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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

attack, ptak, sac, sack, sak, slack, smack, snack, spack, spak, staack, stab, stac's, stach, stacie, stacked, stacker, stacks, staff, stag, stagg, stahnke, stahr, stake, stalk, stam, stamm, stan, stang, stank, stanke, stann, stapp, stash, stat, steak, stec, stech, steck, sterk, steuck, stick, stock, stocke, stoke, stokke, strack, stracke, stuck, stucke, stueck, sturc, tac, tack, tacke, tak, stack, -spot, -stat, fp at, scab, scad, scat, scatt, scot, scott, skatt, skog, skok, skop, spaad, spaak, spack, spak, spat, spock, spot, spott, staab, staack, staat, stab, stacc, stack, stadd, stag, stagg, stapp, stat, statt, stobbe, stock, stocke, stokke, stop, stopp, stott, vtach, zz top

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