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adscript, higher-up, superior, superordinate, superscript

Often used in the same context:
superior, substandard, mediocre, uncompetitive, unworthy, deficient, unequal, shoddy, unattractive, poorer, overpriced, inadequate, disadvantageous, crappy, unsatisfactory, subpar, abysmal, unimpressive, lousy, unfair, uninspired, inefficacious, lowlier, unsuitable, identical, unmotivated, biased, outdated, unpractical, crummy, flawed, impotent, obsolete, cruddy, irrelevant, incompatible, indifferent, cheaper, outmoded, ineffective, equal, pitiful, indistinguishable, unmarketable, unqualified, uninspiring, spiritless, unappealing, demeaning, unimaginative, dissimilar, better, inferiority complex, unauthentic, lackluster, prejudiced, advantaged, unsuited, inapt, woeful, inconsistent, inept, undesirable, degraded, unmanly, defective, envious, undeserving, insipid, uninteresting, imbalanced, obsolescent, unadventurous, worthless, unbeatable, unloved, inequitable, weaker, vice versa, decent, useless, unbalanced, unsurpassable, archaic, unfriendly, pathetic, polygynous, bulkier, unappreciative, theirs, unfit, overinflated, unkosher, soulless, unproven, inedible, inviable, unaccepted, inauthentic, dissatisfying, unsafe, unfashionable, central, suffice, hostile, inferiors, intervenes, oblique, well, approximate, belonging, correspond, deserving, equals, failings, simple, spiritual, upper, avail, comprise, con, rior, inferiour, anterior, posterior, humbler, lateral, medial, superiour, caudal, dorsal, fuperior, lower, rostral, sentient, cephalic, occipital

Appears in the definition of:
., adulterate, alloyed, aristolochiales, backseat, base, behind, black apricot, black diamond, black spruce, bluff, bluff out, bombax ceiba, bombax malabarica, carbonado, central vein of suprarenal gland, certiorari, check, clannish, cliquish, clubby, coarse, cod oil, commercial, common, common iliac vein, conceive, condescension, cull, cur, debase, decay, declension, declination, decline, decline in quality, deterioration, dilute, disadvantage, disdainfulness, downhill, dreck, epigon, epigone, ersatz, ficus sycomorus, german chamomile, gift horse, gnathion, gum-lac, hooch, hootch, humble, inferiority, inferior cerebellar artery, inferior pulmonary vein, japanese plum, jerry-building, jerry-built, junior-grade, left-handed, low, low-grade, lower, lower-ranking, lower rank, lower status, lowly, low quality, low status, manky, matricaria chamomilla, matricaria recutita, meanly, mediocre, mesalliance, minor, minor suit, modest, mongrel, morganatic, mulberry fig, mutt, off year, order aristolochiales, order rubiales, order santalales, ovarian vein, passive matrix display, pettya, picea mariana, plonk, poetiser, poetizer, poor, portacaval shunt, prunus dasycarpa, prunus salicina, puny, purple apricot, red silk-cotton tree, red silk cotton, reject, relegation, rhymer, rhymester, rotgut, rubbishy, rubiales, runty, santalales, schlock, schlockmeister, scrawny, scrubby, second-class, second-rate, secondary, shlock, shlockmeister, shoddy, shrimpy, sigmoid vein, simal, sirrah, slum, slum area, small, snobbish, snobby, spruce pine, stretch, stunted, subaltern, subordinate, substitute, superciliousness, superior court, sweet false chamomile, sycamore, sycamore fig, third-rater, tinpota, trashy, underbred, utility-grade, utilitya, vena centralis glandulae suprarenalis, vena ovarica, vena pulmanalis inferior, vena sigmoideus, veneer, veneering, versifier, visually handicapped person, vomer, wild chamomile, worse, worsening, writ of certiorari

More general:
character, follower, grapheme, graphic symbol

bad, base, bum, cardboard, cheap, cheapjack, cheesy, chintzy, coarse, coarsened, commercial, common, crummy, deficient, deplorable, execrable, flimsy, humble, indifferent, junior, junior-grade, less, low, low-grade, low-level, lower, lower-ranking, lowly, mediocre, middle-level, miserable, modest, nonstandard, outclassed, petty, poor, punk, ropey, ropy, scrawny, scrubby, second-class, second-rate, secondary, shoddy, sleazy, small, stunted, subaltern, subordinate, subscript, substandard, tawdry, third-rate, tinny, utility, utility-grade, woeful, wretched

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— Nouns for inferior: cava, quality, artery, courts, position, status, border, surface, race, nerve, more...

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