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Often used in the same context:
puppy, pooch, cat, golden retriever, beagle, pup, chihuahua, canines, pet, schnauzer, dachshund, border collie, rottweiler, bullmastiff, cocker spaniel, basset hound, sheltie, shih tzu, collie, bull mastiff, bull terrier, terrier, fox terrier, pug, labrador, kennel, springer spaniel, kitten, poodle, doggie, miniature poodle, doberman, animal, cockapoo, german shepherd, mastiff, labrador retriever, english springer spaniel, mutt, malamute, dalmatian, alaskan malamute, miniature pinscher, spaniel, alsatian, yorkie, great pyrenees, pomeranian, schipperke, brittany spaniel, boston terrier, great dane, sharpei, samoyed, irish setter, cairn terrier, rhodesian ridgeback, bulldog, lurcher, weimaraner, miniature schnauzer, lhasa apso, sheepdog, coyote, dalmation, corgi, pit bull terrier, tabby, feline, pekinese, keeshond, llama, coonhound, vizsla, rabbit, basset, cocker, papillon, calico cat, akita, english bulldog, foxhound, bloodhound, kelpie, greyhound, standard poodle, wolfhound, ridgeback, silky terrier, rat terrier, hound dog, retriever, shetland sheepdog, puggle, airedale terrier, doberman pinscher, toy poodle, littermate, pinscher, labradoodle, irish wolfhound, kitties, dogs, donkey, goat, bear, cow, fox, ox, boy, parrot, pigeon, pony, rooster, bunny, duck, monkey, sleepy, doggy, reptile, snake, deer, drowsy, elephant, horse, reindeer, squirrel, whale, wolf, ass, bitten, camel, fish, girl, jackal

More specific:
basenji, belgian griffon, bow-wow, brussels griffon, carriage dog, coach dog, corgi, cur, dalmatian, doggie, doggy, great pyrenees, griffon, hound, hunt, hunting dog, lapdog, mexican hairless, mongrel, mutt, newfoundland, perisher, pooch, poodle, poodle dog, pug, pug-dog, quest, run down, spitz, toy, toy dog, trace, welsh corgi, working dog

Appears in the definition of:
., absurd, affenpinscher, agropyron, alaskan malamute, anthemis, appealing, astonishing, badger dog, bar, bark, barking frog, belgian sheepdog, belgian shepherd, bench, bernese mountain dog, bird dog, borzoi, bow-wow, boxer, bristle, brittany spaniel, canicular, canis aureus, canis dingo, carry, cerberus, chafe, champion, check, chihuahua, collar, coondog, coydog, crab-eating dog, crab-eating fox, cuon, cuon alpinus, cur, curtal, cyon, dachshund, dachsie, dawn horse, deep-chested, deerhound, destroy, dhole, dingo, doberman, doberman pinscher, dog's breakfast, dog-eared, dog-tired, dogcart, doggie bag, doggy bag, doggy do, doghouse, dogleg, doglike, dogtrot, dog bite, dog collar, dog do, dog house, dog paddle, dog tag, dog turd, dusicyon, dusicyon cancrivorus, eared, eat, elkhound, eohippus, eskimo dog, fearful, feist, fetch, fice, genus agropyron, genus anthemis, genus cuon, genus cyon, genus dusicyon, genus lycaeon, german short-haired pointer, great dane, greyhound, guard dog, guide dog, gun dog, hearing dog, heliac, heliacal, hellhound, hound, hound dog, housedog, hungarian pointer, hunting dog, husky, hylactophryne augusti, italian greyhound, jackal, keeshond, kennel, kick, kitty litter, komondor, kuvasz, lap, lapdog, leonberg, lick, lycaeon, malamute, malemute, mastiff, mongrel, monkey dog, monkey pinscher, murderously, musher, mutt, muzzle, norwegian elkhound, nose, nyctereutes procyonides, paddle, pariah dog, perked, pie-dog, place, plumy, pointer, police dog, poodle, poodle dog, punish, pup, puppy, pye-dog, quarantine, quest, raccoon dog, retriever, rhodesian ridgeback, robber frog, russian wolfhound, sad, saint bernard, samoyed, samoyede, scottish deerhound, security, seeing-eye dog, seizure-alert dog, set, setter, shag, shed, sheepdog, sheep dog, shepherd dog, shih-tzu, short-haired, show, siberian husky, sic, silent, size, sledge dog, sled dog, snatch, spanish pointer, sporting dog, spry, staffordshire bullterrier, staffordshite bull terrier, st bernard, tame, thunder, tibetan mastiff, toy terrier, train, trip line, underbred, uneaten, upstage, vizla, wag, warragal, warrigal, watch, watchdog, water dog, water spaniel, whelp, whippet, yelp, yelping

Part of:
rachet, ratch, ratchet

More general:
blighter, canid, canine, catch, chap, cuss, disagreeable woman, fella, fellow, follow, gent, lad, pursue, scoundrel, stop, support, unpleasant woman, villain

andiron, blackguard, bounder, cad, canis familiaris, chase, chase after, click, detent, dogiron, domestic dog, firedog, frump, go after, heel, hound, pawl, tag, tail, track, trail

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