Words and phrases that rhyme with special drawing rights:   (491 results)

1 syllable:
aites, bights, bites, blights, bright's, brights, bytes, cites, clites, crites, dights, dites, faites, feitz, fights, fites, flight's, flights, frights, geitz, greitz, grites, heights, heitz, hites, kites, knight's, knights, kytes, light's, lights, lites, lytes, mights, mites, night's, nights, nights', nites, plights, reits, reitz, right's, rights', rite's, rites, seitz, shites, sights, site's, sites, sleights, slights, smites, spites, sprites, stites, tights, trites, twites, white's, whites, wights, wright's, wrights, writes

2 syllables:
aetites, affrights, albright's, alights, alytes, anights, arknights, ascites, backbites, backlights, backsights, barytes, benights, bereits, birthrights, bobwhites, bombsights, bumfights, cainites, campsites, cartwrights, catfights, charites, cheapflights, chondrites, clevite's, close-fights, cockfights, comites, cormophytes, d'lites, dacites, daylights, deadlights, delights, dogfights, downlights, dunites, echites, equites, esquites, euchites, evites, ex-rights, excites, fainites, fanlights, firefights, fistfights, flashlights, fleabites, floodlights, fomites, footlights, foresights, fortnights, frostbites, ghostlights, ghostwrites, gobshites, goodnights, graphites, gunfights, gunsights, headlights, highlights, hindsight's, hittites, hivites, hoplites, horites, houselights, hussites, ignites, incites, indites, insights, invites, jadeites, keraites, lechites, lignites, limelights, lowlights, luddites, malrite's, marmites, melkites, midnights, millwrights, moonlights, nephites, nerites, neurites, nightlights, non-whites, nonwhites, oolites, ophites, orites, outfights, phosphites, playwright's, playwrights, polites, porites, quartzites, quirites, ratites, recites, requites, rewrites, safelights, samnites, sclerites, searchlights, servites, shiites, shipwrights, sidelights, skylights, skylites, snakebites, somites, sorites, soundbites, spaceflights, spilites, sporophytes, spotlights, starlights, steatites, sticktights, stoplights, streetlights, stylites, subsites, sulfites, sulphites, taillights, tektites, tergites, thersites, thyrsites, tonight's, torchlights, trachytes, twilights, twinlights, typewrites, unites, uprights, website's, websites, weeknights, wheelwrights, zoophytes

3 syllables:
aaronites, acolytes, aconites, adamites, adnanites, alawites, alphasights, ambloplites, ammodytes, ammonites, amorites, ampholytes, analytes, anchorites, andesites, anthracites, apartheid's, apatites, appetites, argillites, armalites, arsenites, arvanites, ashurites, astrocytes, baculites, bedlamites, belemnites, bentonites, biotites, blatherskites, blinkenlights, borborites, bryophytes, calamites, canaanites, canachites, carmelites, catamites, cenobites, cherethites, choanocytes, chondrocytes, civil-rights, clintonites, columbites, coprolites, copyrights, crystallites, dalmanites, darbyites, daylamites, de-excites, diorites, disunites, dolerites, dolomite's, dolomites, draconites, dynamites, edomites, elamites, elcesaites, endophytes, ephraimites, epiphytes, eremites, exabytes, expedites, extradites, fahrenheit's, fatimites, fly-by-nights, freedomites, fulgurites, geophytes, gibeonites, gigabytes, haemocytes, halysites, hampshirites, hashemites, hematites, hemocytes, hephthalites, hitlerites, hutterites, irvingites, ishmaelites, israelites, jacobites, japhetites, jaredites, kadmonites, keralites, kharijites, khurramites, kidarites, kilobytes, kohathites, korahites, labourites, lamanites, laterites, lazarites, leucocytes, leukocytes, lillywhites, lithophytes, lymphocytes, macrocytes, macrophytes, malwarebytes, marcionites, maronites, megabytes, mennonites, merarites, microlights, migmatites, minorites, moabites, monocytes, morganites, moules-frites, muscovites, myocytes, naderites, naxalites, nazarites, nazirites, neophytes, neurocytes, ninevites, nummulites, obotrites, oceanites, oocytes, overbites, overflights, overnights, oversights, overwrites, parasites, parnellites, pegmatites, pelethites, pentremites, pericytes, perizzites, petabytes, petasites, phagocytes, phosphorites, phreatophytes, plebiscites, podocytes, preterites, pteridophytes, reaganites, rechabites, reignites, reunites, rhyolites, saprophytes, satellite's, satellites, schistocytes, selenites, semi-heights, sennights, socialites, spherocytes, spherulites, stalactites, stalagmites, sybarites, taborites, taconites, tantalites, terabytes, thallophytes, thomasites, thrombocytes, thymocytes, trilobites, troglodytes, trotskyites, underbites, underwrites, urbanites, xerophytes, xionites, zeolites, zettabytes

4 syllables:
acanthocytes, achondrites, adipocytes, adullamites, aleurites, amalekites, amoebocytes, animal-rights, aptenodytes, b-lymphocytes, betsiamites, catabolites, chamaephytes, coenobites, cosmopolites, dermatophytes, ebionites, electrocytes, electrolytes, enterocytes, erythrocytes, evaporites, gametocytes, gametophytes, granulocytes, heleodytes, hepatocytes, hermaphrodites, himyarites, histiocytes, macowanites, madreporites, mccarthyites, melanocytes, metabolites, meteorites, midianites, myelocytes, myrmecophytes, new-hampshirites, oligoplites, ophiolites, orbitolites, osteocytes, overexcites, pituicytes, qedarites, spermatocytes, stakhanovites, stromatolites, suburbanites, theodolites, toxorhynchites, uraninites, vancouverites, variolites, wyomingites

5 syllables:
agranulocytes, antisocialites, archimandrites, ectoparasites, hemiparasites, hyperparasites, keratinocytes, macroparasites, microparasites, microsatellites

6 syllables:
antimetabolites, cardiomyocytes, hydroxyapatites, megakaryocytes, oligodendrocytes, polyelectrolytes

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (33 results)

1 syllable:
bice, de-ice, deice, dice, gneiss, ice, lice, mice, nice, price, rice, seise, slice, speiss, spice, splice, thrice, tice, trice, twice, vice, vise

2 syllables:
advice, complice, concise, device, devise, entice, excise, precise, suffice

3 syllables:
overnice, overprice

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