Words and phrases that almost rhyme with parlour car:   (611 results)

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1 syllable:
aer, air, ayr, bare, bear, beer, bere, bier, birr, blair, blare, blear, blur, boar, boer, bohr, boor, bore, bur, burr, care, chair, cheer, cher, chirr, chlor, chore, churr, clair, claire, clare, clear, coeur, cor, core, corps, corr, crore, cruor, cur, cure, dare, dear, deer, der, dire, doer, door, dorr, dour, dower, drawer, drear, ear, eir, er, ere, err, eyre, fair, fare, fear, fer, fir, fire, flair, flare, fleer, fleur, floor, flor, flour, for, fore, four, frore, fur, gare, gear, glair, glare, gore, hair, hare, hear, heir, here, herr, hire, hoar, hour, ire, jeer, jure, khmer, kier, kir, lair, lear, loire, lore, lour, lure, lyre, mare, meir, mer, mere, mir, mire, moire, moor, moore, mor, more, muir, murre, myrrh, ne'er, near, neer, noir, nor, nur, oar, or, ore, orr, pair, pare, pear, peer, per, pere, pier, poor, por, pore, pour, prayer, pur, pure, purr, quaere, queer, quire, rare, rear, roar, ruhr, saur, scare, schmear, scler, score, scour, sear, seer, sere, share, shear, sheer, shire, shirr, shore, sir, skier, skirr, slur, smear, smore, snare, sneer, snore, soar, sore, sour, spare, spear, speer, sphere, spire, spoor, spore, spur, square, squire, stair, stare, steer, stere, stir, store, stour, sur, sure, swear, swore, tear, ter, their, there, they're, theyre, thor, thur, tier, tor, tore, torr, tour, tyre, ur, ure, veer, ver, war, ware, we're, wear, weir, were, where, whirr, whore, wier, wire, wore, year, yer, yore, you're, your, youre

2 syllables:
abhor, abjure, adhere, adjure, admire, adore, affair, affaire, afire, afore, allure, altair, ameer, amir, amour, angor, appear, arrear, ashore, aspire, assur, assure, astir, austere, auteur, aware, batture, before, besmear, beware, bezoar, brochure, brumaire, bugbear, career, cashier, chasseur, chauffeur, chimere, coheir, cohere, coiffeur, coiffure, colure, compare, compeer, compere, concur, confer, couloir, couture, danseur, declare, decor, defer, defier, demur, demure, deplore, derriere, despair, deter, detour, dior, douceur, eclair, emir, endear, endure, ensnare, ensure, enure, exmoor, expire, explore, farceur, fervour, flaneur, flavour, flexure, footgear, forbear, forswear, forswore, fourscore, foursquare, frimaire, frontier, frotteur, gabor, galore, grandeur, gravure, grimoire, guipure, hachure, hard-core, hardcore, hauteur, horsehair, hot-wire, ignore, immure, impair, implore, impure, incur, infer, inhere, inquire, inshore, insphere, inspire, insure, inter, inure, kaffir, killdeer, lahore, languor, lanier, liqueur, longueur, manure, markhoor, masseur, mature, menhir, midair, mishear, monsieur, mynheer, nervure, obscure, occur, offshore, ophir, outpour, outroar, parterre, parure, pasteur, perspire, pierre, pindar, pissoir, pledgor, poseur, postwar, prefer, premier, premiere, prepare, prewar, procure, purpure, pushchair, rainier, rancour, rapport, rasure, recur, refer, rehear, repair, require, respire, restore, retire, revere, rigour, rongeur, saceur, salvor, sambur, saviour, savour, secure, seigneur, senor, severe, sightseer, sincere, sinclair, smoothbore, soft-core, soilure, succour, t-square, tangier, tarsier, tartare, threescore, timor, tonsure, transfer, transire, trochlear, tumour, tussore, unclear, undoer, unfair, unmoor, unsure, uprear, valour, vanir, vapour, velour, velure, veneer, verdure, vigour, voltaire, voyeur, wafture, wheatear, zaire

3 syllables:
abampere, acrospire, air-to-air, ankylosaur, anymore, archosaur, auctioneer, balladeer, bandoleer, bandolier, belvedere, billionaire, blackamoor, bombardier, brigadier, brontosaur, buccaneer, cannoneer, carbineer, cavalier, chandelier, chanticleer, chevalier, chevelure, chinaware, coinsure, commandeer, connoisseur, debonair, diapir, disappear, disrepair, doctrinaire, domineer, embouchure, engineer, escritoire, financier, gadgeteer, gazetteer, gondolier, guarantor, guinevere, hadrosaur, halberdier, heretofore, ichthyosaur, immature, insincere, interfere, isothere, kieselguhr, laissez-faire, livermore, man-of-war, megathere, micromere, millionaire, monseigneur, montgolfier, muleteer, musketeer, mutineer, nothosaur, open-air, overbear, overhear, oversteer, pamphleteer, paramour, peer-to-peer, persevere, pioneer, pistoleer, plesiosaur, polypore, porte-cochere, premature, presbyter, privateer, profiteer, pterosaur, puppeteer, quadrature, questionnaire, racketeer, raconteur, rapporteur, reappear, reassure, reinsure, restaurateur, retrochoir, saboteur, savoir-faire, scrutineer, secretaire, self-aware, sinecure, sloganeer, solitaire, sonneteer, souvenir, stegosaur, theretofore, tubulure, tug-of-war, unaware, uncalled-for, uncared-for, underscore, understeer, volt-ampere, volunteer, voyageur, warrantor, wirehair

4 syllables:
adipocere, apatosaur, candidature, carabineer, carillonneur, charioteer, circumferentor, commissionaire, concessionaire, conventioneer, electioneer, electrolier, entrepreneur, hereinbefore, hydrometeor, ichthyosaur, indinavir, interlinear, intrapreneur, lighter-than-air, litterateur, microampere, milliampere, nelfinavir, pelycosaur, photogravure, provocateur, rectilinear, rotogravure, saquinavir, supersedure, surface-to-air, teliospore, trichobezoar, tyrannosaur, uncared-for, unhoped-for, unlooked-for

5 syllables:
heliogravure, kilovolt-ampere, multimillionaire

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