Words and phrases that rhyme with peria:   (252 results)

3 syllables:
aerea, aeria, airea, area, barea, beria, beriah, ceria, charia, erria, faeria, feria, feriae, garia, kerria, marea, marry a, nary a, neria, neriah, scheria, serie a, sheria, tarea, teria, varia, vary a, veria, waria

4 syllables:
agraria, alaria, aquaria, armeria, asteria, barbaria, batteria, bavaria, bay-area, bomarea, brujeria, bulgaria, canaria, cercaria, cetraria, chameria, dentaria, diaria, drynaria, dunarea, dzungaria, fragaria, franseria, gasteria, gesneria, herbaria, herreria, hesperia, hungaria, hysteria, interia, kaffraria, khazaria, knocknarea, land area, laquearia, launch area, leycesteria, libreria, malaria, nikaria, osteria, ovaria, pfiesteria, planaria, planariae, plumeria, progeria, pueraria, quiteria, rancheria, renteria, rhyparia, riparia, sacraria, santeria, scoparia, scuderia, septaria, silveria, slum area, spaneria, taqueria, tectaria, ulnaria, uncaria, uvaria, vangueria, wysteria, xylaria, yumeria, zakaria, zakariya, zauschneria, zonaria, zungaria

5 syllables:
acroteria, actinaria, adversaria, alliaria, allocheiria, anthimeria, araucaria, arenaria, balistraria, brachiaria, broadcast area, broca's area, camping area, capillaria, cargo area, carinaria, carpenteria, carpinteria, carrozzeria, churrascaria, cineraria, comancheria, coriaria, coronaria, cortaderia, crotalaria, cryptomeria, desideria, digitaria, dining area, dominaria, drainage area, echeveria, echeverria, equal-area, farming area, fenestraria, fibularia, fondiaria, fouquieria, frigidaria, frontal area, funeraria, grossularia, habenaria, honoraria, insectaria, kiggelaria, lacunaria, lagenaria, lavanderia, ligularia, loading area, luminaria, macrocheiria, matricaria, mercenaria, miliaria, militaria, motor area, myrciaria, nebularia, oceanaria, parking area, pasticceria, periferia, persicaria, petiveria, picnic area, planetaria, playing area, proletaria, pulmonaria, regularia, rural area, salumeria, sanitaria, saponaria, schengen area, seating area, service area, specularia, spergularia, spongiaria, staging area, sterling area, storage area, subject area, subularia, surface area, target area, tegenaria, termitaria, urban area, vallisneria, viminaria, waiting area

6 syllables:
actiniaria, al-iskandariyah, ambulacraria, armamentaria, auricularia, avicularia, ciociaria, cortical area, disaster area, finanziaria, laguncularia, madreporaria, megalocheiria, metacercaria, microfilariae, parietaria, pellicularia, reticularia, sansevieria, suburban area, tubercularia, vesicularia, visual area

7 syllables:
acephalocheiria, acetabularia, appendicularia, auditory area, conversion hysteria, excitable area, exhibition area, force per unit area, geographic area, homoeomeria, inmobiliaria, list of lakes by area, residential area, valetudinaria

8 syllables:
acephalogasteria, amanita muscaria, anxiety hysteria, association area, geographical area, greater tokyo area, greater toronto area, kabardino-balkaria, list of islands by area, san francisco bay area

10 syllables:
new york metropolitan area

11 syllables:
washington metropolitan area

12 syllables:
covid-19 pandemic in bulgaria

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (139 results)

3 syllables:
aria, chorea, coria, curia, gloria, moria, moriah, myria, myria-, noria, pyuria, sauria, scoria, sharia, spirea, syria, thoria, uriah, varia, zaria

4 syllables:
algeria, anuria, aporia, aquaria, argyria, arteria, assyria, bacteria, calvaria, cercaria, chyluria, cnidaria, criteria, diphtheria, dysphoria, dysuria, egeria, emporia, etruria, euphoria, eutheria, filaria, gaultheria, iberia, illyria, liberia, liguria, listeria, manchuria, nigeria, nocturia, nycturia, peloria, peoria, phillyrea, planaria, plumeria, polyuria, porphyria, pretoria, progeria, pyuria, siberia, talaria, trattoria, valkyrie, victoria, wistaria, wisteria

5 syllables:
actinaria, adularia, alfilaria, alstroemeria, araucaria, azoturia, bacteriuria, cafeteria, calceolaria, cineraria, convallaria, crotalaria, cryptomeria, cystinuria, dioscorea, eubacteria, fistularia, fritillaria, glucosuria, glycosuria, hematuria, infusoria, ketonuria, laminaria, metatheria, oliguria, phosphaturia, plesiosauria, polyuria, proteinuria, prototheria, pterosauria, sanguinaria, sansevieria, saponaria, scrophularia, scutellaria, turbellaria, urticaria

6 syllables:
acetonuria, albuminuria, alcyonaria, alkaptonuria, alstroemeria, anisocoria, archaebacteria, auricularia, bacteriuria, calceolaria, cnidaria, halobacteria, ichthyosauria, lepidosauria, madreporaria, mycobacteria, phantasmagoria, plesiosauria, proteinuria, pterosauria, radiolaria, umbellularia, utricularia

7 syllables:
appendicularia, cyanobacteria, enterobacteria, hemoglobinuria, homocystinuria, hypercalciuria, phenylketonuria

8 syllables:

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