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theropod, apelike, australopithecus africanus, hominid, psittacosaurus, paranthropus, australopithecus, ichthyosaurs, erectus, theropod dinosaur, camarasaurus, gracile, tetrapod, monotremes, tyrannosaur, quadrupedal, homo erectus, hominoids, flatfishes, genus australopithecus, sauropods, habilis, tyrannosaurus, sauropod dinosaur, braincase, apatosaurus, protoceratops, homo habilis, bipedalism, hadrosaur, baleen whale, archeopteryx, africanus, iguanodon, edmontosaurus, archaeopteryx, anthropoids, allosaurus, peccary, genus homo, ornithopod, sifaka, coelophysis, chordates, pterosaur, herbivorous, stegosaurs, forelimbs, jawless, crocodilian, robustus, trilobite, canid, neandertal, aurochs, sapiens, triceratops, australopithecus afarensis, biped, colobus, horned dinosaur, smilodon, conodonts, placental mammal, plesiosaur, mosasaur, crania, placentals, brachiosaurus, panthera leo, eoraptor, giraffa camelopardalis, stegodon, coprolite, mandrill, arthropod, ceratopsian, insectivore, diplodocus, embryological, baculum, devonian period, vertebrate, toothed whale, pygmy chimpanzee, woolly rhinoceros, eukaryote, columbian mammoth, gastropod, mole rat, utahraptor, raptorial, metazoans, ankylosaurus, deinonychus, ambystoma, thighbones, caecilians, dimetrodon, microcephalic, giganteus, placoderm, hominids, primate, amphibian, amphibians, australopithecines, homo, ape, mammal, marsupials, primates, ruminants, vertebrates, apes, neanderthal, hominoid, anthropoid, pongid, prehuman, reptilian, fossil, subadult, dinosaurian, palaeolithic, ungulate, chordate, mousterian, paleolithic

More specific:
australopithecus afarensis, australopithecus africanus, australopithecus boisei, australopithecus robustus, genus paranthropus, genus zinjanthropus, paranthropus, zinjanthropus

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— Nouns for australopithecine: fossils, species, skull, sites, teeth, ancestors, site, specimens, stage, bones, more...

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