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calamus, quill, shaft, vane, web

Often used in the same context:
pelage, feathers, underparts, coloration, pileated, eyespots, iridescence, chipping sparrow, molt, grosbeaks, orchard oriole, thrushes, redshank, western tanager, songbirds, catkins, lesser yellowlegs, underwings, indigo bunting, willow warbler, swallowtails, phoebes, siskin, passerines, finches, ovenbird, baltimore oriole, fritillaries, colouration, redstart, ruddy turnstone, glaucous gull, pine siskin, bobolinks, towhees, dowitchers, dunlin, bowerbirds, blackcap, kinglets, sandpipers, beak, waxwings, goldfinches, junco, shrike, roseate spoonbill, agouti, gray catbird, wagtails, brown creeper, turnstones, finch, yellowlegs, tundra swan, rufus, flycatchers, chiffchaff, tanagers, petrels, bullfinch, winter wren, forewings, birds, chaffinch, striped skunk, vireos, sparrow hawk, phalaropes, chaffinches, yellow warbler, vesper sparrow, purple gallinule, sphinx moth, orioles, damselfly, crossbill, summer tanager, ruddy duck, scarlet tanager, dewlap, sandhill crane, curlew, downy woodpecker, kingbird, dickcissel, ringneck, haliaeetus, purple finch, variegation, stag beetle, avocet, fantails, spruce grouse, warblers, buffleheads, merganser, sifaka, reed warbler, greenshank, spotted sandpiper, nightjar, colours, tints, hues, foliage, draperies, drapery, feather, green, colors, colour, colouring, livery, mantles, scarlet, shawls, uniforms, bloom, feet, underside, blotchy, mottled, abdomen, dull, fuscous, lustreless, mandible, purplish, ashy, bluish, brownish, buffy, coppery, dirty, duller, dusky, forewing

More specific:
aftershaft, alula, bastard wing, contour feather, down, flight feather, hackle, marabou, pinion, quill, quill feather, scapular, sickle feather, spurious wing

Appears in the definition of:
alcedo atthis, andean condor, ardea herodius, black-necked stilt, black-winged stilt, black swan, blue goose, broadbill, brown thrasher, brown thrush, bucephela albeola, bufflehead, butterball, caprimulgid, caprimulgus vociferus, cardinal, cardinalis cardinalis, cardinal grosbeak, chen, chen caerulescens, chough, cochin, cochin china, cock of the rock, common starling, crow blackbird, cygnus atratus, dark-eyed junco, dipper, distinguishing, dominick, dominique, downy woodpecker, euphagus carilonus, eurasian kingfisher, fairy swallow, falco columbarius, feathered, firebird, fledged, full-fledged, fully fledged, goatsucker, goldfinch, grackle, great blue heron, griffon, griffon vulture, grus americana, guinea, guinea fowl, gyps fulvus, himantopus himantopus, himantopus himantopus leucocephalus, himantopus mexicanus, hummingbird, jacamar, junco hyemalis, kakatoe leadbeateri, mature, merlin, momot, motmot, muscicapa grisola, muscicapa striata, new world goldfinch, nightjar, numida meleagris, phasianus colchicus, phylloscopus sibilatrix, pigeon hawk, pink cockatoo, ptarmigan, purple gallinule, pyrocephalus rubinus mexicanus, quetzal, quetzal bird, redbird, richmondena cardinalis, ring-necked pheasant, ring blackbird, ring ouzel, ring thrush, rupicola rupicola, rusty blackbird, rusty grackle, saxicola torquata, sea swallow, sheldrake, slate-colored junco, spinus tristis, spotted flycatcher, spotted owl, sterna hirundo, stonechat, stork, storm petrel, strix occidentalis, sturnus vulgaris, subgenus chen, swan, thrush, tody, toxostoma rufums, tricolor, trogon, trumpeter, turdus torquatus, vermillion flycatcher, vivid, vultur gryphus, whippoorwill, white-headed stilt, whooper, whooping crane, wood hoopoe, wood warbler, yellowbird

Part of:

More general:
body covering

feather, plume

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— Adjectives for plumage: full, white, brilliant, black, beautiful, bright, adult, immature, brown, upper, nuptial, more...

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