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lactating, phlegmy, sweet, wet

Often used in the same context:
wet, moist, damp, parched, unwatered, rainless, droughty, warm, cloudy, cold, arid, humid, blistery, moistened, soggy, semidry, coolish, rainy, blowy, windy, soaked, dehumidified, edible bean, desiccating, sunny, tannic acid, clayey, windless, temperate, unburnt, summerlike, claggy, moister, chilly, acidic, slicken, calamine, salty, showery, epsom salts, mildewy, discolored, unplanted, limed, frost, topdress, caking, colorfast, barren, waterlogged, paper toweling, unploughed, buffel grass, irrigated, balmier, foggy, cultivatable, peaty, breezeless, unsown, scorching, inclement, saturated, sterno, sitz bath, disked, manured, thundery, puddling, sphagnum, stemmy, hot, sandy, toasty, castor sugar, troweled, snowlike, weatherwise, hydrated, xeric, unmelted, springlike, thick, gelid, lightish, overcast, chalky, sodden, unswept, perfumy, leaf scorch, misted, rooty, sphagnum moss, chapped, grassless, dehydrating, frost heaving, radiational, boggy, thermic, prussic acid, burnt, coke, ashes, hard, lime, serve, can, clean, cool, heavy, lick, drink, go, inside, kerosene, put, driest, drier, dryest, wetter, coldest, colder, wettest, drv, hotter, warmer

More specific:
air, blow-dry, crust, dehumidify, dehydrate, desicate, dessicate, drip-dry, dry out, dry up, parch, rough-dry, run dry, scorch, sear, spin-dry, spray-dry, tumble

Appears in the definition of:
., aa, achene, achenial, adapin, adobe, adobe brick, aestivation, agrimonia eupatoria, air, air-dried, airing cupboard, air conditioner, air conditioning, allionia incarnata, alluvion, ambrosia psilostachya, american columbo, american gentian, american persimmon, american turkey oak, ammonium chloride, amontillado, anastatica hierochuntica, apple of peru, ardeb, armagnac, artemisia frigida, bagasse, bake, baked, baking, barrel cactus, bastard pimpernel, bathing cap, bath towel, beach towel, beaujolais, beefsteak plant, beef plant, bise, bitter, bize, blot, blotter, blotting paper, blow, blow-dry, blue sage, boletus chrysenteron, boletus variipes, bombacaceae, bone-drya, bone dryp, british capacity unit, brown onion sauce, brut, buchloe dactyloides, buffalo gourd, buffalo grass, bulnesia sarmienti, bushel, cacodyl, cactus euphorbia, calabazilla, calvados, canister, cannister, capsule, carlina vulgaris, caryopsis, castilleja chromosa, chablis, chaffweed, chaldron, chap, chaparral pea, chardonnay, chianti, chicken feed, chilopsis linearis, chinook, chinook wind, chloris gayana, christ's-thorn, chrysopsis villosa, claret, cleaner, cleaners, clianthus formosus, clianthus speciosus, clitocybe dealbata, clothesline, colpoxerosis, columbo, common carline thistle, congius, conic waxycap, cortinarius semisanguineus, craniometry, crisp, cryptotermes, cryptotermes brevis, cucurbita foetidissima, cured, deer's-ear, deer's-ears, deluge, demi-glaze, demiglace, desert paintbrush, desert pea, desert willow, desquamate, diospyros virginiana, doura, dourah, doxepin, doxepin hydrochloride, drachm, drily, drip-dry, drosophyllum lusitanicum, dry-bulb thermometer, dry-rot, dry-shod, dryly, dry battery, dry cleaner, dry cleaners, dry ice, dry measure, dry mop, dry out, dry pint, dry point, dry quart, dry rot, dry unit, dry up, dry vermouth, dry wash, durra, dust, dustmop, dust mop, dwarf gray willow, eastman, egyptian corn, epha, ephah, eriophyllum lanatum, eschar, estivation, euphorbia ingens, face towel, false pimpernel, family bombacaceae, family simaroubaceae, flashlight battery, floating dock, floating dry dock, flood, fluidounce, fluidram, fluid drachm, fluid dram, fluid ounce, foehn, fohn, foul-weather gear, freeze-dry, french vermouth, freshwater cordgrass, fulminate of mercury, fulminating mercury, gallon, geastrum, genus amorpha, genus cryptotermes, genus ephedra, genus fusarium, genus geastrum, george eastman, gill, glume, golden yarrow, grain, grass, grouse, guinea corn, gymnopilus validipes, hairy golden aster, hand towel, hard, harvest-lice, haycock, heart, helianthemum, heterotheca villosa, hull, hunter's sauce, hygrocybe acutoconica, hygrodeik, hygrophorus russula, hymenoxys acaulis, ichthyosis, ignite, imperial capacity unit, imperial gallon, indian millet, inundation, iresine herbstii, iresine reticulata, irrigation, irrigation ditch, itch, jerusalem thorn, job, jonah, kaoliang, kind, korean lespedeza, laconically, leak fungus, legionnaires' disease, lespedeza stipulacea, lotion, lyonnaise sauce, lyophilise, lyophilize, macon, maconnais, manzanilla, manzanita, martini, matricaria tchihatchewii, mercury fulminate, merlot, minim, missouri gourd, mix, mountain rice, muesli, mummify, muscadet, myxedema, myxoedema, naboom, nicandra physaloides, oryzopsis hymenoides, oyster cracker, pack, paliurus spina-christi, paloverde, palo santo, papier-mache, parmesan, peck, perennial ragweed, pickeringia montana, pigment, pinot blanc, pinot chardonnay, pinot noir, pint, pityriasis, plate rack, pomelo, popcorn, possumwood, powder-post termite, prairie cordgrass, prairie golden aster, prairie gourd, prairie gourd vine, prairie sagewort, prairie willow, premix, psoriasis, psychrometer, puddle, pyramid plant, quart, quassia family, quercus laevis, red bordeaux, reflux condenser, remain, resurrection plant, rhizopus stolonifer, rhodes grass, riesling, ring rot fungus, rioja, roast, roasted, roasting, rockrose, rock rose, roentgen, rose of jericho, rough-dry, rumex acetosella, rustle, sack, sage willow, salix humilis, salix tristis, saltbush, salvia azurea, sal ammoniac, santa ana, sapless, sauce chausseur, schizocarp, scleroderma bovista, scorch, scorching, scorpion, scratch, scrub oak, sear, sec, selaginella lepidophylla, shaddock, shallu, sheep's sorrel, sheep sorrel, sherry, shock, shoo fly, short-grass, shortgrass, shower cap, silkgrass, silk grass, simaroubaceae, sinequan, slough grass, smitane, smooth earthball, snow eater, soave, sop, sorghum vulgare rosburghii, spartina pectinmata, spin-dry, spin drier, spin dryer, spotter, spray-dry, stemless hymenoxys, stick, stingaree-bush, sturt's desert pea, sturt pea, sunrose, sun rose, sweet-potato ring rot, swimming cap, tce, tetramethyldiarsine, tetraneuris acaulis, tin, towel, trailing four o'clock, trailing windmills, tramontana, tramontane, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, tripleurospermum tchihatchewii, tumble, tumble dry, turfing daisy, turkey oak, united states dry unit, unsweet, verdicchio, volvariella bombycina, vouvray, wadi, wash, western ragweed, white burgundy, wild pumpkin, wormwood sage, xerophytic, zea mays everta, zinfandel

More general:
change, crusader, meliorist, reformer, reformist, resister

adust, alcoholic, arid, baked, bone-dry, bone dry, brut, desiccated, dried, dried-out, dried-up, dry-eyed, dry-shod, dry out, humorous, humourous, ironic, ironical, juiceless, milkless, parched, plain, prohibitionist, rainless, scorched, sear, sec, semiarid, sere, shriveled, shrivelled, sober, solid, sunbaked, tearless, teetotal, thirsty, unemotional, unexciting, unproductive, unstimulating, unsweet, waterless, withered, wry

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