Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

capel, caple, maple, people, peppel, pepple, poppell, popple, purple, yaple

badal, baechle, bagel, bagle, baykal, bebel, bedell, bedol, begel, beightol, bekele, bergall, berkel, betel, bettle, birbal, birchall, birkel, birtle, burble, burchell, burgall, burghul, burgle, burkel, burkle, burtle, cable, cadle, cagle, capel, caple, curdle, curple, curtal, dadle, daedal, dagle, daigle, datal, day tour, debel, debuhr, deburr, decal, deckel, deckle, dedal, dekel, dekle, dekor, detol, gable, gaebel, gebal, gebel, gebuhr, gergel, getal, gettel, gettle, girdle, gurgel, gurgle, kable, kagel, kapal, keble, keckle, keppel, kepple, kerbel, ketal, ketel, ketol, kettel, kettell, kettle, kirtle, kurbel, paigle, paypal, pebble, pedal, peddle, pedel, peggle, pekel, peppel, pepple, percle, perkele, petal, pettle, pirkl, pirkle, pirtle, purple, purtell, purtle, tabeal, table, tagle, teckel, teckle, tegel, tekel, tergal, terkel, tetel, turkel, turkle, turrbal, turtle

Book See papal used in context: several books and articles.

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