Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baetz, beats, beets, beitz, bietz, cheats, chutes, deats, deets, deetz, deitz, dietz, eats, feats, gaetz, heat's, heats, keats, keatts, keitz, leitz, lietz, meats, meets, meitz, neitz, paetz, peat's, peet's, peets, peetz, peitz, pete's, pietz, raetz, reetz, rietz, schatz, schertz, schiess, schott's, schuetz, schuetze, schutz, seat's, seats, shatz, sheeks, sheep's, sheeps, sheet, sheik's, sheiks, shiites, shirts, shoots, shots, shotts, shouts, shurtz, shutes, shuts, shutts, szeto, teats, teets, tietz, viets, weitz, yeatts, zeitz, zietz, scheets, scheetz, sheats, sheetz, c.p.s, caedes, cedes, ceibs, cepes, cetes, ce ics, c pes, feats, feeds, fetes, fickes, figgs, figs, fipps, fipse, fits, fitts, fitz, fix, fyttes, phibbs, phigs, phipps, phips, phoebes, psats, pseuds, scheets, scheetz, seat's, seats, sedes, seed's, seeds, seeks, seeps, segues, seix, sekes, sheats, sheeks, sheep's, sheeps, sheetz, sheik's, sheikhs, sheiks, shikse, ship's, shipp's, shipps, ships, ships', sicks, sid's, sids, sigcse, sikhs, sips, sits, sitts, sitz, sitze, six, ssi cs, thebes, veeps, vic's, vicks, vieques, viets, zeitz, zietz, zipf, zips

See sheets used in context: 100+ rhymes, 18 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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