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molars, fangs, incisors, dentures, bicuspids, toenails, claws, nails, fingernails, jaw, gums, cuticles, bones, whiskers, tooth enamel, nose, canine tooth, overbites, jawbones, dentition, earlobe, talons, testicles, knuckles, skull, hair, mandibles, beaks, ear lobe, lip, premolar, hooves, fillings, skin, paws, flosses, veneers, snouts, limbs, brows, gnarling, hipbones, forehead, dewclaws, fingers, cavities, tongue, teethed, pliers, malocclusion, tonsils, eyeteeth, tusks, diastema, ears, mouth, dental, jowls, scalp, gingiva, mustache, cheeks, barky, mouthparts, calluses, bonce, beady, bark, novocaine, razorblade, bodkin, throat, toes, eyelashes, nostrils, toothpick, bite, insides, dentist, eye socket, mottling, schnoz, cranium, fontanelle, eardrum, trouser leg, cartilages, scabby, radula, scalpel, noggins, cheekbones, eyeball, scutes, pubes, orthodontia, appendages, butt, toothbrush, barbels, dentine, callouses, tooth, canines, canine, legs, noses, molar, premolars, spines, fascicles, furrows, horns, incisor, knobs, laterals, mandible, feet, cerebellum, thorax, abdomen, relation, uncommonly, astonishingly, discernable, singularly, spine, sternum, abscissa, bacteria, bristle, clavicle, cochlea, cont'd, ic

Appears in the definition of:
., abocclusion, acrodont, adult tooth, aerodontalgia, aligned, alveolar arch, alveolar process, alveolar ridge, amalgam, anteater, arteria alveolaris inferior, arteria alveolaris superior, aye-aye, babiroussa, babirusa, babirussa, babyrousa babyrussa, baby tooth, bacterial plaque, barracuda, beaked whale, bicuspid, billfish, bite, bitewing, blenny, break through, bridge, bridgework, brush, brushing, bruxism, buck-toothed, burr drill, buzz saw, calculus, canine, canine tooth, capped, carcharias taurus, carious, carnassial, carnassial tooth, catfish, cement, ceratodontidae, chainsaw, chain saw, chain tongs, chain wrench, chatter, cheoplastic metal, cheoplasty, chomp, circular saw, clinched, comb, combtooth blenny, comb jelly, come out, conodont, cosmetic dentistry, crenulate, crenulated, crocodile, crown, crowned, crown saw, ctenophore, currycomb, cuspid, cutlassfish, cynodontia, daubentonia madagascariensis, decalcification, decayed, deciduous, deciduous tooth, dental, dental amalgam, dental anatomy, dental appliance, dental care, dental floss, dental hygienist, dental medicine, dental orthopaedics, dental orthopedics, dental plaque, dental plate, dentifrice, dentist's drill, dentistry, dentition, denture, desmodus rotundus, division cynodontia, dogtooth, edental, edentata, edentate, edentulate, edentulous, entire, erupt, exodontia, exodontics, exodontist, eyetooth, eye tooth, false, family ceratodontidae, file, filling, fine-tootha, fine-tootheda, fine-toothed comb, fine-tooth comb, floss, fluoridize, frost fish, gap-toothed, gar, garfish, garpike, gempylus serpens, genus gonorhynchus, gingiva, gnash, gnaw, gnawer, gnawing animal, gonorhynchus, good, grate, grin, grit, gum, gumming, gum ridge, hag, hagfish, hairtail, hare wallaby, impression, incisive, inferior alveolar artery, jag, jaw, jew's harp, kangaroo hare, labyrinthodonta, labyrinthodontia, lancetfish, lancet fish, lantern pinion, lantern wheel, lepisosteus osseus, malocclusion, malposed, mastodon, mastodont, maxillodental, milk tooth, molar, mouth bow, mumble, mumbling, musical box, music box, new world anteater, notched, occlusion, odontaspis taurus, odontiasis, odontology, oligodontia, order edentata, order thecodontia, orthodontia, orthodontics, orthodontic treatment, orthodontist, orthodonture, overbite, paper tiger, parrotfish, partial denture, pedodontist, periodontal disease, periodontia, periodontics, periodontist, periodontitis, permanent tooth, pinion, plate, plectognath, plectognath fish, pleurodont, plexus dentalis, point, pollyfish, polly fish, porpoise, primary dentition, primary tooth, prosthodontia, prosthodontics, push through, pycnodysostosis, pyorrhea, pyorrhea alveolaris, pyorrhoea, rake, retainer, riggs' disease, rodent, roulette, runcinate, runcinate leaf, saber-toothed, saber-toothed tiger, sabertooth, sabertoothed, sabre-toothed, sand shark, sand tiger, saw-toothed, sawfish, secondary dentition, seize with teeth, serrate, serrated, serrate leaf, slime eels, smooth, snake mackerel, sparid, sparid fish, sprocket, sprocket wheel, superior alveolar artery, superorder labyrinthodonta, superorder labyrinthodontia, tartar, teethe, teething, thecodontia, thin-shelled mussel, toothbrush, toothed, toothed whale, toothed wheel, toothless, toothpick, toothy, tophus, trap, tyrannosaur, tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, uncapped, uncrowned, vellicate, wisdom tooth, wolffish, wolf fish, worm, wrasse

More general:
acquire, develop, get, grow, produce

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— Nouns for teeth: chattering, present, marks, villiform, decay, minute, set, grinding, number, none, cut, more...

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