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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

treated, trotten

-cratic, -tropic, blackett, black heat, black hood, black kid, black up, blatted, block it, block up, blotted, blot up, brabec, bracket, brackett, bradded, braddock, bragget, braquet, brocket, brockett, cladded, claggett, clap up, clock up, clodagh, clog up, cloquet, clotted, crack-up, crackup, crack up, craddock, cradduck, cradic, cradock, crap up, cratic, crocket, crockett, crock up, crop up, drabbet, drabek, drabik, drackett, dracut, drag it, drag up, drapet, dratted, drop it, drop pit, gladded, gladdock, glad it, glottic, grabat, grab it, placket, plagate, plakat, platted, plodded, plotted, pratap, pratic, probit, prodded, prodoc, progid, prop up, protec, track up, tradic, tradoc, tragique, tropic

See trotted used in context: several books and articles.

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