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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, behr, caire, care, chair, cher, dare, darr, derr, fair, faire, fare, fehr, ferre, gair, gare, gehr, guerre, hair, haire, hairr, hare, hehr, herr, herre, kahre, kehr, knerr, lair, lare, lehr, mair, maire, mare, mehr, mer, nair, ne'er, pair, pare, pear, phair, rare, reher, sare, sayre, schehr, scherr, sehr, serr, share, sherr, stair, stare, stehr, sterr, tar, tara, taro, tarr, tarry, teare, tears, tebbe, tec, tech, teck, ted, teer, tegge, tek, tel, tell, temme, ten, teng, teri, terra, terre, terri, terrie, terror, terry, tesch, tesh, tess, tet, tete, their, there, they're, tier, tor, tore, torr, torre, tour, traer, ture, tyre, ware, wear, wehr, werre, where, zehr, 'til, baehr, baer, bahr, bail, baile, baille, bair, bale, balle, bare, bayle, beal, beale, beall, bear, beare, beel, beele, beer, beere, behl, behr, beil, beile, bel, bell, belle, bere, berle, beyl, beyle, bheel, biehl, biel, bier, biere, bihl, bil, bill, birle, burl, burle, cail, caill, caille, caire, cale, calle, care, curl, dail, daile, daire, dale, dare, darr, dayle, deahl, deal, deale, dear, deare, deel, deer, deere, del, dell, delle, derr, derre, diehl, diel, diele, dill, dille, gael, gaelle, gail, gaile, gair, gale, galle, gare, gayal, gayle, gear, geer, gehl, gere, gheel, ghyll, gil, gill, girl, guayule, guel, guerre, guill, kael, kahre, kail, kale, kayle, keal, kear, kearl, keel, keele, kehl, kehr, keil, keir, kell, kelle, kerl, keyer, kheel, kheer, kiehl, kiel, kier, kierre, kill, kille, kir, kpelle, pail, paille, pair, paire, pale, palle, pare, peal, peale, pear, pearl, pearle, peel, peele, peer, pehl, peil, pell, pelle, perl, perle, perrl, pe ell, piehl, piel, piele, pier, pihl, pil, pill, pille, tail, taille, taire, tale, talle, teal, teale, teall, teare, teeal, teel, teele, teer, tel, tell, telle, terre, tier, tiere, til, till, tille, ttyll

See tear used in context: 100+ rhymes, 63 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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