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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

4 letters:
iles, ries, rile, rise, ryle

5 letters:
ailes, biles, byles, diles, files, giles, gyles, hiles, illes, isles, jiles, kyles, liles, lyles, miles, myles, niles, piles, pyles, rails, rales, ralls, rawls, reels, reihl, rides, riled, riley, rimes, rines, rives, roles, rolls, rules, ruyle, ryley, rynes, seils, tiles, viles, wiles, wryly, wyles, rials, riles, liles, lyles, lyres, rials, riles

6 letters:
aisles, briles, chiles, guiles, kyle's, lyle's, nilles, rail's, rales', rawles, reilly, rhines, rhymes, rhynes, rill's, roll's, rowles, rule's, sheils, tilles, weil's, whiles, willes, lisles, lyle's

7 letters:
riley's, weill's

8 letters:

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