicare, polar bear, polar hare, populair, populaire, postcardware, potty chair, predeclare, prickly pear, printnightmare, procurare, proletaire, provocare, psammosere, pubic hair, public square, puff of air, questionaire, questionnaire, ransomware, rapidshare, recitare, renderware, rensenware, replicare, retroshare, revocare, ricercare, river pear, rocawear, rocking-chair, rocking chair, roeselare, rwandair, ryanair, sabotiere, saint-nazaire, salamair, salutare, satisfaire, savoir-faire, scaricare, scoppiare, seckel pear, secondaire, secretaire, sedan chair, self-aware, selma blair, seminare, sereneair, shovelware, silverchair, silverware, similaire, singulair, sisoftware, snowshoe hare, solar flare, solidare, solitaire, solitare, solovair, st. elsewhere, stagiaire, stderr, stinging hair, stopbadware, st pierre, subway fare, suonare, superflare, swivel chair, tableware, take a dare, taxi fare, teddy-bear, teddybear, teddy bear, temporaire, terramare, theolair, thoroughfare, thyrocare, tigerair, trillionaire, tunisair, tunnelbear, tupperware, twisted-pair, uccidere, unaware, unbeware, underbear, underhair, understair, underware, underwear, unixware, unrepair, urticaire, usair, usare, usb hardware, userkare, valleyfair, vaporware, vapourware, venushair, volkssturmgewehr, volontaire, vulcanair, walk on air, wash-and-wear, wear and tear, willowware, windsor chair, wirehair, with great care, wizzair, wonderware, woodenware, woody pear, woolly bear, yellowware, zillionaire

4 syllables:
abandonware, accumulare, alienware, alimentaire, alpha software, alternacare, americare, anchovy pear, apollinaire, articulaire, aryamehr, auriculaire, bahamasair, beta software, bio-warfare, biowarfare, camera care, carpenter's square, ceramic ware, chamillionaire, charityware, christine sinclair, cinemaware, cinnamon bear, cinquantenaire, codeanywhere, commissionaire, commissionaire', commissionnaire, communautaire, computershare, concessionaire, concessionnaire, contaminare, continuare, cyberwarfare, destinataire, detentionaire, determinare, devil-may-care, dimenticare, diversicare, documentaire, donationware, earning per share, eco-warfare, electric chair, enamelware, enrojecer, fahrzeugpapiere, ferney-voltaire, fortalecer, funiculaire, gala affair, gazillionaire, genocidaire, genouillere, girl from nowhere, harald fairhair, hebdomadaire, hospital care, humanitaire, illuminare, imaginaire, intensive-care, in disrepair, judiciaire, kajillionaire, kangaroo bear, kangaroo hare, karine jean-pierre, koala bear, kodiak bear, lighter-than-air, little chief hare, long underwear, maschinengewehr, medical care, minoritaire, mobile software, multicoreware, naviculare, no small affair, obamacare, opencourseware, opera software, orbiculare, out of thin air, overstuffed chair, pacificare, pamela ware, paratonnerre, parlementaire, patricia blair, philip pierre, ready-to-wear, reclining chair, ringraziare, robespierre, rudimentaire, salpetriere, sensory hair, significare, social affair, social welfare, suicideware, surface-to-air, syrian bear, systems software, tableau software, tartamudear, telefonare, up in the air, vanillaware, vanity fair, varying hare, vendemiaire, viaggiare, walking on air, warioware, xiamenair

5 syllables:
alaskan brown bear, alligator pear, amd radeon software, avocado pear, blessing okagbare, book of common prayer, cargologicair, castle in the air, centibillionaire, chemical warfare, computer hardware, euromobiliare, european hare, extraordinaire, heavier-than-air, masha and the bear, masters of the air, motorized wheelchair, multi-billionaire, multimillionaire, nonito donaire, open-source software, ordinary care, pythonanywhere, reasonable care, serenity prayer, tender loving care, weston-super-mare, when marnie was there

6 syllables:
american black bear, anytime...anywhere, asiatic black bear, beechcraft super king air, compatible software, electronic warfare, inspection and repair, pitiesalpetriere, snow white with the red hair, solitude/solitaire, superantispyware, the fresh prince of bel-air

7 syllables:
biological warfare, capital of delaware, free and open-source software, psychological warfare, source-available software, supervisory software, the legend of lylah clare

8 syllables:
ethernet over twisted pair

12 syllables:
department of health education and welfare

13 syllables:
secretary of health education and welfare

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (185 results)

3 syllables:
bicolor, bifilar, binuclear, chiffonier, chinaware, chiseler, chiseller, christopher, cinnabar, cislunar, cricketer, cylinder, diffuser, dimeter, dipolar, dishonour, disjuncture, fiddler, figeater, filature, fistular, giggler, gynophore, ignitor, inciter, inlander, insecure, insofar, instanter, insular, integer, issachar, kibitzer, kindler, kitchener, kitchenware, ligature, limiter, lincolnshire, lipitor, listener, lithosphere, littler, millepore, millibar, minister, minotaur, missioner, picador, pilular, pinafore, pinaster, pin number, pistoleer, prisoner, quickener, quizmaster, riffler, riveter, scimitar, signaler, signaller, signature, similar, simpler, simular, singapore, singular, sinoper, slipcover, spicular, spinnaker, sprinkler, stickler, stiffener, swindler, sycamore, thickener, tickler, titular, tricolor, tricolour, trilinear, trimeter, triphammer, twinkler, twisted pair, victualer, vinegar, visitor, whichsoever, wiggler, windjammer, witch hunter, witnesser, wriggler

4 syllables:
acicular, administer, altimeter, antinuclear, articular, auricular, calligrapher, canicular, capitular, clavicular, collimator, commissionaire, commissioner, conditioner, contributor, curricular, curvilinear, cuticular, decimeter, delimiter, dissimilar, distributer, distributor, dosimeter, estimator, exhibitor, fascicular, follicular, funicular, indinavir, inhibitor, inquisitor, judicature, key signature, lenticular, liquidambar, lunisolar, lysimeter, manipular, navicular, orbicular, ossicular, parishioner, particular, pedicular, peninsular, perimeter, petitioner, positioner, practitioner, prime minister, radicular, remittitur, reticular, solicitor, sylviculture, testicular, time signature, unipolar, utricular, vehicular, vermicular, vesicular, wine vinegar

5 syllables:
alkalimeter, annihilator, appendicular, biauricular, calorimeter, canalicular, cider vinegar, colorimeter, countersignature, exhibitioner, foreign minister, high commissioner, improvisatore, master cylinder, perpendicular, polarimeter, saccharimeter, velocimeter, verisimilar

6 syllables:
cabinet minister, extracurricular

7 syllables:
atrioventricular, general practitioner, medical practitioner, political prisoner

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