Words and phrases that rhyme with napss:   (525 results)

1 syllable:
's, -esce, bess, besse, bless, blesse, bress, bresse, cesce, cesse, ches, chess, cress, dress, es, ess, esse, fess, fesse, gess, gesse, ghess, gless, gress, guess, hess, hesse, jess, kess, kless, kness, kress, kresse, les, less, lesse, mess, messe, nes, ness, nesse, pesce, pless, press, press', presse, ques, ress, s, s., spece, stress, tess, tress, tresse, vess, wes, wess, yes

2 syllables:
.htaccess, abaisse, abbess, abbesse, abscess, access, accresce, acess, address, adpress, adress, aggress, altesse, ancress, apress, assess, attests, balldress, bench-press, benchpress, bench press, cabesse, caress, cheese press, cimpress, citess, coatdress, compesce, compress, concresce, confess, contests, cross-dress, depress, digests, digress, distress, dock-cress, drop press, e-dress, eddress, egress, eldress, ellesse, etess, excess, express, express', eyedress, factoress, faiblesse, favoress, fidesz, finesse, fluoresce, forbess, frondesce, full-dress, full dress, goldress, harpress, head-dress, headdress, headress, hot-press, hotpress, htaccess, humblesse, idlesse, impress, ines, keypress, kubes, l'express, land cress, largesse, ls, lutece, lyness, marsh cress, murdress, newsless, nightdress, nobless, noblesse, obsess, oppress, outguess, p-process, pantdress, pavesse, payless, portesse, possess, precess, process, profess, progress, protests, pultesse, punch press, putresce, quarkxpress, quiesce, r-process, re-dress, re-press, recess, redress, regress, relesse, repress, requests, rhine-hesse, rockcress, rock cress, s'express, s-process, secess, senesce, shirtdress, side-dress, siese, simplesse, slipdress, songless, souplesse, spring cress, stonecress, stone cress, success, suppress, tenesse, top-dress, topdress, transgress, ts, tumesce, u. s., unbless, undress, unless, vanfess, vanjess, veilless, v s, wardress, waveless, wordpress, word stress, wrongless, yen press

3 syllables:
abcess, abs, acquiesce, adolesce, aeropress, anchoress, authoress, bankeress, battle-dress, battledress, battle dress, belle isle cress, bittercress, bitter cress, bodiless, bouncing bess, c. b. s., cafepress, cateress, cbs, ccs, charmeress, chideress, christen press, ciderpress, coalesce, cocktail dress, conqueress, contactless, convalesce, cps, danceress, de-access, decompress, defervesce, deliquesce, detumesce, dinner dress, disk access, dispossess, disprofess, diving dress, doctoress, downy chess, dss, due process, e. d. s., echoless, effervesce, effloresce, electoress, emperess, evanesce, evening dress, faithfulness, fancy-dress, fancy dress, farmeress, fool-largesse, forteresse, fr-sscs, fruiteress, g. p. s., garden cress, garlic press, gentilesse, gps, h. h. s., heathenesse, housedress, hp-42s, i. n. s., i. r. s., iexpress, incandesce, insuccess, intrudress, intumesce, inverness, in progress, iridesce, irs, juggleress, latinesce, lawyeress, lcs, letterpress, linen-press, luminesce, maladdress, mayoress, meadow cress, minidress, minipress, minoress, misaddress, misprofess, missuccess, more or less, morning dress, murderess, naileress, natheless, netaddress, nonetheless, o. a. s., oas, obsolesce, opalesce, ostleress, overdress, overpress, p. b. s., pennycress, peppercress, phosphoresce, plant process, politesse, prepossess, printing press, public press, purple cress, rafas, rascaless, re-address, reaccess, readdress, reassess, recalesce, recrudesce, refenes, reimpress, reinvests, repossess, retrogress, rivaless, rocket cress, romanes, room access, rules of chess, satrapess, savioress, scatheless, scs, secondguess, self-access, sentence stress, singeress, sinneress, sms, soldieress, sorceress, sos, sowdanesse, standing press, street address, subaddress, subprocess, sunexpress, t. b. s., tailoress, thinkprogress, tower cress, traitoress, treasuress, tutoress, u. s. s., underdress, unpossess, unsuccess, uss, vnexpress, waileress, warrioress, watercress, wedding dress, what-a-mess, win32s, window-dress, winepress, winter-cress, winter cress, with success, word-process

4 syllables:
abts, adss, adulteress, adventuress, aeroexpress, agendaless, aliexpress, anchoritess, avengeress, bioprocess, body process, business address, carbon process, cdnjs, cfexpress, chungking express, civilian dress, cmos, decipheress, delicatesse, delikatesse, direct-access, durable press, embroideress, hces, human process, hydraulic press, hyperaccess, incline bench press, indian cress, inertialess, japanese chess, keynote address, mailing address, microabscess, multiaccess, name and address, neertheless, nevertheless, nvm express, officer's mess, overassess, overexpress, permanent-press, permanent press, pinkpantheress, pizzaexpress, pony express, printing process, random-access, rejuvenesce, return address, rotary press, run bts, solvay process, stds, tcas, transverse process, turboexpress, umbrellaless, work-in-progress, work in progress, ws

5 syllables:
30 minutes or less, american cress, bessemer process, bodily process, ccass, chemical process, cognitive process, common garden cress, common watercress, computer address, csrss, cyanide process, damsel in distress, dmlss, dpnss, early winter cress, fractional process, freedom of the press, garden pepper cress, glossary of chess, gulp.js, history of chess, icbms, internunciess, ipv6 address, ivchenko-progress, linguistic process, makuhari messe, memory access, military press, mountain watercress, natural process, organic process, pcass, pccts, regional-express, right to due process, rsvps, service of process, superioress, tacacs, unconscious process, yellow watercress, zexcs

6 syllables:
alveolar process, economic process, inaugural address, intercity-express, metabolic process, ssssss, viacomcbs

7 syllables:
american watercress, basic cognitive process, biological process, geological process, higher cognitive process, markov decision process, mathematical process, pathological process, sssssss, valedictory address

8 syllables:
disposable email address, libdvdcss, oxford university press, psychoanalytic process, representational process

9 syllables:
murder on the orient express

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (71 results)

1 syllable:
acts, ax, axe, backs, bax, bets, blacks, cads, cracks, dax, facts, fax, flax, gets, jacks, jets, lax, lets, macs, max, metz, nets, packs, pax, quacks, sacks, sacs, sax, saxe, sets, slacks, stacks, sweats, tacks, tax, tracks, wax

2 syllables:
contracts, death tax, gift tax, ice ax, poll tax, pretax, regrets, relax, rillettes, sales tax, stamp tax

3 syllables:
castanets, direct tax, estate tax, excise tax, franchise tax, hidden tax, income tax, japan wax, sealing wax, single tax, supertax, transfer tax

4 syllables:
carnauba wax, indirect tax, mineral wax, paraffin wax, progressive tax, property tax, vegetable wax, withholding tax

5 syllables:
capital gains tax, estimated tax, inheritance tax

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